The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Monday, May 21, 2018

Someone Else's Soul Cover Reveal -- Meradeth Houston

Someone Else’s Soul
Meradeth Houston
Published by: Bleeding Ink Publishing
Publication date: May 7th 2019
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Suspense
There are 14 strangers who share her face, and one company is determined to erase them all.
 Everyone has secrets, and it’s Diana Kane’s job to know them. It’s a talent–being able to see into someone’s life from the scuffs on their shoes to the way their hold their hands–a talent that sets her apart from everyone. When a mysterious stranger drops into her life dangling the possibility of something she’s longed for, a real connection with someone who might actually understand her, she’s too intrigued to refuse.
But when David Addington shows up to their date knowing too much about her, and the top secret agency she works for, Diana realizes their meeting was anything but coincidence. David has more than his share of surprises, including an impossible claim about Diana’s past and photos of an inexplicable woman who shares her face.

When her life begins to unravel around her, Diana has no choice but to put her faith in the mysterious David and the man he claims is his father. As she struggles to piece together the truth about where she came from, she’s forced to face the reality that her entire life has been manufactured, along with fourteen other women who share her exact same DNA. Confronted with the troubling reality that she’s nothing more than a research experiment that’s pushed the boundaries of science and ethics, Diana must rescue the others like her before the company can erase them as mistakes. She will have to put all her skills to the test in the ultimate game of survival…

Author Bio:

Meradeth’s never been a big fan of talking about herself, but if you really want to know, here are some random tidbits about her: 
>She’s a Northern California girl. This generally means she talks too fast and use "like" a lot. 
>When she’s not writing, she’s sequencing dead people’s DNA. For fun! 
>She’s been writing since she was 11 years old. It's her hobby, her passion, and she’s so happy to get to share her work! 
>If she could have a super-power, it would totally be flying. Which is a little strange, because she’s terrified of heights. 


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Exciting Times Ahead!

Thanks to Facebook's "On This Day," Deek realized he'd been working on The Extractor for a year now.

Our process is creatively dumping the story in about three to four months and then spending a good six to nine self-editing. When Deek finished self-editing, he sent it over to me, and I performed a content edit. Now he's almost done with his revisions based on my notes, and then he'll send it Anya Kagan at Touchstone Editing for her review. Once he's implemented her changes, he'll send it back to me for line edits. Whew! Sounds exhausting? It can be, but we love the process!!

And after all that...he'll be ready to submit to agents!

I personally think this story is unique and intriguing enough to warrant agent attention. And that's not just a proud wife talking (though I am that); it's an editor who has seen a lot of submissions and worked on a lot projects.

It's geeky and sci-fi--yes, plenty of that goodness--but it raises interesting questions about who we are and what makes us, well, us.

And I am SO thrilled to announce that Deek's publisher, Tenacious Books Publishing, will be releasing an audio book of Birth of An American Gigolo on May 15! Y'all, they picked an AMAZING voice actor who totally captured the essence of Lindsey and the rest of the crew. A big thank you and shout out to Crystal at Femme Vocale

For those who love Sam Bradford and the 122 Rules saga, don't worry, Book 2 is in the works and should be out in 2019! There may even be a new cover for Book 1, from none other than the supremely talent Anita Carroll! Although, I do like what she did with the first cover, she and Deek have some smashing ideas for a revamp!

122 Rules Original cover

As for me, I've got my sci-fi, The Transhuman Project, out with some agents and am waiting to hear back. Y'all, the writing world is a serious test of patience. I'm not a good waiter, but I'm trying to be. I also got some awesome feedback from a stellar agent about Restore To Me. I'm working on implementing those changes, and hopefully something will come of that in the near future. 

The Transhuman Project's inspiration photo

Right now, I'm also working on an editing project through the Rhewbix Cube deal. If you haven't heard of it, take a gander here. You'll have the chance to work with Anya, Anita, and me, and we'll make sure you have a book ready to be published, formatting and all, by the end of the process.

Take advantage of the Rhewbix Cube deal!

Exciting times are ahead for the Rhews! We're cranking out books just as fast as we can while keeping quality in mind. But sure to stay tuned...and hang on for the ride! ;) 

Random notation: I've noticed that the longer I've been with Deek, the bigger my smile gets. I think in the beginning, I was still trying to figure out if a man could *actually* be as awesome, thoughtful, and wonderful as he seemed. But now, I know he really and truly is that amazing and more. Just a fun observation I had of late. Man, do I love me some Deek Rhew. I'm the luckiest girl in the world! 

If I smile any bigger, I'm going to break my face.
This man makes me happier than I ever dreamed I could be!