The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We're Expecting!

Y'all!!! My husband, Deek Rhew, wrote a completely and totally amazing book called 122 Rules, and GUESS WHAT? It's going to be published! And it's going to be published by a totally amazing house called Pandamoon Publishing! I am so proud of my hubby!

You guys, seriously, Deek has one of the most unique writing voices I've ever read (and I work for BookFish Books, a publishing house, so I read A LOT of books). He manages to combine literary elements with commercial appeal flawlessly. You'll be reading about a government assassin, yet there is such vivid, artistic imagery that you sit back and go "wow." There's action and adventure, combined with deep introspection. I can't rave enough about it, friends. And not just because I'm his wife but because it's a truly special book. I am in love with the story, the characters, and the writing. In fact, if you know our romance story, you'll know I fell for the writing before I fell for the man. I guess you could say I loved the writing so much I just had to marry the author. Haha!

So, I've told you about the literary and commercial elements, but if you know Deek, you know there is HUMOR. The humor...O.M.G. You'll be reading along in this super intense moment, and then the humor hits. You'll be laughing your hiney off while still biting your nails. It's a truly unique experience.

I can promise you there is no book out there quite like 122 Rules. I am so excited that the world will get to experience the brilliant mind and epic humor that resides in my husband's head. You'll be on the edge of your seat, you'll shed a tear, you'll be in awe of the writing, and you'll, will you laugh.

Since finding out Deek got the contract with Pandamoon, we've been a little Panda obsessed at our house. I think Deek has a whole post planned about that, so I won't spoil it. But here are some pics from this special time in our lives!

Me in panda hats

Celebratory pizza the day he signed the contract

Deek when he signed the contract (I surprised him with panda socks)

This man, my husband, is a truly gifted writer, friends. I hope you will follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +, and subscribe to his blog to keep up with his journey as he rides the publication train. And in 2015, when 122 Rules releases, I encourage you to buy a copy and go on a book adventure unlike any you've ever been on before! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Jason and the Draconauts by Paul Smith

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing a friend of a friend, Paul Smith! He's written an upper middle grade/lower young adult book called Jason and the Draconauts! Read on to find out more!

About the book!  

The creature hiding in the barn can’t exist. Fifteen-year-old Jason Hewes knows it’s impossible. A live dinosaur would be more believable; at least dinosaurs once roamed the land which is now the Hewes Montana farm. But this beast from legend? Quite impossible—although it doesn’t seem to be going away just because it shouldn’t exist.

Jason is about to reevaluate what is or isn’t possible. His discovery is very real, leathery wings and all. Nor is his new friend alone. Others of his kind are awakening from a centuries-long slumber. Realizing how traumatic contact between mythological beast and modern life could be, Jason and his impossible new ally devise a plan to integrate the newly awakened creatures into society through teenage interaction. What could possibly go wrong?

As the sound of giant wings becomes a common occurrence on the Hewes family farmstead, a malignant force senses his old enemies are flying again. Determined to end an eons-long war forever, this being turns his attention to a small rural Montana town, a family farm, and Jason Hewes.

Excerpt from the book! 

Jason sprinted into the house and grabbed the largest kitchen knife he could find. Then he took a second in his other hand. Then he put a meat mallet in his back pocket. And then, for some reason, he grabbed a carrot peeler, just for good measure. He ran back to the front of the house and burst out of the screen door into the yard as he shone the flashlight ahead of him and mumbled, “Stupid, stupid, stupid” all the way to the barn.
But in the short run to the old barn, the rain stopped. It was enough of a dramatic contrast that it made Jason pause in mid-run. He looked curiously into the sky and saw the clouds dissipating as stars became visible again. Had Jason been in any other state but sheer terror, he would have asked himself questions about the phenomenon, out loud, and probably made fun of weather forecasters again. But all he could do was keep going to the barn.
Arriving at the barn’s large doors, Jason swallowed hard, insulted his own common sense one more time, and then slowly pulled them open.
He saw nothing…mostly because it was night, and he hadn’t bothered flicking on the light switch yet. Jason always wondered why the previous owners had run power out to the red wooden structure. But he decided not to complain about it that night, and he groped along the wall until he found the switch and flicked the lights on.
And there it was.
Judging by its size, he could tell this was what had impacted the earth and had caused the tremor that he’d felt back at the house. It was over thirty feet long and resembled—Jason couldn’t believe he was thinking this—a dinosaur.
It had a long neck attached to a muscular body and narrowed to a very long tail. Its body was covered in scales that were colored shades of brown and gray. Spines ran along the length of its neck and the length of its tail as well, and each of its four legs ended in a three-toed foot, with each toe ending in a long, curved claw. Its head was oddly shaped; a large curved plate extended back from the creature’s eyes on either side, arcing upward into two points and vaguely resembling a plowshare. It had a short snout tapering off to a rounded tip, with two nostrils on the top just short of the tip.
 But what made Jason realize that this was no dinosaur were the massive wings sprouting from either side of the creature. The wings were batlike, and Jason estimated the wingspan was close to sixty feet. Wings like those were not vestigial, like those of an ostrich or emu; this creature was made for flight. He noticed the membrane of one wing seemed damaged, burned away to form a hole with seared edges. He followed the lines of the wings back to the body and could see the creature’s chest expanding and contracting slowly and rhythmically. It was breathing; it was alive. Unconscious but alive.
Jason finally took notice of his own body; his breathing was shallow and rapid. He whispered to himself, “Get a grip, Hewes. You’ve played enough fantasy games to know what this is, as unbelievable as it seems. This is a dragon.”

About the author

Paul Smith lives in upstate New York with his wife and two sons, where he works with emotionally disturbed and mentally ill children. He earned a master’s degree in social sciences from Binghamton University in 1999.

A lifelong love of science fiction, fantasy, and superhero stories influences Paul’s writing. His most recent work was a popular weekly online series that generated over 20,000 views. Jason and the Draconauts is his first novel.




BUY Jason and the Draconauts!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hear ye, hear ye!

SQUEE!! The Outlanders is now available in print too!! I think it would look mighty fine seated beside The Prophecy on your bookshelves (hint, hint). ;) I would post a picture of me loving up on the printed version of The Outlanders (you know how Deek and I love our pictures), BUT I haven't even held it. So, if you hurry and buy a copy, you may actually hold it in your hands for the author does. LOL! Here is the link!

All I've got is this picture of me holding up the two posters, so I'll share that with you! ;)

In other news: I got the purple streaks in my hair revamped last night. I am really digging the purple. When Deek and I were on our honeymoon in Portland, I got A LOT of compliments on it. And everywhere I turn, someone is telling me how cool my hair is. Kinda heady. Heehee!

Married life is amazeballs! I am married to my best friends, so I think that makes a big difference. I enjoy his company so much, and we spend a LOT of time talking and laughing. He works from home two days a week. Those two days are quickly becoming my favorite (except for Saturday and Sunday, of course). I love sitting side-by-side and doing our work together. We pause to chat, point out something we're doing, and even sneak kisses. It's heavenly!

I am a supremely lucky lady, in life and in love, and I am thankful every day! So, let me take this moment to thank you--my friends, family, and fans--for being part of my life and for your awesome support! ((BIG HUGS))

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Prophecy is IN PRINT!!

I think every author dreams of holding his/her book, and today my dream is a reality!!! The Prophecy, my debut novel, came out in print--just one year and one day after its initial eBook release. I am bouncing off the walls!! I would have a cute little pic for you, but I just woke up and don't have on makeup. If you don't know why that's a big deal, you can read my 12 Random Facts to find out. LOL! So, I'll put a pic of me the day the proof came for me to review, prior to printing, instead. ;)

Me holding the proof copy of The Prophecy!

My husband, Deek Rhew, holding the proof copy of The Prophecy!

So, this morning, I get the news that the print version is officially up for sale, and I'm all ecstatic. Then, Deek grabs his computers and disappears downstairs. I know he's making breakfast, but I can't figure out why he needs the computer to do it. A new recipe perhaps? A few minutes later, an email comes through our joint email account that shows a receipt for a purchase of The Prophecy. He comes striding back into the bedroom, a big grin on his face. He says, "I wanted to be the first to buy a copy." Awwwww!! That's my husband, y'all! I'm the luckiest gal ever!!

If you are interested in obtaining your own print copy, here is the link

Thank you for your support on this journey!! I have truly amazing friends, family, and fans! ((HUGS))

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Guess what??? IT HAPPENED!! Deek and I got MARRIED!! <happy dance> In fact, we got our marriage certificate just yesterday, so it's all official now!

Remember how we told you we decided to get married twice--once in the Pacific Northwest and once in the South? Well, we knew the Southern wedding would require a bit more formality, so we decided to keep the PNW one quite casual. We got married in our beautiful Victorian home, surrounded by our friends and family. We even had a few surprise guests, which made the day that much more special.

A few weeks before, Deek had strung Christmas lights around our living room since there is no ceiling light in that room. The two lights in the adjoining rooms are on rheostats, so they dim. We were able to create a very romantic ambiance for the wedding that way. Combined with the stained glass and architectural beauty of the home, we could not have asked for a better location. And best of all, it's OUR home (well, it is for now since we rent--haha).

Here are the Christmas lights Deek strung a few weeks before the wedding

My parents were able to fly in from across the country, which was super important to me. I am so thankful they made the trip and participated in our special day. His parents went ALL out with a lovely food spread for after the wedding. It totally looked catered. Deek and I elected to have our parents sign the marriage certificate as witnesses. There is a nice symmetry there. :) We are truly blessed with amazing parents!!
We wrote our own vows, which turned out to be pretty long (go figure with two authors). Doing so gave us the ability to say what we really wanted to say, to promise one another the things nearest and dearest to our hearts. Remember we told you we made lists about what we did and didn't want in a future spouse? Guess what comprised a good portion of our vows? Haha!

Now, we couldn't completely abandon my Southern roots here in the Pacific Northwest, so we had our photographer (Deek's friend and co-worker who used to be a documentary filmmaker and photographer) do an homage to Gone With The Wind or North and South. ROFL! I turned out to be really awesome and fun!

We asked our photographer to send us a picture we could officially use on social media (since we will have to wait weeks for the whole batch to be processed), and he sent this one. WUT? WUT? I am blown away by how amazeballs it is!!

This picture was taken in the first carriage house on the Victorian's property. 

We decided to open our gifts before we left, in case we received some items we could use on our honeymoon. Lo and behold...we did. Check out this major score!!

A Powell's Books gift card! The perfect gift for two authors getting married! Thanks, Becky and Christie! 

After that, we climbed in the car and headed to our honeymoon destination--Portland! (We did a weekend honeymoon for our PNW wedding since we will do a week-long one when we get married in the South). We pulled up at Portland's White House around 11:30pm and gawked at the beautiful sight before us. I am SO happy we decided to stay there--it's perfect for a honeymoon! 

Isn't it STUNNING?

In keeping with our "joining the Pacific Northwest to the South" theme, we chose to stay in the Carolina Room of Portland's White House. See how we did that? Hahaha! While the room was simply gorgeous, we found this strange little diddy above the bed. We pondered the thing all weekend, so please weigh in your guesses. The thing at the top right of the basket--flower or Pomeranian?

Homemade cookies, Moonstruck chocolate, fluffy robes, and a sweet note of congratulations awaited us in our room. The staff really went above and beyond to make our stay special. I can't say enough about how much we enjoyed being there. Except for one thing...the bed. I'm 5'2", and that sucker was about 5' tall! I had to get a running start just to get onto it. Haha! Apparently we Southerners like tall beds since this room supposedly mimicked the South. But being short has always come with challenges, so I finally worked out a way to balance on my toes on the bed frame and hoist myself up (kinda like getting on a horse). Getting down off the bed felt like a slide. Confession: Each time I slipped off the side, I had a momentary panic because the floor was just so darn far away. 

The next morning, we slept until 11:45am! Tired much? When we woke, we had to scurry to prepare for our couple's massage. We traveled the short distance to the massage place and met two of the most zen people I have ever met in my whole life. They used words like "peace, man" and "groovy" but not in a "trying to hard" kind of way. It seemed natural and organic and fitting for them. 

We left all jello-like and headed back to our room to change our shoes. Time to explore the city!! We stopped for lunch (at 3pm) and chowed down on some nachos. That's TOTALLY us. We super love nachos and try to get them whenever we can.

Once we finished our lunch, we bought tickets on the Max train and set out to investigate! We spent nearly 9 hours doing just that! Here are some pictures from our explorations...

OMG! SO pretty!

Best Places to Pee--it's an actual book. #JustSosYaKnow 

 Taking a break and resting our feet at World Market. My hubby is so hawt!

Home Alone anyone?? Love it!



Needs no caption.

Neither does this. 

John Lennon--Bringing back the 70's! 
This man keeps me laughing!!

Before we realized it, 11:00pm rolled around. We had plans to grab Voodoo Doughnuts, so we headed that way. Um...that area is quite active later at night. I'm pretty sure I saw an illegal transaction or two taking place right there on the street. Deek had to tuck me under his arm and navigate me through the alleyway when some leery men started my way. Nothing like freaky people in a big city to get the old ticker pumping. The good news? We got Voodoo Doughnuts and made it out of there safely. And I got to try to the famous Maple Bacon Doughnut. Yummy!

As we approached the White House on our return trip, we realized we hadn't eaten since 3pm. Most places were closed, at nearly midnight, which limited our options. Soon, we heard some loud music emanating from a nearby restaurant, so we decided to check it out. Holy Salsa Dancing Batman! We'd managed to stumble upon a salsa dancing event! Deek and I weaved our way past the dancers to order up some dinner at the kitchen. Though we shouted at the top of our lungs, the poor man behind the counter had no idea what we were saying, so we resorted to hand gestures. He put together our meal (nachos again--haha) as we did "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" motions. Luckily for us, any meals ordered between 11pm and 2am are 1/2 price! Woot! The salsa dancing was interesting and entertaining (especially the partner selection process), but we elected to return to the hotel since we couldn't even hear ourselves think. Deek and I ended up eating cold nachos and Voodoo Doughnuts on the floor past midnight. But you know what? It's a memory I'll cherish was actually REALLY fun! :)

The next morning, we rose at 8:30 to make the 9:00 gourmet breakfast served by the White House staff. We talked to some pretty interesting people at the table and then headed back into the city for some more exploration. We stopped by the Saturday/Sunday Market and had a caricature drawn of us. We elected to go with the color one because of my purple hair. 

After taking in more of the beautiful city, we headed over to our next appointment--tattoos! Deek and I have been talking about getting tattoos for a long time, and we decided to make it part of our honeymoon. We call ourselves "Team Tenacious" because it took a lot of tenacity to get our books published, to be together, and to create the life we want. Given that, we chose to get the word "tenacious" tattooed on our wrists. I was so nervous because I didn't know what kind of pain would be involved. Thankfully, we ended up with possibly the sweetest tattoo artists around. And guess what? It didn't hurt very much! Win-win! 

Last look at our "naked" wrists--they'll never look like that again!

I went first so I didn't chicken out! LOL!

I am SHE-RA!! I did it!

My sexy inked husband!

Our new, inked wrists!

After our tattoos (which took about 3 hours from start to finish including waiting, designs, placement of the stencils, clean up between tattoos, and the actual tattooing itself), we headed back to the salsa restaurant for more nachos (do you see a theme)? The dancers had long packed up from the night before, so we enjoyed a new set of nachos (apparently, the order is different when the cook and customer can actually speak to one another) and talked. While there, we sported our superhero "I just got inked" bandages. 

To back up for a second, I want to close with this little story...As we packed up and prepared to check out of the White House, Deek went down to the car to drop off our bags. I got a text from him that said, "Look out the window." I did, and I found this...

This is the man I married, people. He's so amazing and romantic! I am more in love with him than ever, and I'm so proud to be his wife!!!

To check out Deek's version of events, click here

Monday, November 10, 2014

Back to Life, Back To Reality...

Hello friends!! The BIGGEST of the BIG news is here!! Deek and I are MARRIED!!!! <happy dance>

We spent the weekend in Portland for a small honeymoon getaway. When we have our Southern wedding in May (if that doesn't make sense, check out this post for an explanation), we will have a full week-long honeymoon. But I can't even tell you how much FUN we had for those two days! We got a couple's massage, went on adventures, and got tattoos. We're planning a whole post about it, complete with pictures, very soon. For now...we have to get back to real life. Back to work.

Before I log into my work email and get started on the cray backlog of messages, I wanted to drop in and share our GREAT news with you. We wanted to share pics too, but you know those wedding photographs take a little while to come back. We did ask the photographer to send us one we could share with you, so hopefully that will come soon! Until then, here is one my mom snapped during the reception.

Have an awesome Monday!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday's Final Song

Y'all, it's FRIDAY! <happy dance--raise da roof, running man, stir the pot> Before I get to the song of the day, there are FREE eBooks available today from Pandmoon Publishing! You can get the names of the free titles here, but it's for today only. So hurry! ;)

If you are just tuning in to the Deek and Erin song-a-day week-long marathon, here are the links from the past days. If you ARE just tuning in, where have you been all week? ;) Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy these amazing tunes!

Monday: Deek, Erin
Tuesday: Deek, Erin
Wednesday: Deek, Erin
Thursday: Deek, Erin 

Today's song is extra special. Each couple has "their" song. It usually evolves organically--something you hear that speaks to the individuals in a special way. Deek, a former musician, listens to a lot of music and is quite inspired by it. When we heard today's song, we both knew it was "our" song.

Here's a fun little tidbit... Deek and I love to dance together. Sometimes, we'll be in the middle of grocery shopping, and he'll draw me into his arms because he likes the song playing through the speakers. When we have music blaring as we make dinner, we just start busting moves. Once Deek started slow dancing with me in the grocery store, and by the time the song ended, we were surrounded by a smiling crowd. Haha!! We have danced to every song we've listed in our weekly song-of-the-day EXCEPT for today's. When we realized it was "our" song, we vowed to wait to dance to it until our wedding day. It seemed like a long way off then, but now...Squee!

My song of the day for Deek is "It's Your Love" by Tim McGraw/Faith Hill. I have always liked Tim and Faith. My parents took me to see them in concert at least 3 times. I went to the one where everyone knew she was pregnant, but they haven't officially announced it yet. And I've also been to see their Soul 2 Soul tour.

This song has so many elements that match us:

Dancin' in the dark
Middle of the night
Takin' your heart
And holdin' it tight

Better than I was
More than I am
And all of this happened
By takin' your hand

And who I am now
Is who I wanted to be
And now that we're together
I'm stronger than ever
I'm happy and free

So,  my beloved Deek...if you wonder about the spell I'm under, it's your love.

There are no words...

 This is one of my most favorite pics. Haha!

 I love the light over our heads.

He IS my main squeeze!! 

Now for the song:

Thanks for joining us this week!! We hope you enjoyed listening to our special tunes! Thank you for  helping us celebrate this amazing time in our lives! 

Deek, I love you! #Always 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday's Song

Hello friends!! Happy Thursday! A quick recap in case you missed it...Deek and I are getting married this month! WOOT!

We announced our impeding nuptials here (Deek's) and here (mine). Each day this week, we're sharing songs that mean something to us. Here are the ones we've posted so far.

Monday (Deek)
Monday (Me)
Tuesday (Deek)
Tuesday (Me)
Wednesday (Deek)
Wednesday (Me)

Today is throwback Thursday, so I really had to think long and hard about which "early relationship" song to pick. I wanted to pick something from the beginning, when we started to realize our feelings had grown from friendship into something more. We have quite a few songs from this time, but the one I finally settled on is "Simple Man" by Shinedown. Wut, I revealed the song at the top of the post instead of the bottom? LOL! I had to in order to explain the meaning behind it.

I mentioned in my last post that we tried to reveal every facet of our personalities to the other so we there would be no bad-surprises. Deek kept describing himself as a simple man, meaning he takes joy in the simple things in life. He doesn't value money, stuff, or prestige; instead, he values family, laughter, and love. To better explain, he sent me the song "Simple Man" by Shinedown. I remember listening to it the first time and thinking it really did describe this amazing man I'd come to know.

The first time we met in person (Deek explained in one of his posts how we had a long distance relationship initially), we danced to the song "Simple Man," in addition to a bunch of other songs. But I so vividly remember dancing with him to that particular song. I remember how he sang along softly in my ear, how he squeezed me just a little tighter when he sang the words "You''ll find a woman and you'll find love." I remember how I fit all snuggly inside his arms (he's 6ft, and I'm 5'2") as we swayed. But most of all, I remember the look in his eyes--how they shined with love.

Since we had a long distance relationship at the time, Deek had to board a plane and fly back to the West Coast. From that moment on, I could not hear the song "Simple Man" without breaking down into tears. I missed my kind, loving best friend, who knew how to find joy in the things that matter most in this life.

I told Deek how I couldn't even listen to "Simple Man" anymore because it made me miss him. So, when I moved to the West Coast, he played the song one evening. He drew me in his arms and started to sway, just like he had the first time we danced to it, and he said I didn't have to cry anymore when I heard that song. We were finally together and always would be.

So, just because I want to (heehee), I'm including some photos of my "simple" man. <insert heart-eyed emoticon>

Our first in-person meeting! 

We are such sci-fi nerds! #TheMatrixWannabes
We enjoy the simple things in life--working on our books together while drinking coffee and eating popcorn (with a tubby cat as our supervisor)! ;) 
We enjoy goofing off! Haha!

He supports my dreams! 

I tell him all my secrets.


And here is the song "Simple Man" by Shinedown

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday's Song

Wow, is it Wednesday already? The time is drawing near for our BIG day! Woot!! I hope my cold jumps ship soon because I want to be in tip-top shape for the wedding. I guess that's always a risk with fall/winter weddings, huh? It IS sniffles season... 

Yesterday, I talked about the loss (and return) of hope. If you missed it, you can check it out here. And Deek discussed the difficulties of being in a long distance relationship here (complete with amusing pictures). I'm kinda running on this theme of lost and regained hope, apparently, because I want to expound upon it again today as I explain my song choice. 

To finally get to this place of happiness and love, Deek and I had to travel long, hard roads. We both got our hearts broken in epic ways, in ways people should not have to have their hearts broken. In our cores, I'd say we are both pretty positive, upbeat, happy people. But our past experiences had left us scarred, cynical, and weary. Deek's future plans involved backpacking around Europe, wandering aimless and alone for the rest of his days. Mine included becoming a cat lady, holed up in some creepy house surrounded by little tubs of purring love. If you know us, you know neither of those scenarios fit our personalities whatsoever. But that's where pain led us--to lives of solitude. When you get so beaten down, it's hard to see the non-train light at the end of the tunnel. It's hard to imagine a place of happiness. 

But then we met. Friendship blossomed into something more. Suddenly, Deek no longer wanted to backpack around Europe, at least not alone. And my visions of being the cat lady vanished. We saw a future together. 

Our past troubles left us cautious though. We studied one another at length, talked until we were blue in the face about our expectations and what we could and could not accept. We started our own hashtag for one another called #JustSosYaKnowWhatYaGot where we would reveal embarrassing, annoying, and weird details about ourselves. The last thing we wanted was to be bad-surprised as we had been bad-surprised in the past. 

Even though we took these precautions to protect our mending hearts, something inside each of us knew what we had was special. We trusted one another even though we had no empirical reason to do so. Something about us together felt right. We liken it to puzzle pieces. All those years before, we had tried to smash puzzle pieces together that didn't quite fit. But with each other, we didn't have to do the stand-on-your-head-with-your-tongue-out-while-whistling-a-tune-and-balancing-a-plate-on-your-nose dance to get the pieces to fit together. They just did. 

And we realized all the pain, all the heartache, all the tears had led us to one another. If I had met Deek when I was younger, I don't think I would have fully appreciated his loving, selfless ways. But having my past to draw upon, I will always appreciate it, and I aim to make sure he knows daily how much I do.

So, I think what I've learned from all this (because life is all about learning) is that sometimes the bad things in life are simply preparing you to recognize and appreciate the good when it comes along. I'd probably heard that before, but now I KNOW it. 

If you're in the middle of tough times, don't give up. Don't surrender to the pain and sadness. There IS a non-train light at the end of your tunnel. And when you step out into the sunlight awaiting you, you'll be able to look back at that long, dark tunnel and appreciate the warmth of the sun a whole lot more than you did before.

Today, my song choice for my beloved is Bless The Broken Road.

We went from sad and solitary to the playful and cray-zee we'd always been deep inside! ;)