The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I Did A Thing

So, I did a thing. I cut off most of my hair. Why? Because I wanted to. I'd been talking it over with Deek for a little while, and when I went in for my trim, I asked my hairdresser to just hack it off.

I'm pretty excited about it for a variety of reasons, but one of them is COLOR!! I had purple hair back when we lived in the PNW, and I dyed it blonde before coming back to the South. Well, for the past year, I've been trying to get my hair healthy from all those dye jobs. And it's been boring brown. Ho-hum. With short hair, I can dye my hair a variety of colors, and we'll just cut away the damaged parts. Voila! So, I'm headed back in June to get this whole thing turned white-blonde. And then, I'll have purple added to my bangs (and possibly other areas--the temple pieces or top of the spikes) in prep for the Raleigh SuperCon, where I am a feature guest. All my promo pics show purple hair, so I gotta give the people what they expect! ;) 

I'll be honest, I was a little wary of chopping off all my hair. Our culture, and a lot of men I know, place value on long hair as a sign of femaleness or femininity. So, in this sense, I'm so thankful I went to live in the Pacific Northwest for a while. I grew up in the Bible Belt South, and I never felt comfortable expressing my artistic funky side. But when I went to the PNW, that sort of thing is embraced and celebrated. I learned just how big and diverse this country really is. And I learned it's okay to be me. It's okay not to fit the status quo.

I'm an artist. I'm expressive. I like to try new things. That's who I am. And that's more than okay. 

I'm also incredibly thankful to have a husband who not only accepts this part of my personality but embraces it. When I asked him what he thought about cutting my hair, he said, "Do it. One of the things I love about you is that you're bold and try new things. And changing your hair is one of the ways you do that. So, if you want to cut it, cut it."

When I texted him this picture yesterday, he replied back, "This is about as cute as humanly possible." He loves me just like I am, in all my variety of shapes, colors, and hairstyles. And I appreciate that about him so very much. I'm completely free to be me.

In other news, I recently found out that the cover artist for both BookFish Books and Tenacious Books Publishing is taking a summer vacation sabbatical. Why is that a big deal you ask? Well, she designs the final print covers for the books, and we have TWO releasing while she's away. That means all edits must be completed and all formatting done BEFORE she leaves! We had a schedule in place to complete said edits and formatting in June, but that deadline had to be seriously pushed up. So, I've been working with our authors and editors to get these books ready. Once they come to the formatter, they have to be done-done. No more major changes once a book enters formatting. We can make minor changes (a comma here, a word swap there), but the meat and bones have to be mostly done.

Releases July 25, 2017

So, big props to the editors and authors for getting everything done and to me for formatting. I'm happy to report that the formatting for ALL summer release books (except The Beacon, which releases after our cover artist's vacation) is DONE! <high fives to my editing team and authors>

And Chrissy Lessey is even offering a sneak peek of her prologue for The Coven, which not only highlights her amazing writing but my formatting as well!

Despite all the work and hectic deadlines, Deek and I managed to have some fun hiking and attending a local festival! 

The journey to who-knows-where

Hubba hubba

Gorgeous bridges

A treat for our hard work! ;) 

Representing BookFish!

Enjoying a local festival

This little presh guy turned one!
When we adopted him, the shelter thought he was about six months old, and that was six months ago!
Happy Birthday, Gussie!
We adore you!

Until next time--BE YOU!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Cray-zee Up In Here

Y'all, it's cray-zee up in here. I'm doing projects for BookFish Books, Tenacious Books, and Erin Rhew Editing and Design. All the books release between May and August, so I'm racing around like a mad woman. Several of the deadline bump right up against one another, and some have been pushed up due to scheduling conflicts with the cover artist or author's work/summer plans. GAH! <breaths in a bag>

Today is the ONLY day I'm in between projects, so I thought I'd drop in and say hello to my amazing blog readers and friends. Ok, to catch you up on other goings-on.

In Super News: I was asked to be a guest author at the Raleigh SuperCon! I'm so excited to be signing books and hosting panels on fantasy and sci-fi topics. Deek will also be there, and he's hosting a panel on virtual reality, which ties into the theme of his latest book!

RESTORE TO ME: My historical fiction novel is under full manuscript review by several agents. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of them picks it up because this book is extra special to me. I started writing this story a long time ago (we won't say how long), and my friend Joe Willson was my "go to" person for information on the time period. Two years ago, Joe passed away from cancer. It's our last project together, and I'd really like to see it go somewhere. I want people to read the dedication and understand that the world lost an amazing light when Joe left. 

In fact, if you're so inclined, I encourage you to donate to the Melanoma Research Foundation (if you want to make your donation in Joe's honor, I'd be so grateful).

Tenacious Books: I am in the final stages of designing the print version of The Coven by Chrissy Lessey for Tenacious Books Publishing! I'm so stoked with how it turned out! Here's a sneak peek...

By the way, if you've already read the old version of The Coven, it's totally different now. Not only does it have a rockin' new cover but it's been through major edits. You'll enjoy a whole new story the second time around, so don't forget to pick up the new copy! You already know Chrissy is an amazing author, so now you can see her at her finest! 

BookFish Books: We have two new adult releases coming up--one in May and one in July! I love both of these authors and their writing styles, so I'm super stoked!

She Wants It All by Jessica Calla (my FAVORITE book boyfriend of Jess' yet!!)


(one word...Nate)

Deek: Let me just start out by saying I am the luckiest woman in the whole world. Deek is THE BEST man I've ever met. He's just tops. I can't say enough good things about him because there aren't enough words that exist in the world. He's THAT awesome! 

I'm SO proud of him for completing his rough draft for his sci-fi novel, eXtractors! You can read all about how he wrote himself an editorial letter (before he lets me and Anya get our hands on it)! 

Pictures: You know I always have to include some pictures from our life, so here they are! ;) 

At least the working environment isn't too shabby...

And I'm not lonely.

Goofing off at Rocket Fizz. 
The first one I ever went to was in Portland, so it's a little piece of the Pacific Northwest in the South.

May the 4th Be With You!

Date Night!
This man, y'all, this MAN! I epically adore him and love every minute we spend together! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Er-Mah-Gawd! The Crystal Coast Series by Chrissy Lessey

Today's post earns a Trinna Er-Mah-Gawd!

People, I've had the pleasure of working with Chrissy Lessey on the editing side through Tenacious Books Publishing, and today, I'm pleased as punch to show you what Chrissy and Anita at Race-Point have been doing on the cover side of things!

Here are the STUNNING covers for The Crystal Coast Series by Chrissy Lessey:

Title: The Coven
Author: Chrissy Lessey
Publisher: Tenacious Books Publishing
Cover Designer: Anita B. Carroll
Release Date: June 27, 2017
Preorder Link: The Coven

The future queen awakens…

Newly single mother Stevie Lewis divides her time between raising Charlie, running a store with her best friend, and avoiding the meetings of her mother’s Beaufort Historic Society. Although her life has its challenges, it’s altogether average. Just the way she likes it.

When Vanessa, a ruthless dark witch, launches an attack against young Charlie, Stevie’s simple life derails, and her long-dormant powers awaken. A 300-year-old secret is exposed, revealing her destiny to one day rule the clandestine community of witches who hide in plain sight.

Now she must master her own magical powers before it’s too late. Because Vanessa’s on the warpath, and only Stevie can stop her.

Title: The Hunted
Author: Chrissy Lessey
Publisher: Tenacious Books Publishing
Cover Designer: Anita B. Carroll
Release Date: July 25, 2017

A new queen rises...

When Stevie vanquished her family’s greatest threat, she thought they’d be safe. Unaware of the evil surrounding her, she trains with her coven and prepares to inherit her mother’s role as queen and protector of the amulet.

Chaplain Benjamin Parris, descendant of the notorious reverend behind the Salem Witch Trails, plots to resume his family’s mission and rid the world of witches. He joins forces with Susan Moore, who’s sought revenge against the coven for years, and together, they formulate a plan to destroy Stevie’s family.
Left weakened after the theft of their protective amulet, the coven confronts the unthinkable as a modern day witch hunt unfolds around them. And this time, Stevie might not be able to save the people she loves.

Title: The Beacon
Author: Chrissy Lessey
Publisher: Tenacious Books Publishing
Cover Designer: Anita B. Carroll
Release Date: August 22, 2017

There can only be one queen...

Still reeling from the devastation wrought by Susan, Stevie struggles to find a way to retrieve the amulet from the dark witch who now calls herself queen. She develops a plan to amplify her powers, believing it will give her an edge, but the magic is untested and dangerous.
Susan will stop at nothing to complete her rise to power, including eliminating the last of Lucia’s descendants: Stevie and Charlie. She calls for a showdown, with all of the town’s witches present, leaving Stevie no choice but to comply.
Queens who came before her sacrificed their lives to protect the witches, and Stevie is prepared to join their ranks. In this life or death battle, she'll do whatever it takes to save her people.

I am SOOOO excited to have you guys read these awesome books! Chrissy has such a natural flow with her storytelling, and you get totally wrapped up in her characters and their world. Don't forget to preorder The Coven today and get ready for a total thrill ride! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Pirate Island -- Katie L. Carroll -- Cover Reveal

by Katie L. Carroll (
Cover Illustration by Susan Tait Porcaro (
Coming October 2017!

Goodreads badge add plus


A thrice cursed island, a legendary pirate treasure, and one not-so-brave boy. What could possibly go wrong?

For centuries, the whereabouts of Captain William Kidd’s lost pirate treasure has remained a mystery. When Billy’s best friend, Andy, proposes they look for it on nearby Pirate Island, Billy thinks it’s just another one of their crazy adventures. It’s usually Billy who ends up in trouble as a result, but he goes along for the ride…like always. The more he delves into the life and death of Kidd, the more he thinks the treasure is real and that it might be buried on the small island in Long Island Sound. Billy—nope, call him William—becomes obsessed with the captain of the same first name. He even believes he’s possessed by Kidd’s restless soul. Now he and the spirit of a long-dead pirate are leading the crazy adventure on Pirate Island. And what they find is far bigger than the treasure they imagined.

About the Author:
Katie L. Carroll always says she began writing at a very sad time her life after her sister Kylene unexpectedly passed away. The truth is Katie has been writing her whole life, and it was only after Kylene’s death that she realized she wanted to pursue writing for kids and teens as a career. Since then writing has taken her to many wonderful places, real and imagined. She has had many jobs in her lifetime, including newspaper deliverer, hardware store cashier, physical therapy assistant, and puzzle magazine editor. She works from her home in Connecticut that is filled with the love and laughter of her sons and husband.

In addition to PIRATE ISLAND, Katie is the author of the YA fantasy ELIXIR BOUND. Find Katie on her websiteTwitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

MEET ME UNDER THE STARS by KD Proctor -- Cover Reveal

Today I have the pleasure of hosting the cover reveal for KD Proctor's MEET ME UNDER THE STARS, to be released by BookFish Books on July 19, 2017. Look at this pretty...

Author: KD Proctor
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: July 18, 2017
Publisher: BookFish Books (
Cover Designer: Anita B. Carroll, Race-Point US (

Back Cover Blurb

When ratings for her popular DIY show start to circle the drain after the sudden death of her sister, Charlotte “Charlie” Conti has only one mission—to plan a comeback. But her sister had other plans. As part of the will, Charlie must work with *him*  to create a memorial scholarship in her sister’s memory. The same *him*  Charlie fell in love with three years ago while working at a summer camp.

The same *him* she dumped to protect his heart.
Sexy British player, Nate Walsh, has sixty days to find a new job or he’ll be deported back to England where he’s no longer welcome. He doesn’t have time to work on a memorial scholarship with *her*. The same *her*  who shattered his heart without explanation or warning.
The same *her*  he’s never gotten over.
Unable to agree on a benefactor for the scholarship, Nate and Charlie challenge each other to a winner-takes-all competition. They both know the only way to win is to turn up the heat and tease one another with the one thing they both want: each other. But as sparks fly, their true feelings resurface. Nate and Charlie must decide if their love is worth the effort or if they'll allow their disastrous past mistakes to destroy their chance at forever.

A Little about KD...

KD Proctor loved college so much that when it came time to graduate, she didn’t want to leave.  Trading in her textbooks for student handbooks and policy manuals, she began a career in College Student Personnel and she fulfilled her wish to stay on a college campus forever.  She always joked that one day she’d write a book about college students, never expecting that to come true!

KD lives in West Central, Minnesota with her husband and fur-kids.  She likes to write fun twists on the usual tropes that we all love. Her characters are smart, funny, and always swoony.  And yes. They always get their happily ever after.

Before being accepted for publication, MEET ME UNDER THE STARS (formerly titled IF YOU'RE EVER IN TOWN) was the 2016 YARWA winner for the New Adult category.

Rafflecopter link- Two $15 Amazon Gift Cards are up for grabs!

Click HERE for Rafflecopter Giveaway! 

Find KD here:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Blog Tour -- New Release -- MOM by Collin Piprell

Today, we are excited to announce the release of MOM, by Collin Piprell.

Title: MOM
Author: Collin Piprell
Genre: Sci Fi
Release date: April 5, 2017

Buy Links: 

Tagline: A mystery thriller set in the second half of the twenty-first century, MOM is the first novel in Collin Piprell's darkly comic and always thought-provoking MAGIC CIRCLES science-fiction series.




So reads the graffito.

MOM is the mall operations manager — the greatest intelligence in history, a machine awakened to self-awareness at a time when the last few human survivors have withdrawn to the last two remaining refuges on Earth. Quarantined from the global nanobot superorganism outside the malls and from each other inside, the mallsters are utterly dependent on MOM for everything — including the ever-more suspect information they're getting about the world Outside.

Now the malls are crumbling.

About the Author:

Collin Piprell is a Canadian writer and editor resident in Thailand. He is the author of three previous novels and a collection of humorous stories, now out of print, as well as four books on national parks, diving, and coral reefs, which are also out of print. *MOM* is the first novel of Magic Circles, a science-fiction series in progress. Visit to learn more.

We hope you love the book as much as we do!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bookish Ramblings

So, I just finished the final edits on She Wants It All by Jessica Calla. And I have to say, it's amazing!! One of the cool things about being a senior editor is that I get to see the book after they've been through content and line. I get to see the *almost* finished product and just touch it up a teeny bit. And whenever I get Jess' books, I'm floored by just how good they are. She has a really natural NA voice, and I find myself sucked into her stories each and every time.

(Chase--the sexy bad boy)


She Wants It All
(Dave--the rockstar with the heart of gold)
She Wants It All releases 5/15/17

Now, I loved Chase in She Laughs in Pink. In fact, not even Ben (who is great) in She Runs Away could knock Chase off the swoon pedestal. But then came Dave in She Wants It All. And for me, he tops them all. He takes the crown and wears it proudly. 

I think I like Dave so much because he reminds me of my own husband, Deek. Like my man, Dave wants to be a rockstar. You might remember my very own Deek had dreams of being a rock god back in his college years too. 

Here he is with his childhood bestie and bandmate, Chris.

And he still hasn't *totally* given it up! ;) 

But I think Dave mostly reminds me of Deek because of how very much he loves Maggie. He falls for her hard, and he'd move heaven and earth for her. Deek treats me like that. I feel like I'm living in a real life fairytale, especially coming from the life I came from (read about my old life here and here). Deek treats me like I'm the only woman in the world and his life mission is to make me feel loved and happy. I had no idea such wonderful men existed! 

He's beyond swoony

So, when you go to read She Wants It All and you wonder if men that amazing really do exist, I can confirm they do! I am married to a man who is the kindest, funniest, most talented, most loving person I've ever encountered. Dream guys are real, so don't settle for the scumbags. ;) 

Dream guys *are* real!

In other news, you may remember that I'm a senior editor at Tenacious Books as well as BookFish Books. Well, Tenacious has been working with the supremely talented Anita B. Carroll at Race-Point to create a logo, and they just released it. 

Do these rock or what? There's a reason #AnitaIsAmazing is a Twitter hashtag! ;) The woman rules! Now I'm going to shamelessly self-promote for a minute. If you're looking to self-publish and want to hire Anita to do your cover, she's teamed up with me and Anya Kagan to offer a great service called The Rhewbix Cube. Check it out! You won't find a better deal on quality covers and edits. 

In other bookish news, I'm sitting on the cover for Meet Me Under The Stars by KD Proctor (BookFish Books), and I'm about to burst with excitement to share it. It's another Anita special, so you know it will knock your socks off. KD said she screamed in excitement when she saw the final version, and she yelled so loudly her officemates rushed in to see what was wrong. LOL! PS. I'm just going to let it slip that I loved this book. KD submitted a totally different version to BFB initially, and I liked that version a lot. But this new one...holy wow! SO GOOD! 

KD Proctor
Meet Me Under The Stars releases 7/12/17

And I'm working with Chrissy Lessey on the Tenacious Books side on her Crystal Coast Series. She and Anita are working through cover mock-ups, and Chrissy and I are working on transforming her story from omnipotent narrator to third person limited. There is something about Chrissy's writing--a purity--that's refreshing and endearing. I adore the story already, but I'm stoked beyond measure to see where Chrissy can take it! 

The whole Crystal Coast Series returns this summer!

At this moment, I'm in the rare position of being in between projects, so you know what that means?? Writing time!! So, I'm going to hop off the blog and work on the nameless Molly and Ryder story. I don't know if I told you, but I had trouble getting the book out. No matter what I tried, the words didn't work (I've written and rewritten this one a few times already). So, I decided to turn the sequel into the first story, and the words are pouring out like a river. I guess the sequel was always meant to be the real story, but I just didn't realize it. I seriously can't wait for you guys to meet Molly, Ryder, Jason, Tash, and Mac. I hope you'll love them as much as I do!

This was the promo I made for the original story,
 so I guess I'll need to update it. LOL!

Ok, off to write. Until next time, write hard, play hard!