The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Thursday, January 30, 2014

FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS by Melissa Petreshock--Cover Reveal

Melissa is a totally awesome lady and a great friend of mine, so I jumped at the chance to participate in her cover reveal!! I have been anticipating the release of Fire of Stars and Dragons since I met Melissa! I am seriously stoked! You may remember, I am a fan of demigods (HOLLA Percy Jackson), but Melissa assures me the dragons and vampires in this NA romance! I look forward to picking the most swoon-worth male of this bunch!  

But back to the main event of today...the cover reveal!! Ta-da! 
Let's take a look at some elements that make this cover spectacular! 

1) When the cover popped up on my screen, my eyes immediately landed on the girl. At first, she has a romantic come-hither look, but if you look harder, you'll see more. The way she cuts her eyes suggests she's got a cunning streak.  As I continue to assess her, I notice her clothing and makeup. They point to a dangerous side. I read the book jacket blurb (which you can read below), so I know she lives in a society where women are to be seen and not heard. This chick is saying, "I will be heard."

2) At first, I saw the fire, but I missed the dragon inside (probably because I decided to examine the character first). I see him now, and I'm intrigued. I can't tell if he's an angry dragon or a nice one. This rendering definitely makes me want to know more about the dragon and about the dragons in general. Thanks to Twitter, I have seen some pictures of Melissa's inspirations for the dragon men, and I am quite excited to meet them. 

3) My eye travels around the cover more, and I make note that each work in the title is represented on the page. Stars, Dragons, and Fire...well done. To quote the A-Team, "I love it when a plan comes together." 

4) I also noticed the font difference between the title and Melissa's name.  While the font is flowery and romantic, Melissa's name is not. I know she values strong female characters, so is she trying to show me that women can be soft and strong with these two different fonts? Curiouser and curiouser.  

5) Finally, I notice the mix of soft and hard. The stars and title script have a soft, romantic feel, but the character on the ground and the script with the author name strike me as hard. I can see a duality set up here, and I wonder if it carries over to the characters. If so, which ones? Do they all have soft and hard elements to their personalities? 

My conclusion: This book must be read!!  Is it April yet??

A Special Animated GIF for the book
New Adult Romance

Releasing April 2014

Publisher: Swoon Romance
Following the death of her vampire uncle, twenty-one-year-old CAITRIONA HAYDEN finds herself in the midst of a trio of quintessential alpha male suitors in 22nd century sovereign America where human females should be seen and not heard.

Theo Pendragon claims her as his ward, ordained to guard her through to a long-awaited destiny unbeknownst to Cait, but finds more than he expected when passion ignites within the dragon for the first time. Always drawn to the pursuit of knowledge rather than the heat of desire, powerful demigod Dante cannot deny everything his future holds in Caitriona. America's monarch, ancient vampire Corrin, has no interest in the frivolity of love, yet marrying Cait could be the answer to his continued survival.

Soon, Cait goes from studying for college exams to choosing a husband in seven days, knowing the consequences are eternal, the love undying, and the bond timeless.


Melissa lives on a small farm in rural Kentucky with her genius husband, exceptional children, and their feline overlords. When not inhaling or exhaling words, she subsists on unnatural doses of coffee, sarcasm, and music. To date, no dragons have been found in the woods surrounding her house, but she continues to hold out hope.

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01/30/2014 9:49pm
Hm... I think you have a lot of interesting conclusions there, Erin. ;-) Looks like you're going to have to read the book!

Rachel Schieffelbein
01/31/2014 6:55am
Gorgeous cover! Congratulations, Melissa! I can't wait to read this!

01/31/2014 7:18am
Thanks again, Rachel! You need to get up on your blogging (I know you said you're a lazy blogger like me. Lol.) and sign up for the tour so you can try to get an eARC for review. ;-)

01/31/2014 11:26am
GORGEOUS cover, Melissa! I wish you the best of luck with your debut. ;)

01/31/2014 11:40am
I'm glad you like it, Jimena! Thanks so much, and I appreciate the well-wishes with the debut. I'm NERVOUS!

01/31/2014 11:41am
I'm glad you like it, Jimena! Thanks so much, and I appreciate the well-wishes with the debut. I'm nervous! :-)

01/31/2014 11:35am
That is a beautiful cover. Wow, very eye catching. I love it!

01/31/2014 11:42am
Thank you, Michelle! If you've read any of the reviews on Goodreads from my beta team, you'll have a few hints there's more behind the cover to catch your eye too. ;-)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Different Kind of Knight--Mary Waibel--Blog Tour

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting my good friend, business partner, and critique partner, Mary Waibel, as she introduces her latest novel, Different Kind of Knight. I critiqued this book before she even submitted it for publication, and I feel in love with her character Brody.  She's here to do an interview with him! WOOT!!  Get ready to get your swoon on!!  ;)  Be sure to check out the Rafflecopter as well as Mary's special offer!!
Through a twist of fate, Princess Gabrielle became First Knight of the King’s Elite Guard, a position always held by the second born male. She's spent years proving to the Minsters of Faldaera she is capable of leading the king’s Army.

When mythical creatures plague her kingdom, Rielle is sent to capture Captain Brody, the alleged culprit behind the attacks and the man who broke her heart four years ago.

Brody, Crown Prince of Delphine, is living in self-imposed exile, atoning for the sins of his father. But Fate has different plans for him. Tired, beaten down, and ready to give up on life, he is tossed into the path of the one person he would do anything for―Princess Gabrielle.

With a traitor in her ranks, and a mark on her head, Brody joins forces with Rielle, hoping to keep the woman he loves safe. Happily-ever-after is not guaranteed, and mythical creatures aren’t the only danger the couple face. As battles rage, Rielle has the chance to prove herself a capable leader, but will doing so cost her the love of her life?

I sat in the rose garden, enjoying the fresh morning air, watching Prince Brody as he walked out of the castle and headed toward me for our meeting. His brown hair, streaked with blond, hung loose to his shoulders, and his beard was neatly braided in twin braids that hung about an inch below his chin. He took a seat across from me, and I found myself gazing into eyes that looked like chocolate dipped in honey.

Brody: Good morning.

Me: Oh. Good morning, Your Highness. (flushes at being caught staring)

Brody: It's my pleasure, and please, call me Brody or Captain.

Me: (arches brow) That seems a bit informal, I mean, you are the Crown Prince of Delphine.

Brody: (laughs) True, I am, but deep down, I'm just a simple man. You can leave the lofty titles for Devlin and Trevor.

Me: Well, then, Brody it is.

Brody: How have you been enjoying your stay here at Wyvern Castle?

Me: (sighs and smiles) It's been a dream vacation. Everyone is so nice and friendly. And the grounds are absolutely fabulous.

Brody: If you think these are great, you should come visit Delphine. You'd love it there. It's always warm, and the flowers are incredible.

Me: Thanks, I'd love to come visit, preferably during the cold part of winter. So, how long are you staying here?

Brody: I'll be leaving soon. Rielle and I have things we need to get back to.

Me: I imagine you have a lot of things to work on, especially after all that's happened. The last year's been pretty rough for you, hasn't it?

Brody: That's an understatement. I thought learning my betrothed and cousin were killed was bad, but learning my father was responsible was the straw that sent me over the edge. For a while, I considered giving up everything, even my right to be Crown Prince.

Me: What happened to make you change your mind?

Brody: A girl from my past fell at my feet. Literally.(grins)

Me: Ah. Princess Gabrielle.

Brody: Yes. Rielle. Without her, I'd probably still be wandering the countryside slaying dragons, both real and imaginary.

Me: Don't let Princess Kaylee hear you. She's pretty close with a dragon!

Brody: (nods) Yes, she is. However, she knows I only fight to protect others, just like I did with Rielle.

Me: Speaking of Rielle. What do you think about her being head of the King's Guard?

Brody: She is the perfect choice for First Knight, not only because the title should be hers rightfully by birth, but because she is an excellent leader.

Me: Seems there were others in her kingdom that didn't quite agree with you.

Brody: (smiles, eyes glinting) Yes, there were, and they won't be a problem anymore.

Me: I see. Care to share what happened?

Brody: You can read all about it, as well as how Rielle and I met for the second time, in DIFFERENT KIND OF KNIGHT.

Me: A love story with hints of danger. How exciting. Where can we find it?

Brody: DIFFERENT KIND OF KNIGHT is available from MuseItUp Publishing, Amazon, and most major retailers. I heard the MuseItUp is running a special until Febrary 14th, where if you purchase DIFFERENT KIND OF KNIGHT you can receive QUEST OF THE HART or CHARMED MEMOIRES for free.

Me: Wow! That sounds like a great deal. I'll have to check that out! Before you go, would you mind a few rapid fire questions?

Brody: Go ahead.

Me: Coffee or tea?

Brody: Ale. It keeps better aboard ship.

Me: Favorite season?

Brody: Summer. Best time for sailing.

Me: Favorite color?

Brody: Amber, just like Rielle's eyes.

Me: Beach or mountains?

Brody: Sea. Sorry, I'm being a bit of a rule breaker here.

Me: (chuckles) Nah, you're just being truthful. Thank you again, and safe travels!

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01/28/2014 5:33am
Thanks so much for hosting me, Erin!!! I hope Brody's interview was swoonworthy enough for you :-)

01/28/2014 6:13am
Yay for Mary! And Brody :) Looking forward to reading this one!

01/28/2014 6:25am
Thanks Meradeth!!

01/28/2014 8:15am
Another wonderful interview. Looking forward to learning more about Prince Brody by reading his story!

01/28/2014 8:19am
Thanks, Kai!

01/28/2014 9:03am
Your prince interviews rock, Mary. The last one already enticed me to buy the books, and this one is tempting me to read Quest of the Hart and Charmed Memories, though I promised myself I wouldn't download them till after I'm done with my blog tour!

01/28/2014 9:09am
Loren- Yay!! Glad to know they're working well. I totally understand the predicament you're in. My TBR pile is growing so much faster than I can keep up. I'm going to need a book binge here soon!!

01/28/2014 9:06am
BTW, Erin, I see great reviews your book all over, and I'm proud to be associated with the same publishing house as you!

01/28/2014 9:11am
Erin's book ROCKS!!! And MuseItUp is a great house with lovely authors :-)

01/29/2014 12:31pm
Great interview, Mary and Brody. I think I want to move to Delphine! :)

01/29/2014 12:37pm
It's a great island to live on :-) Well, it is now, anyway!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

PODS by Michelle Pickett--YA Bound Book Blitz

I am SO STOKED to be part of Michelle Pickett's tour stop! For those that don't know, she's one of my critique partners, and a TOTALLY amazing lady! Read Pods. Like go out right now, buy it, and consume it! Ah-mazing! Don't forget to read all the way to the end to get a little except sneak peek!! ;) 

Release Date: 06/24/13
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
312 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
Seventeen-year-old Eva is a chosen one. Chosen to live, while others meet a swift and painful death from an incurable virus so lethal, a person is dead within days of symptoms emerging. In the POD system, a series of underground habitats built by the government, she waits with the other chosen for the deadly virus to claim those above. Separated from family and friends, it's in the PODs she meets David. And while true love might not conquer all, it's a balm for the broken soul.

After a year, scientists believe the population has died, and without living hosts, so has the virus. That's the theory, anyway. But when the PODs are opened, survivors find the surface holds a vicious secret. The virus mutated, infecting those left top-side and creating... monsters.

Eva and David hide from the infected in the abandoned PODs. Together they try to build a life--a new beginning. But the infected follow and are relentless in their attacks. Leaving Eva and David to fight for survival, and pray for a cure.

Praise for the Amazon Bestselling PODs:
"5 Stars! I loved this book. I have been kind of bogged down with dystopias lately, but this was amazing. It was so cool to see life before the 'event', to see Eva wrestle with her choices and then, to watch her change as she lived inside the PODs...Yes, there are zombies. Yes, there's a little romance. But I think, at its heart, PODs is a coming of age story about Eva and how she grows from a girl into a strong, decisive woman during this period of absolute destruction. And Pickett writes it beautifully." ~ Sherry Ficklin, author of "Extracted"

"I was blown away by this debut novel from Michelle Pickett! Rather than feeling like I was reading a book, I actually sometimes felt like I was actually watching the characters' lives progress; it was kind of weird! The emotions that Eva felt were so raw and real, and I think Michelle really captured the emotions that one would be feeling in a post-apocalyptic world...PODs may very well be one of the next big things in YA, so I am very happy to have been one of the ones that was part of the beginning of it all! Congrats Michelle on your YA debut and I am looking forward to more by you!  I gave PODs a well-deserved 5/5 stars!  " ~Phil book reviewer at Stack of Hardbacks

5 glowing, sparkling stars for this one!...I absolutely adored every character Michelle introduces us to. This book isn't just about a romance, or two people fighting some battle. This book allows us to get to know several, amazing, diverse characters who all grab your heart (even a few who have attitude issues). They all held such an important place in the story… Now for the plot. Holy crap!... Michelle did a flippin' fantastic job giving us each piece of this puzzle… I won't go into details about what happens after they are removed from the POD but O-M-G! The action never stops…This book seriously needs to be a movie. I could picture every detail and already see it playing out on screen. PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!”  ~Jessica of Total Bookaholic

Buy Links:
 photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg  photo 111AD205-AA04-4F9E-A0F4-C1264C4E9F30-1855-000001A1E8CEB6D7_zps9b730b94.jpg  photo B1426D4C-9EEC-4C0B-A1FB-90524B03C0CA-1855-000001A1E82B3B3E_zps17d98f4d.jpg

Also Available from:

About the Author:
I'm a wife, mother, author, reader, although not always in that order.  I write young adult urban fantasies, science/fiction and paranormal romances and have recently started dabbling in young adult contemporary romance. Reading was one of my earliest passions, writing soon followed. I began writing seriously during college where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in accounting. Why I chose a career that frowns on creativity remains a mystery.
I’m addicted to Reese’s peanut butter cups and eat way too many while I write, have an abnormal obsession with hoodies and can’t write without one, and I hate to cook, but love to watch cooking shows on television. An unabashed romantic, I love a swoon-worthy ending that will give me butterflies for days.
I wrote my debut young adult novel, PODs, in 2011. PODs, a science/fiction, post-apocalyptic romance, will be released June 4, 2013 through the amazing Spencer Hill Press.  My second young adult title, Milayna, a paranormal romance, will release through Spencer Hill Press beginning in March 2014. Milayna is a standalone, with series potential. It’s meant to be a trilogy. The Infected, a PODs novel, will release November 2014. It is the second, and last, book in the PODs series.
I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan.  I now reside in a small community outside Houston, Texas with my incredibly supportive, not to mention gorgeous, husband, three amazing school-aged children, a 125-pound lap dog, and a snooty cat.
Keep up-to-date with my current, future projects, appearances, and fun giveaways at

I always love to hear from readers, bloggers and other authors!
Find me here:

First place: Signed copy of PODs, tote bag, and swag (US only see note for international)
Second place: Signed copy of PODs and swag (US only see note for international)
*International winners will receive a print copy of PODs only if delivers to their country. Otherwise they will receive an e-book. Swag will not be included.

Book Blitz Organized by:
Except From PODS
He flinched at the sound of my voice, snapping his laptop shut. Looking over his shoulder, he smiled. “You look beautiful in the morning, Eva. Your blonde hair messy and falling around your face, your eyes— not quite blue, but not quite green— sparkling in the morning sun… or the simulation of the sun,” he said with a crooked grin.

“Stop joking around. What were you just looking at?” I’d seen the picture on his laptop before he’d shut it. People running around their POD, a look of terror in their eyes. I reached out and opened the lid of his computer. My arm brushed against his, sending goosebumps racing across my skin. I had to concentrate to remember what I was asking about. The screen was nothing but static. “They cut off another one? Who?” I let go of his computer and started to pull my hand away. He grabbed it, folding it into his own, threading our fingers together. He grazed his lips over my knuckles.

Oh. Wow. Do that again. 

My insides swirled out of place and did things I’d only read about in my mother’s racy romance novels.

“Yes. Someone I know from class. You don’t know him. And who says I’m joking?”

“What?” He was difficult to understand on a good day, but that early in the morning, seeing him in nothing more than blue pajama bottoms, his lips moving against my fingers as he talked, it was nearly impossible.

“You told me to stop joking around. I wasn’t joking.”

My heart was beating so hard and fast in my chest, I was sure he could hear it. I pinched the bridge of my nose between my fingers. My fingernails bit into my flesh.

Say something, Eva! Do Something— anything. Just… something.“So…” I started, only to be interrupted by my yawn. Except yawn, idiot! Kiss him… wait… what? 

“What’s your theory on the PODs being cut off? Do you think there’s that many people testing positive for the—”

He stood, turned toward me, cupped his hand around the back of my neck and pulled my lips to his. That shut me up. Shock slammed into me, quickly giving way to pleasure, and pleasure to urgency.

 I wrapped my arms around his neck, threading my fingers through his silky hair. David’s hand moved from the back of my neck to cup my cheek, his thumb caressing my skin. The other one moved to the small of my back, pulling me tighter against him. He kissed me long, deep. It was sinfully erotic feeling his bare skin under my fingers.

When he tore his lips away, he looked in my eyes. My first instinct was to turn away, but both his hands cupped my cheeks. He bent his head and grazed his lips over mine before looking at me again.

“I’ve wanted to do that since the first day I saw you. And each day I’ve known you it’s been harder and harder not to.”

“Well, what took you so long?”


01/20/2014 1:41am
Thanks so much for posting my blitz!! You're the best CP ever!!

Erin rhew
01/23/2014 5:58pm

01/22/2014 8:16pm
Two of my favoritest people in one spot!! Yay for PODS and CP's :)

Erin rhew
01/23/2014 5:59pm