The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rex Cover Reveal -- Common Deer Press

Today is the cover reveal for Rex, by Adam Rocke, Mark Rogers, and Cody B. Stewart.

Title: Rex
Author: Adam Rocke, Mark Rogers, Cody B. Stewart
Genre: Middle Grade
Release date: October 5, 2016


When eleven-year-old TJ finds a weird looking egg in the Florida Everglades after a tropical storm rips through, naturally he takes it home for identification. It could be the egg of a mutant duck or something, which would be awesome. Problem is, the egg doesn’t look like it came from a mallard, even a mutated one—it’s too big and heavy and…strange. So he hides it away in his closet and continues on with his life as usual, doing his best to ignore the creepy men constantly banging at his front door and the significant rise in military helicopter sightings in his typically quiet neighbourhood.

Then one day he comes home from school and it’s as though a hand grenade has gone off inside his bedroom. Suddenly, TJ knows he’s dealing with something a little more interesting—and a little more deadly—than a duck.

About the Authors

Cody B. Stewart

Cody B. Stewart was born in the Adirondacks, in Upstate New York. His love of stories began in those mountains as he vanquished trolls, fought in the American Revolution and discovered his latent mutant powers. Stories have continued to consume his life, but he now plucks them out of his head and puts them down on paper in the form of novels and comic books. He left the Adirondacks to grow into a man, did so, and has since returned with a wonderfully supportive wife and two sons.

Adam Rocke

Adam Rocke Slutsky never met an adventure he didn’t love. From swimming with great white sharks without a cage, to jumping out of a plane without a parachute, Adam’s adrenaline junkie tendencies play a major role in his writing. Throw in a secondary degree in CryptoZoology and it’s anyone’s guess where Adam’s literary travels will take him.

Mark Rogers

Mark’s career as a travel journalist has brought him to 56 countries and counting. These trips have fed his imagination while at the same time provided authentic experiences and sensory detail that find their way into his novels and screenplays. Mark’s won multiple awards for his travel writing, including an award for his Hurricane Ivan coverage in Jamaica. His work regularly appears in USA Today and other media outlets. Mark lives in Baja California with his Sinaloa-born wife, Sophy, where they recently built a rock house overlooking the sea.

Now that we've shared this awesome cover, we can't wait to share the book!

See you in October!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Great Move East

Hello, everyone! Whew, it's been a CRAZY month, but I'm so glad to be getting settled into our new home and life and to be getting back to writing and blogging. Let me catch you up to date:

When I first moved to the Pacific Northwest to live with Deek, we knew we'd only be there for about 2 years (though my family and friends were convinced I was never coming back--LOL) before he moved with me to my home state. At the time, 2 years seemed to be a long way off, but boy, they flew by.

Here we are over 2 years ago before we set out on our journey to the west!

Deek and I started prepping for the move back in January. We scanned pictures, pared our stuff, laterally traded our compact car for an SUV with a tow package, etc. But when we stared inside that 6x12 U-Haul trailer, we realized we hadn't pared down enough. So, we sold more than half our remaining belongs on Craigslist and at a yard sale with the intention of getting new things off Craigslist when we arrived. We shoved everything we could into that tiny trailer (thank goodness Deek is the master packer and got way more stuff in that U-Haul and on top of our vehicle than most people ever could have) and headed east. Deek wrote all about our adventures in his blog post here!

Since Deek had several job interviews lined up, we had to book it across the country. We didn't do our normal leisurely pace, nor did we get to do that awesome route we'd planned. But don't worry, we will go that route soon, and you'll get to see all the pics. LOL! So, weirdly, because our days consisted of 12-13 hours of driving, we didn't take many pics. Wut the wut? I know, we're just as shocked as you are.

Here are a few we managed to snag:

The red rocks of Utah

The open road and my smiley face socks

Gorgeous sunsets

As soon as we arrived, Deek hit the ground running on interviews and received 6 offers (I'm so proud of my super intelligent, charming man!!). After we selected the job, we hunted for houses nearby. Since Deek's used to walking to work, we didn't want to live very far away. With the job and house selected, we began the waiting process--waiting for the first day of work and waiting for our house to be ready to move into. And while we had to wait and live in a hotel, we decided to live in a hotel at the beach. My favorite beach, to be exact--Myrtle Beach, SC. Deek has heard about Myrtle Beach ever since he met me, and he finally got to go!!

From sea to shining sea! Deek made it coast to coast!

Myrtle Beach is called the "Las Vegas of the South." Here, everything is "go big or go home." There are so many wonders to feast your eyes on as you drive around. And, you know I have to say's a warm beach! Hallelujah! I have missed a warm beach. There's just something about feeling the blazing sun on your skin and getting the good ole suntan sweat going that makes me smile. Ahhhhh...

Wait, is that King Kong??

Deek and I had a blast walking around Broadway at the Beach. There's so many crazy things to see and so many interesting restaurants and shops!

Wonderworks, the upside down building

Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurant

My superman! <heart eyes>

The leg lamp!!! A Christmas Story is one of my favs!

I don't even know what to say about this one. LOL!

My vote for 2016!

Hard Rock Cafe. 
For some inexplicable reason, they're tearing down the pyramid and making a regular, boring old building. Glad Deek got to see the cool one before it got torn down.

Heehee. Not biased.

So true!!

The gorgeous, warm beach!

View from the pier

Skywheel and fireworks! What a great way to end the night!

We decided to give the upside down building, Wonderworks, a try. Such a fun place!!

Experiencing hurricane force winds. 

Deek compared to Shaq. 

My hand compared to Shaq's hand.

Bed of nails!!

Astronaut Deek

Laser tag. Watch out! Team Tenacious in da house!

We decided to eat at Margaritaville and got selected to help the staff dance during the Margaritaville song. OMG, it was so amazingly fun!!! 

That night, we went to the Carolina Opry. I haven't been there to see a show since I was a teenager. I'm so thankful to have gotten to share a piece of my younger life with Deek! 

More walking around Broadway at the Beach

Last weekend, we moved into our new place, and the following Monday, Deek started his new job. We're still unpacking boxes and getting settled, but after nearly three weeks in a hotel, we're beyond thankful to have our own home. And Deek LOVES his new job. We're so glad we selected that one out of the bunch. He even gets to wear shorts and flip flops every day! Wut? 

PS. If you ever need to live in a hotel for a while, LaQuinta offers exceptional weekly rates, and they allow pets to stay for free.

Now that the big move has happened, it's time to figure out our "normal" routine here in the South. This morning, I'm writing a blog and Deek's editing, so we're starting to ease back into it! 

And of course, we have our "wall of us" up in our bedroom. We're representing both weddings and both coasts! 

Let me just brag on my husband for a minute: Holy cow, y'all, he's the most chill person I've ever met. Even with all the heightened stress of moving, living in a hotel, interviewing, house hunting, and all that craziness, he never lost his cool. He constantly joked and kept me laughing too. Every day, he made sure I felt loved and cared for. I appreciate him more than I can ever say. There's a reason my dad refers to Deek as "the saint." He's the best man I've ever known, and I'm beyond blessed to call him my husband!  

Thanks for taking this amazing journey with us! We are officially Southerners! Yee haw!