The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

12 Random Facts

I consulted with the Dream Team, and they said I should show my readers that I'm just a regular person like anyone else.  So, I'll tell you twelve random facts about myself to show that while I'm not exactly a "regular" person I'm definitely a person--albeit quirky (oh, and I have no problem telling you all about myself...often times way more than you actually want to know).  ;)  I will start with what might be the strangest of all my idiosyncrasies...

1) I never leave the house without makeup on, not even to take out the trash.  

2) I have ADD and must drink a caffeinated drink once a day to keep my focus.  

3) I have had a crush on Val Kilmer my whole life.  In fact, I try to suavely work his name into most conversations. 

4) I don't like cake (don't hate on me).

5) I teach a Couch to 5k class every spring and fall.  

6)  I hate to cook.

7)  I absolutely cannot spell.  Seriously, it's so bad that spell check often can't interpret what I'm trying to say.  

8)  I am left handed.  

9)  I am almost a double major.  I lack the final 3 credits for a double major in English because I refused to take Old English.  Seriously, how would being fluent in Old English help me at all in life (Shakespeare isn't even Middle English--he's modern English)?  It's the principle of the thing...

10) I love writing and directing plays but recently moved away from that to pursue my lifelong dream--being an author. 

11) In my kickboxing class, I often pretend I am either a ninja or a stunt double in a movie.

12) Every spring, I get bright blonde highlights, and every fall, I dye my hair dark with red highlights.  Even the cashier at Walmart noticed my pattern.  I couldn't decide if I should be impressed with her observation skills or freaked out that I'm in Walmart enough to be noticed like that...  

denise mcentee
04/23/2013 9:58pm
hee hee! You are perfect!

04/24/2013 6:02pm
Hardly, but thanks, Denise!! ;)

04/23/2013 10:08pm
Lol! You really will be a ninja soon enough, so no worries there my friend! Can't wait to read your book!

04/24/2013 6:03pm
Ninjas unite!!! :) I'm excited to have you read it soon! :)

04/23/2013 10:43pm
I feel honored that I knew more than half of these facts about you already :) :) hehe! I really can't wait for your book to come out!

04/24/2013 6:04pm
Woo-hoo, Seema!!! I miss you, girl! Thanks for your support! :)

04/24/2013 7:41am
You're hilarious!!

04/24/2013 6:04pm
Heehee! Thanks! ;)

Althea Evans McNairy
04/24/2013 7:48am
Loved your facts and i think you are an interesting person!

04/24/2013 6:05pm
Thanks, Althea! <3

04/24/2013 8:37am
I LOVED Old English. Hardest class I took, but totally worth it. I wasn't an English major cause I didn't want to write a thesis!!

04/24/2013 6:06pm
Allison--too funny! I could barely stumble through the Old English version of The Canterbury Tales prologue! ;)

04/24/2013 8:53am
Great idea! I especially love the last one. I would definitely be horrified to have been in Walmart often enough, but I avoid Walmart at all costs. Now I want to do a 12 things post! You should have guests do it and I should be one of them ;) So much fun.

04/24/2013 6:08pm
Kai- LOL! I would love to have you be a guest blogger or do a 12 Random Facts and book promotion with you. Let's set something up. You can reach me through the contact me page. ;)

04/26/2013 9:46pm
Great list! Pretending to be a ninja would probably really help make a workout go quickly :) And I honestly can't spell either!

04/26/2013 10:06pm
Meradeth-- Thanks!! It's surprisingly effective! Most exercise is a mental game rather than a physical one anyway. ;) SO glad to know I'm not the only bad speller! LOL! :)

Everyone, check out Meradeth's book, THE CHEMISTRY OF FATE, that released TODAY!!

04/27/2013 6:55am
Old English "pierc (ed) me to the root (a)." (Chaucer)

You are so right. The author with an interesting twist on reality is the one to read.

04/29/2013 4:22pm
Julie-- Thanks for reading! I had to memorize the prologue of The Canterbury Tales in Old English as a condition of graduation (thanks to whatever donor stipulated that nice little tidbit). ;)

Regular reality is boring! Everything looks better with some funky colored lenses! ;)

Hi, Erin: Enjoyed your post, it's good to laugh. A secret: I always wanted to be an elf with wings. Wishing didn't do it, the wings never sprouted. Maybe more fertilizer was needed. Good luck with your book. Mary Raimes Curtis

04/27/2013 7:30am

04/29/2013 4:17pm
Mary--Keep trying...there is time yet! Thanks for stopping by! :)

04/28/2013 6:09am
Love the comment on the highlights. I change my hair up quite a bit. If I'm growing it out, I'll change the color periodically (usually between blondes and reds) or once I've grown it out, I'll cut it short. Lately I've been playing with the highlights- they seem a bit easier to keep up wit.

It's very nice to 'meet' you and learn such fun facts!

04/29/2013 4:28pm
Mary-- Me too!!! The only reason I still have long hair is that I promised the hubby I would stop doing the cut/grown out thing for a little while (he prefers long). For many years, I would grow my hair out really long then chop it off super short (I'm talking spiky short). I'm going with color changes now since I can't break out the scissors just yet! ;)

So nice to "meet you!"

Everyone--check out Mary's book Quest of the Hart here and possibly win a free ebook!! I tweeted about it too! ;)

04/29/2013 11:55am
You are one interesting, well-rounded person. Can't believe your Spellcheck has problems figuring you out, too. I have the same problem with mine!

04/29/2013 4:32pm
Christy-- Glad my spell checker isn't the only one that's "messed up." My iPhone is more than happy to interpret what I want (usually in the wrong way), so spell check needs to get on board! ;)

04/30/2013 5:25am
This made me laugh. It appears we have a lot in common. Especially the whole can't spell and Val Kilmer things ;)

Erin Albert Books
04/30/2013 2:05pm
Jennifer-- Yay! I'm so excited to meet another Val fan!! Most people are like "huh?" when I say that I adore him. LOL! Maybe there is a correlation between creative writers and bad spelling...I'm noticing a trend! ;)

05/12/2013 7:50am
love it. Had to laugh. I began to highlight and colour my hair in my early twenties. Now that it needs it, I'm sick of colouring and going natural
Great post!

Erin Albert Books
05/12/2013 7:56pm
LOL! My MIL just had all the color stripped from her hair, and she loves going natural! :)

I dyed my hair 15 times my senior year in high school. LOL!

05/12/2013 5:31pm
Fun post and I enjoyed reading it. I'll stay gray-haired. Much easier and less energy. Spellcheck and I get along, it's commas that drive me to drink.My puncutarion really sucks. Thank goodness for editors.

Erin Albert Books
05/12/2013 7:57pm
I think staying gray-haired is the simplest way to go! ;)

LOL! Give me commas over spelling any day!

Agreed! Thank goodness for editors! ;)