The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Friday, November 10, 2017

Anniversary Joy

Hey, y'all! This month is an exciting one because it's mine and Deek's anniversary month! Well, one of them at least. LOL! Yep, we got married twice (once on each coast since we're from opposite coasts).

Wedding #1 -- PNW

Wedding #2 -- Southern

I was thinking today about "new" love versus "older" love, and I think older love gets a bad rap. Everyone talks about the euphoria of new love and how the butterflies are everything. Fairytales end at the wedding or final get together moment, but no one shows the after. Probably because they think watching the Prince go to work while Cinderella takes care of the kids (or visa versa or watching them both go to work), watching them pay bills or attend a concert, or watching them participate in "regular life" isn't very exciting. But by not seeing the married Prince and Cinderella, you're missing out on the best part. On the love that comes with a long-term relationship.

Erin and Deek -- the early days

You see, there's something amazing that develops the longer you're with the right person. A deep, more profound love that blows new, euphoric love out of the water.

Erin and Deek now

While it's not nearly as flashy as that falling in love feeling, there's something special about hearing someone say a certain phrase, turning to your partner, and sharing that smile because it reminds you of a joke known only between the two of you. There's something about coming home with news--good or bad--and knowing you have someone to share it with. There's something about saying, "Remember when we..." and having someone to reminisce with. There's something about having another person know exactly what you want or need and being there to provide it and being able to do that for them.

Life is in those little moments. Everyone thinks life and love happen in the big moments, but they don't. They're found in the every day. Cooking dinner together. Dancing in the kitchen. Laughing about something silly while you're getting ready for work. Sitting in bed sipping coffee and talking about the day ahead. Holding hands during a walk. Lying in one another's arms after a long day. Knowing that you have a person--your person, the person--who'll ride the ups and the downs of life by your side, hand in hand.

Our greatest desire as humans is to be known--truly known--and loved. True love comes from understanding someone at their core, at their innermost being. It's knowing all the ugly things about them, in addition to all the beautiful things, and saying, "Given everything that I know, I still love you. I still want to be with you. You, above anyone else."

The longer you're together, the more you know about each other. You can't hide your bad side, your quirks, or your faults when you live with someone and do life with them. Everything comes out. But to have all your bad parts exposed and to have your partner still gaze upon you like you're the most wonderful thing they've ever seen...that's older love. That's precious, rare, genuine, and priceless.

Given what I know about Deek, I love him more now than I did then. Every single day, I love him just a little bit more. I'm not exactly sure how that happens, but it does. He is truly the very best person I know. He's genuine, loving, witty, brilliant, hardworking, tenacious, giving, and thoughtful. I could keep going, but then this blog would be lightyears long. ;) 

But I say all that to say I understand him at his core, at the innermost part of his being, and I'm deeply in love with him. I know him. I know his good and his bad (and he knows mine). And given that, I'd still choose him--every day, every moment, always and forever. 

Happy Anniversary, my beloved! Thank you for loving me when I'm at my best and when I'm at my worst. Thank you for taking the time to see deep into my soul and for loving what you see. Thank you for treating me like I'm the most precious thing you've ever encountered and making sure I always know how much you love me. Thank you for always making time for "us," no matter what else is happening in our lives. Thank you for this wonderful life--this precious, rare, priceless love that comes after the fairytale. Because this part is the real fairytale. 

I love you, Deek! Now and always. Here's to many more in this lifetime and in the beyond! 

Being with Deek still makes me feel like dancing

He's so romantic!

This is how we look at each other, and I love that!


Sunday, October 29, 2017

It's Fall, Y'all!

<blinks and looks around, confused> Hello, everyone! I've emerged from the editing cave and am back for a brief stint between projects. It's nice to be here with you lovely folks, especially since the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster have been my constant companions lately. Y'all are way more interesting. ;)

So, you know I love summer. I'm a summer girl through and through (give me warm beaches any day). But I do enjoy the beautiful colors and the activities of fall, particularly in October. I have set down my trusty style guides a few times this month to participate in some of the festivities.

First up, Deek and I bought tickets to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Soul 2 Soul tour over a year ago. We bought them before our 2nd anniversary to celebrate our 3rd anniversary (see how forward thinking we are? LOL!). For those who don't remember our wedding posts, Tim and Faith sing "our" song, and we couldn't pass up the chance to see them sing it in person!! Needless to say, we've held on to these tickets and anticipated the event for a looonnnngg time. And it *finally* came.

At the concert. We were *so* excited!!

Steve Moakler opened for Tim and Faith.
He co-wrote the song "Riser," and he sang it that night. 
We loved it so much and thought it very much went with us and our personalities. 

He sold the song rights to Dierks Bentley. If you haven't heard it, I totally recommend the listen!

Steve asked everyone to light their phones during a ballad. 
The WHOLE stadium lit up in this amazing way. SO beautiful!
Steve said it was the single best moment of his performance career so far.

They sang "our" song.
I may have cried and cheered my little heart out.
I am SO thankful to be married to this wonderful man, and I love celebrating our love!

Our "we saw Tim and Faith" faces...

Deek and I have been able to sneak away from our deadlines and have fun on a few dates too! 

We walked and talked, hand in hand, for about 6 miles.
So nice to get out in nature, clear the mind, and recenter.

Gorgeous scenery.

Who needs a pint of beer when you can have a pint of bacon??

And we went to one of my most favorite events in the world...the State Fair! 

On the bus to the fair!
I'm so freakin' excited!

Deek is Superman.

Selfies at a local radio booth!

Clearly, we're not cut out for beekeeping!

Lately, I'm obsessed with the Day of the Dead stuff.
How awesome is this cake?!?

Y'all, I can't tell you how thankful I am that I get to share this life with Deek. He's always excited to participate in all type of event, and we always have the very best time together. Dates and experiences don't have to cost a lot, or anything at all, to be fun. It's all about time spent with the person you love. I adore that Deek understands that and makes the most out of every moment we have together. I love you, my Deek! Now and #always! 

And the festivities keep continuing, so stay tuned!! Next time, I'll talk about parties and festivals! Until then, stay boo-tiful and creep it real! <3

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Crystal Coast Con 2017

This year, we headed down to the Crystal Coast to participate in our second year of Crystal Coast Con!! We love everything about this con--the people who run it, the people who attend it, the unique venue, and the beach! Over the last year, we've been to a lot of cons, and we always compare them to Crystal Coast Con! ;)

Come see what we love so much...

On the way there, we stopped for a little beach time.
Hubba hubba...that driver! ;) 

Deek and I were thrilled to put our toes in the sand!

Gorgeous sunset!

This is the face you make when you're supposed to be eating paleo, but the Dunkin Donuts next door touts Maple Bacon Sandwiches...

Deek got to set up his new banner! WOOT! Awesome job, Anita!

Let's talk about fantasy!!

Team Tenacious right here! 
Two Tenacious Books Publishing authors together again!
Deek Rhew and Chrissy Lessey

Y'all, we met Denise Crosby. For those of you who are Trekkies, you'll recognize this beauty as Tasha Yar!! Let me tell you, she's classy, kind, and very personable. I'm so thankful to have met her!

I love how much Deek loves comic cons. He's like a kid in a candy store! LOL!

This guy's ready for a fight!

The force is strong in this one.

Babylon 5!

Storm Troopers in da house!

Can you get over this costume!??!

I have always loved trolls...

A female Maui workin' it! 

Aren't our book bundles purty?

Cons are FUN but tiring, so Deek and I were so grateful that MacDaddy's provided us with our very own carafe of coffee!! I think that's my third cup...

Getting close to the end of the day. We're tired, but we're having a blast!

The lady who keeps our pup while we're at cons texted a picture of him on his walk.
<squeezey heart>

End of con Snapchat shenanigans...

Since the con is only one day, we got to enjoy the beach again before we headed home!

This is THE beach where Deek proposed, so we reenacted the "after proposal" kiss.
Hey, I'll take any reason to smooch with my handsome hubby!!

A hurricane was a long way off shore, but it made the water do crazy things!

I love the beach! One day, Deek and I *will* live there...

This man, y'all. This man.
I am stoked and blessed beyond belief to get to do life with this wonderful, funny, talented, loving, amazing man! 

We hope to see you at Crystal Coast Con 2018 next year!! Cool guests, the beach, and a fun venue...what more could you ask for?

Until then, geek on!