The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Four Houses by Victoria Scott--Cover Reveal

Victoria Scott, author Dante Walker trilogy and Fire & Flood Series, is re-releasing her dark YA short story, Four Houses. To celebrate, she's revealing her new cover AND doing a Rafflecopter giveaway--WOOT! The story will be available July 22. It will be an extended version of the original, so if you've already read it, read it again! ;)

Here is the delicious new cover! Don't forget to enter the Rafflecoper drawing to win a copy of Four Houses and A Jewel!!
Rafflecopter Drawing
About Victoria Scott
Victoria Scott is a teen fiction writer represented by Sara Crowe of the Harvey-Klinger Literary Agency. She’s the author of the FIRE & FLOOD series published by Scholastic, and the DANTE WALKER trilogy published by Entangled Teen. Her books have been bought and translated in eleven foreign markets including the UK, Turkey, China, Poland, Israel, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

Victoria lives in Dallas with her husband and hearts cotton candy something fierce.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Worth the Effort--By Kai Strand

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting my friend, fellow MuseItUp author, and fellow Oregonian--Kai Strand. She's here to talk to you today about her latest novella! Check it!  ;) 
Hi! Kai here. Are you in need of summer reading? I’d like to introduce you to my new young adult romance novella. Perfect to load on your Kindle for an afternoon at the beach. Don’t worry, the sea breeze will dry your tears.

About the book:

Ella Jones is a coward. There is a teen boy living in the alley behind her work and she is terrified of him.

Desperate to leave behind the stereotypical and judgmental world she was raised in, Ella forces herself to make a true connection with seventeen-year-old Ayden Worth. As their friendship grows Ayden’s quiet, gentle ways teach her true courage.

But there’s more to Ayden’s story than Ella knows. When their worlds collide in the most unexpected place, Ella feels betrayed. Will she find the courage to learn who Ayden really is, or will she determine he’s not worth the effort?



He looks up and smiles. “Hi, Ella.”

Somehow, his raspy voice warms me, like a barrier from the biting wind.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, not able to identify what’s wrong with what I see in front of me.

His smile broadens, flashing straight, white teeth. He shrugs. “Basically, I kind of live here.”

His eyes sweep from left to right, and I understand he means all of downtown. That intriguing smile crooks a little in a teasing way, and without consideration, I step forward and plop onto the sidewalk next to him.

The scent coming off his clothes makes my eyes water, and I have to shift away, which makes me sad. If he notices, he doesn’t react. He continues to look surprised that I sat down in the first place.

“What are you reading?” I ask.

He flips the book closed, and I scan the cover. I don’t recognize it, but it looks like a horror novel, which makes me chuckle. That’s when I realize what’s wrong.

“That’s a library book.”

“Yes,” he says, frowning at it, then lifting his eyebrows to me.

“Did you…steal it?”

Now he’s frowning at me. “Why would you think that?”

My embarrassment won’t let my tongue move. He studies me as my cheeks flush and my lips press closed.

His sad sort of smile tells me there are so many thoughts he can’t or won’t share with me. “I’m homeless, not a criminal.”

Only $0.99 on AmazonGoodreads

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About Kai Strand
When her children were young and the electricity winked out, Kai Strandgathered her family around the fireplace and they told stories, one sentence at a time. Her boys were rather fond of the ending, “And then everybody died. The end.” Now an award winning children’s author, Kai crafts fiction for kids and teens to provide an escape hatch from their reality. With a selection of novels for young adult and middle grade readers and short stories for the younger ones, Kai entertains children of all ages, and their adults. Learn more about Kai and her books on her website,



06/16/2014 11:37am
Thank you so much, Erin, for hosting me and Ella today :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

12 Random Facts about THE MYSTERY PRINCE by Mary Waibel

Have you missed my 12 Random Facts game? I know I have! What better way to restart the fun than with my critique partner Mary Waibel's new novella--The Mystery Prince!

12 Random Fact About THE MYSTERY PRINCE

-It's a Cinderella retelling, without the wicked step-sisters and step-mother.

-It began as a short story for an anthology themed around a compass-like device.

-Originally, Nor was called Noral while in Merlette, but it seemed too confusing, so I made him Nor all the way through.

-Zoe prefers moonlit strolls to stuffy dance halls.

-Tristan is an accomplished swordsman, although we don't get to see his abilities in this tale.

-Tristan's least favorite duty is anything where he must switch places with Prince Rand.

-During edits we discovered part way through the manuscript I switched Tristan's name to Trevor (the prince in Charmed Memories, my second Princess of Valendria novel).

-With Zoe's name having a Russian feel to it, I searched for another Russian name for her father, finally settling on Aleksander.

-Needing a Germanic name for Rand's father, I came up with Rolph (and yes, I did think of the Muppet when I thought of it).

-Every time I read Tristan's name, I think of Tristan and Isolde.

-The idea for a ball came from the ball scene in Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. Needing to keep identities secret, I decided to make it a masquerade.

-The song 'Ten Minutes Ago' played in my mind a lot while writing the first two chapters.

Cover by CK Volnek
The Mystery Prince, a novella 
Buy Link:

Book Blurb:

Tristan enjoys being in the shadows as Prince Rand's bodyguard. Similar in looks, the two often exchanged places in their youth, but he never expected the king to order him to impersonate the heir to the throne in order to win the hand of a princess.

Princess Zoe needs to find a husband. After a year of searching with no success, her father insists on hosting a masquerade ball for the eligible princes of the nine kingdoms. Not one prince piques her interest, until she meets the mysterious stranger who won't tell her his name.

When Tristan meets Zoe he finds the girl of his dreams. The only problem? She's a princess and he's impersonating a prince―a crime punishable by imprisonment and floggings. Unable to tell Zoe his real name, he gives her a special navigation device. One that leads to the owner's true love. Will this magic device lead Zoe to Tristan, or will her true love forever remain a mystery prince?
Mary lives with her husband, son and two cats. When she isn't twisting fairytales, she enjoys reading, playing games, watching hockey, and camping. HerPrincess of Valendria series (Quest of the Hart, Charmed Memories,Different Kind of Knight)are available from MuseItUp Publishing and other major retailers.  Her novella, The Mystery Prince, is available at Amazon. Her Faery Marked (book 1 in the Faery Series) will be available from BookFishBooks this summer.

You can find Mary Waibel at:



06/12/2014 8:32am
Thanks for hosting me today, Erin! Hope you all enjoy that picture of the stars from the ESA/Hubble as much as I do- it makes me think of a bunch of fairy lights spreading across the sky!

06/12/2014 4:26pm
Every now and then, I randomly burst out singing "Ten Minutes Ago", "Impossible", or "In My Own Little Corner". :) By the way, I'd take a moonlit stroll over a stuffy dance halls any night! Good luck with the release, Mary!

06/16/2014 2:45pm
Great songs Jimena. You picked several of my favorites.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SILO by Tricia Leaver and Lindsay Currie

With the release date of CREED rapidly approaching, Lindsay and I have been fielding questions about what our co-authored voice sounds like,  how psychologically twisted our collective mind is, and do I need to read all of your co-authored pieces with the lights on?

Rather than simply answer those questions, we thought we’d take it one step further and actually show you! We toyed with writing a prequel-type novella to set the stage for CREED, but you know us…why write a novella to CREED when you can give them an entirely different book to enjoy!

After much discussion with our agents and an enthusiastic ‘go for it’ from our publisher, we have decided to utilize Wattpad to give the world a sneak peek at what they can expect from our co-authored voice. So here it is, a new, psychologically twisted, co-authored YA Thriller.

“The darkness would’ve scared me years ago, but not anymore—if you couldn’t see it, then you didn’t know it was there to be afraid of.”

~Jake Holloway, SILO
Starting today, we will be sharing a chapter a week of our co-authored book, SILO, on Wattpad for the world to enjoy, hate, question our sanity, run screaming from… The last chapter of the book will drop the week of November 8th, the same week CREED releases!

So, go forth and be appropriately frightened as you realize just what our twisted minds of capable of.  Spread the word, leave a comment on Wattpad or simply enjoy the book in the dark confines of your own home.

Link to SILO on Wattpad:

Trisha Leaver lives on Cape Cod with her husband, three children, and one rather irreverent dog.  Her co-authored, YA Psychological Horror drops November 8, 2014 from FLUX.  Her solo YA Contemporary, THE SECRETS WE KEEP, releases April, 28th 2015 from FSG/ Macmillan




Lindsay lives in Chicago, Illinois with one incredibly patient hubby, three amazing kids and one adorable, but irreverent Bullmastiff named Sam. She graduated from Knox College in the heart of the Midwest and has been writing for as long as she can remember.

 Today, Lindsay is an author, as well as a freelance editor for young adult, new adult and middle grade fiction.  She is a proud member of SCBWI, The YA Scream Queens and OneFourKidLit.





06/11/2014 9:36am
Well this looks awesomely creepy!!

06/11/2014 3:40pm
Thanks for the shout-out, Erin!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm back!!

Hello followers!!  I'm sorry I took a bit of a hiatus, but I moved across the country!! WOOT!

In other EXCITING news, The Outlanders, Book 2 in The Fulfillment Series, will be published this fall by MuseItUp Publishing! I'm in the middle of content edits with my amazing content editor, Katie Carroll! I hope you Prophecy fans will check out The Outlanders! Maybe you can get the answers to some of your questions...Was Vance's blow fatal? Will Vespa recover? Wil or Nash?

On the editing front, I work for BookFish Books as a line editor.Impervious by Heather Letto released in April (check it out here), and we have several other books coming out in the near future!! 

But the BIGGEST, BESTEST NEWS (yep, an editor just used a non-word) is I'm getting married to this guy ----> Jay Scott!!! He makes me happier than I can describe! 
From our engagement picture session!

I'm including a little snippet from The Outlanders and some pictures of my cross country move!
Snippet from The Outlanders
Who is the quote talking about? Any guesses??

"His sadness fell upon her like teardrops, soaked with a palatable ache."

The Outlanders (The Fulfillment Series, #2)
Fall 2014
Picture FUN!

06/10/2014 3:17pm

Congrats on the engagement! And wow, you have been mighty busy. Do you ever stop?

06/10/2014 8:09pm
Erin! So many amazing things going on! Blessings to you. :-)

06/10/2014 8:23pm
Erin-This is my BIGGEST BESTEST news too! You make me happier than I ever thought possible! Though I question your sanity for saying 'yes,' I am beyond blessed you agreed to be my bride. I all kindsa love you!

PS I love the pics of our trip across the country!