The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Tour--The Belgrave Daughter by Zara Hoffman

My Twitter peep Melissa Petreshock introduced me to her beta reader Zara Hoffman, and I'm now pleased to host Zara on her blog tour for THE BELGRAVE DAUGHTER.  She graciously agreed to play my 12 Random Facts game, and I found her answers so interesting! PS. We are total samesie on #9!! Enjoy!!
1) I was adopted from China when I was 18 months old.

2) I have six names: Zara Helena Xiuping Sarah Hannah Hoffman.

3) I have no siblings, but my older cousins have always spoiled me and taken care of me.

4) I used to pretend that I was a witch, and am still disappointed that I'm not. However, I am clairvoyant and clairaudient.

5) My grandma taught me to type and multiply. She is also the reason I became an avid reader and writer.

6) I wrote my first story when I was in 3rd grade. It was a 60-page long mystery based on the Nancy Drew books.

7) I read Speak by Lois Lowry the summer before fifth grade. I couldn't sleep for three months afterward (but I didn't tell anyone).

8) Ironically, four years later, my friends told me not to read The Lovely Bones. Also, when I went to see the movie, my mom got an important call right before the rape scene. Let's say I didn't sleep for a few nights–and they didn't even SHOW the gory details that kept me up with nightmares.

9) I HATE horror or anything scary, but I'm addicted to The Vampire Diaries and now the spin-off series, The Originals. I'm also considering watching the Carrie remake and American Horror Story: Coven, but I'm still afraid to because I'll probably regret that decision.

10) I wrote THE BELGRAVE DAUGHTER in 5 months, but my editor (my mom) keeps giving me new edits to make.

11) When my grandma died, these touch-sensitive lights turn on whenever a family member or a good family friend enters. My mom and I have practically everyone saying hi to her now.

12) My mother, grandma, and I created a perfect 3, and when my grandma died, we got our dog, creating a new 3. Anyway, the point is that I love numerology. 3s, 7s, and other numbers play a large role in my debut novel, THE BELGRAVE DAUGHTER and the rest of THE BELGRAVE LEGACY trilogy.
The Septemgeminus Prophecy states: "A powerful sorceress with blood laced in gold sevenfold shall determine the fate of the world."

Fawn Belgrave's magical powers are the coveted prize in a bet between God and the Devil.

When she meets Caleb, the dark angel assigned to seduce her, Fawn's life is turned upside down.


Zara Hoffman is a teen author of YA Fiction and has been writing since she was eight years old. She spends most of her time doing homework and writing new stories. She also loves singing and volunteering in writing and literacy programs. When she isn't wrapped up in projects, Zara can be found relaxing, listening to music, hanging out with friends and family, or playing with her dog Riley.

As an avid reader, Zara loves writing book reviews for her favorite books. As of March 2013, she is now a staff writer on the school newspaper (book reviews) and a staff writer at, chronicling the creation of the Wicked 2014 film.

Zara's mind is always thinking about what to do next. She is the founder of the organization, Our Hope is Here.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Release Day Par-tay!

The lovely Dream Team threw me a party!!  They then took me shopping to redecorate my bedroom.  I'll be honest, before it had a bit of a thrown-together-post-college look to it.  But with the combined skills of the Dream Team, it's now a chic, luxurious space! Here are some pictures from our fun night!! 
Erin and the Dream Team!! Left to right (Ginny, Danielle, Erin, Dawn, Kim)
Thanking the Dream Team for their AWESOMENESS!!
The Dream Team gave me this awesome plaque to celebrate The Prophecy!!
Beautiful new bedroom!! The "official" reveal will come soon (a few more elements to put into place! ;)


11/18/2013 7:23am
So well deserved! What great friends you have!

Erin Albert
11/19/2013 9:21pm
Denise--Thank you!! I'm a LUCKY girl!! :)

11/18/2013 9:18pm
CONGRATS! It sounds like you had a FANTASTIC celebration (and no less than you deserve from what I've heard)! I have already purchased The Prophecy and it's on my TBR, I'll be getting to it VERY soon and I am STOKED about it! Oh, and thanks for your perseverance and dedication to your writing--we readers are forever grateful for all that you do :) Stay strong & write on!

Erin Albert
11/19/2013 9:22pm
Well aren't you just sweet as pie?? Thank you!! <3

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Best Magic--Eric Price

So, my book brother, Eric, is hosting me on his site today, so I'm returning the favor and hosting him here!!  Sibling love... ;) Oh, and totally enter for a chance to win the shirt he's wearing!!!

Don't forget, his novel Unveiling The Wizard's Shroud comes out the week after mine (November 22).  Pre-order here now!!
Here is an excerpt from The Best Magic!!

Eliska waved at him from the rooftop. “Uncle Vivek, I'm coming with you tomorrow.” She jumped down and sprang to stand just in front of him.

            “Eliska, for the last time, you can't come with me. You have school, and I'm nottaking you out of school just to accompany me on this trip.”

            Eliska reached in the pocket of her robe and produced a folded piece of parchment. Vivek unfolded it and read:

            “I write this with great pleasure and admiration. Eliska has applied herself especially hard these past few terms, and has completed the remainder of her coursework over a month ahead of schedule. Eliska is hereby exempt from the remainder of her studies, and has graduated with highest honors.”

                                Elder Tomas
                                Headmaster of Kingsley Higher Education

            Vivek folded the parchment and handed it back to Eliska.

            She waited for him to reply, and when he didn't, she finally asked, “Well?”

            “Well what? I wonder if this lax educational system is what we will come to expect from King Matteo’s rule. Oh, what will the future hold? Do your parents approve of this? Have you even asked them?”

            “Of course. They think it would be,” Eliska deepened her voice to imitate her father, “'A great learning experience about life outside of Kingsley.' Besides, what else am I going to do now that I'm done with school? Get a job in the bakery, or the mill, or the marina?” She wrinkled her nose with this last suggestion.

            “Why not? It would be a great learning experience about life outside of school. It would teach you to earn money and help support your family.”

            Eliska lowered her voice. “You know as well as I do that my family is fine financially.” She came from a wealthy family, but she didn't boast about it. “Please, Uncle Vivek. It would mean so much to me if you'd let me go.”

            Vivek reached for the door, but paused. He turned and looked at Eliska. “If it's this important to you, you may come. But I'm leaving two hours before sunrise, so don't be late.”

            Eliska threw her arms around him and kissed his cheek. “Thank you, Uncle.” She sprinted home. She could feel the smile threatening to tear her face in two. Finally, a chance to see the best magic.


Eric grew up in central Illinois. He now lives in northwest Iowa with his wife and two sons. He began publishing in 2008 when he started writing a quarterly column for a local newspaper. His first short story, “Ghost Bed and Ghoul Breakfast,” a spooky children’s tale about a haunted bed and breakfast, came out later the same year. He has published more than 30 nonfiction articles/columns, four short stories, and a poem. Three of his short stories have won honorable mention in the CrossTIME Annual Science Fiction contest. This is his first novel.


Twitter: @AuthorEricPrice

Facebook: Author Eric Price and Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Prophecy Blog Tour!!!!

Come my friends, take the red pill and follow me through cyberspace on my blog tour adventure!! I hope you'll purchase a copy of The Prophecy!!  It's available for pre-order here and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all other online retailers on the 15th!!  
November 11 
Eric Price
Steve Mellor

November 12 

November 13 
Odai Mansour

Josh Bellin
Pembroke Sinclair

November 14 

Meradeth Houston
Mary Waibel

November 15
Jay Scott
Kai Strand

November 16
Kayla DeGroote 

November 17
Jackson Baer 

November 18
Maria Pease 
Tricia Leaver
November 19 Christine  
Michael Ray
Allison Grace

November 20

November 21
Kaitlin Snider

November 22 
Katie Carroll

November 23

November 24 
Emma Adams

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Dream Team

With the release of my book approaching (1 week away), I started thinking about how I got here.  I wrote a post a long time ago about the importance of a support team.  I thought I'd repost now that everyone has heard of my Dream Team.  
Left to right: Danielle Craver, Dawn Ward, Ginny Hunsberger, and Kim Sharp.
So, you've begun the process of writing a book!  Congrats! Now, you must begin the ever daunting task of completing it--bringing to life the world you see in your mind.  There are plenty of websites with great information about writing and editing, but a tidbit of information you may not find there is the importance of a support team.

Some people prefer to keep their art to themselves and not share it with the outside world until it's perfect.  I encourage you to abandon that notion and involve trusted friends and family.  Their presence in your life and in your work, particularly as you move through this process, will prove to be priceless.

I affectionately call my support team "The Dream Team."  I'll tell you a little about each member so you can get an idea of what attributes are helpful in building your own Dream Team.

Dawn Ward-  Dawn serves as my "Creative Consultant."  She is the person I can call, email, or text whenever I'm stumped or need inspiration.  The two of us spent countless hours over bowls of queso at Moe's Southwest Grill fleshing out certain scenes.  Find someone who will stimulate and, when needed, jump start your creativity.

Kim Sharp-  Kim is my "Time Keeper."  In all my endeavors, whether writing, acting, or directing, she keeps me on task.  Often times, I let myself wander down one bunny trail or the other, but Kim always reigns me back in.  She read each chapter as I constructed it and texted or emailed me daily to ask for the next section.  Knowing she was out there expecting another chapter kept me fueled and focused.  Find someone who can help you work wisely to meet your writing goals.

Danielle Craver-  Danielle is my "At Home Editor."  She fully immersed herself in my world and my characters and discussed them with me as if they were real.  She was never afraid to tell when something worked in the story and when it didn't.  Having a reader who knows the nuances of your characters and your world can keep your story consistent.  Find someone who will discuss your characters as if they actually exist and really involve him/herself in the world you've created, but also make sure this person isn't afraid to tell you the truth.  Trust me, you'd rather hear the hard reality from people who love you than from people who don't. She also took it upon herself to create crests for my book that you can find here.

Ginny Hunsberger-  Ginny is my "Proofreader."  Invaluably, she can find even the most obscure errors in my work.  She provided me a list of errors with the page numbers assigned so I could quickly go in and make changes. Find someone who can proofread your work because we often see what we want to see when we re-read our own writing.
So, as you begin your writing journey, don't forget the importance of your support team.  That "You ARE going to get published" or "Did you ever consider having your character do this or that" can make all the difference.

Until next time,