The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Monday, November 21, 2016

Welcome Gus Rhew!

Forever, people have been asking me and Deek when we will have a baby. Well, the answer to that is "we won't," but we did something neither of us expected to do. We rescued a puppy! Both Deek and I consider ourselves cat people, but somehow, this little dog wiggled his way into our hearts.

Meet Gus Rhew:

Deek and I have been talking about getting a dog for about a month, and we recently discovered a great local rescue. So, we decided to fill out the paperwork on Friday, and we expected the process to take about a week. To our surprise, they called us later that morning and said they'd love for us to come out and take a look at their available dogs...THAT day. We had plans to go to the local tree lighting ceremony but decided to forgo it to go meet our potential pup.

Don't worry, we still went to see the tree. ;) 

Now, we had very specific requirements. We wanted a small, portable dog because we plan on taking him with us a lot. We wanted one who could deal with our active life but also switch gears and enjoy chillin' when we had our relax days. And we also wanted an older dog, one we didn't really have to train. Personally, I wanted a fluffy girl dog, but I was willing to bend on that for the sake of personality.

When we arrived, they showed us the dog they thought would match our specifications--Alana. She'd recently given birth to a litter of ADORBS puppies. Her foster mom said over and over how much she was the "perfect" dog. But she just didn't jive for us. Something didn't connect. 


The moment we arrived, Deek's attention had been snagged by a little bitty pup named Gus. Deek pointed out how incredibly cute and sweet Gus was, but we felt like we needed to give Alana our full attention. After about a half an hour, we still didn't feel connected to Alana, and we decided not to take her. While I was over talking to a "dog matchmaker" about that, Deek pulled Gus out of his pen. When I came back, I found a five pound bundle of adorable all snuggled up in Deek's arms. 

My heart squeezes at how incredibly cute he is!

Gus didn't fit several items on our criteria. He was not fluffy, he was a boy, and he was only six months old. But he had the personality. He's totally zen and laid back like Deek. I mean, he can get playful and fun (also like Deek), but his main personality type is chill. We fell in love with him right away--even though he'd never lived in someone's home, walked on a leash, or been crate trained/housebroken. His little heart spoke to ours, and we knew we'd found our dog. 

As we went through the adoption process, several employees and volunteers stopped by to say goodbye to Gus. They talked about how sweet he is and how incredibly smart. They said they were glad such an awesome boy had found his fur-ever home.

We brought out precious baby home, and he's fitting right into our lives. He's exactly what we asked for--social and outgoing when we are and relaxed when we are. He rolls with life like a champ. Even though he'd never walked on a leash before, he prances along beside us as proud as punch. And he fell into a schedule right away. We couldn't be happier with our choice! 

Dobby ears!

Now, his "real" name isn't Gus anymore. We changed it when we left the shelter. But we've decided to give him a pen name like us, so we'll refer to him as Gus Rhew from now on. :) It's an homage to the shelter who saved his life.

I know many of you are is Trinity dealing with the arrival of baby Gus? Well, this pic is from three years ago, but it pretty much captures her expression when he bounded through the door.

Trinna's "WUT?" look

She's the most flexible cat in the world--hence how we've traveled with her across the country...twice--so she's rolling with Gus' arrival. I think it helps that she outweighs him by double. It allows her to lord over him like the queen bee that she is. LOL!

And though we missed the tree lighting, we stopped by to see the tree later, with our new buddy.

Here we are with Gus in front of the tree. 
Is he not the cutest little thing in his sweater? It was COLD!


THIS is happiness right here, folks. 
I adore this man beyond words!

So, in addition to our literary cat, we now have a literary dog! Stay tuned for more pics and videos of both Trinity and Gus in the future! Until next time...

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