The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Rhew The Nation -- The Pacific Northwest -- Part 3

I am a Southern girl, and right now, the South is and has been battered by Hurricane Florence. If you can find ways to donate money, time, or supplies to the people of North and South Carolina, Deek and I would greatly appreciate it!

Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel are planning a trip to the Carolinas to help. You can get more information on Danneel's instagram.

With all this destruction and devastation happening in my part of the country, it's nice to travel back to the Pacific Northwest, Deek's part of the country, and remember the fun we had there. If you'll recall, we travelled by car across the nation, nearly coast to coast. We had great adventures along the way and then stopped in the PNW for a week to spend time with family and friends.

Deek's wonderful parents wanted to take us on a cruise tour around the Columbia Gorge. They originally wanted to do a dinner cruise, but since I'm lactose intolerant and Deek and I are on keto, they switched to a brunch cruise because we could eat more!

The boat -- The Sternwheeler

Someone cut Bigfoot's head out of the picture. LOL!

Ready to ride!

Amazing scenery!

I adore Deek's dad. They are so much alike--funny, thoughtful, and so loving!

That evening, we had dinner with Deek's best friends from childhood. He has known these men most of his life, and I love how their friendship has survived and thrived despite the miles and all life can throw at people.

We caught up with them and their lovely wives, laughed, and reminisced. I am truly amazed that Deek and his friends survived childhood with all the stunts they pulled. LOL!

The three amigos!

The next day, our last full day in the Pacific Northwest, Deek took me on a date to our favorite Chinese restaurant again to get the amazing beef schezwan we cannot find anywhere else.

So yummy!
And yes, I'm wearing a huge sweater in July because it's cold in the PNW...

That evening, his parents threw us a big going away party. We had tons of friends and family show up! It was lovely to see everyone and get to hang out with people who have come to mean so much to us. And y'all, let me brag on Deek's parents. They really put out an amazing spread and kindly opened their home to a bunch of people they didn't know. All for us. We are so incredibly grateful! <3

Christine--the officiant at our wedding!

Deek has known these two amazing women for a very long time!

My favorite part of this picture (besides Angie's lovely face) is Deek's mom grinning in the background! I loved how much fun she and Deek's dad had with our friends!! <3

Paula Brotherton, folks. She makes me laugh until my sides hurt.
And she's an amazing real estate agent in the Portland area!

We love these folks. 
We've vacationed with them and always have such a fun time together!

And in the blink of an eye, our time in the Pacific Northwest came to a close. After a tearful goodbye to our friends and family, we headed on back toward the East Coast. But since we'd done the northern route many times, we decided to try our hand at the southern route--Vegas, Tombstone, Area 51, Roswell. Yeah, it ROCKED! Stay tuned for more on the southern portion of our trip across America!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Rhew The Nation -- The Pacific Northwest -- Part 2

So, quick recap, Deek and I traveled clear across the country, nearly from sea to shining sea. We stopped for a week in the gorgeous PNW to visit with family and friends. Deek's thoughtful parents decided to take us to several touristy places we missed while we lived in the PNW.

We made it to Mt. St. Helen when we lived there,
 but Deek had never gone until he took me!

It's funny. When you live somewhere, you think you have all this time to do and see all your local stuff. But then you move, and you realize there's *so* much you didn't do. It's interesting for me to return back to my home in the South and realize there's tons of things I haven't done here. Deek and I are slowly working down that list so we don't get to the vagabond stage of our lives and realize we missed a bunch of stuff right in this general area. ;)

And we've been to DC, which is a short train ride up the East Coast.
We want to take Deek's parents here though 
because they've never been (and his dad is retired military!)

So, even though Deek's parents were on a quest to take us to visit the new and unseen, we did spend a day in touring our old haunts in Portland. You can't go to the PNW without visiting Portland. <3

First, they took us the Pittock Mansion, which I had never been to.

Um, wow.
Although, I do prefer our small townhome...just sayin'. 

Dude! This view!! <3

The regular folk have ceilings... ;) 

The view from the kitchen! Whoa!

Then, we drove down the mountain into the heart of the city.

A must-see in Portland, always.
Especially for two authors!

No trip is complete without Voodoo Donuts!

Coffin of donuts, anyone?

And we took in the sights at Pioneer Place.
This shirt is everything.


I loved it when Deek did it, but I SO loved when his mom did!
Such fun! <3

Sellwood Bridge
Deek and I went to the grand opening of the new one several years ago.

And, as with most new bridge openings, someone drove into the bike lane...

Me and Deek watching the Willamette. 
That's Will-am-it, not Willa-met-tee, for those who "ain't from around here."

The next day, his parents took us to the Japanese Gardens, a place I've never been to and where Deek hasn't been since the remodel. Parking is a nightmare up there, and some jerk weasel tried to park in a non-space behind us. In his haste, he bumped into our car. I leapt out and gave him the what-for because my *family* was in there!! He stupidly said, "Did I hit your car?" DUH! If you can't tell that, you shouldn't be operating a vehicle. Anyhoo, no damage to our car, but he got back in his and stayed there until we'd walked far, far away. Don't mess with Southern girls and their people. We are very family-centric and fiercely protective of our own! ;) 

And, did I mention he parked in a pedestrian crosswalk (a HUGE no-no in pedestrian loving Portland) and got towed off? Yeah and yeah. Boom-shaka-laka. 

After a stressful start, we throughly needed and 
enjoyed the zen-like nature of the Japanese Gardens.
With more gorgeous views!

Up next, join Deek, his parents, and me as we take a ride down the Columbia on a riverboat brunch cruise!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Rhew The Nation -- The Pacific Northwest -- Part 1

So, Deek and I traveled across the country, almost literally from sea to shining sea. But we stopped our travels to hang out for a week in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest and visit with family and friends. We used to live there, and while we love our life in the South, we do miss so very many things about the PNW.

Like family! <3
Deek has the most amazing parents, and I'm so blessed to be part of their family!

Like friends!
I adore Christine's whole vibe--just a super cool person all around! <3

Like Portland.
I *really* love Portland.

We arrived at night and immediately went to eat at Deek's favorite restaurant. We'd saved our keto high carb day especially for that place!

He may be a little excited! LOL!

The next day, we decided to explore our little town to see what had changed since we lived there. In the two years since we lived there, several different places have come and gone--some for the betterment of the town and some not. And while we were out, we *had* to eat at our favorite Chinese joint. We've tried and tried to find Schezuan beef as good as this in the South, but we have not been able to. :(  

After two years of waiting...

Of course we got Dutch Bros! 
Come to the East Coast, please!!

And we took a little boat ride.
The PNW has lots of water! ;) 

The next day was the 4th of July! It's the second year in a row we've spent the 4th with Deek's parents, despite living 3,000 miles apart!! How cool is that?!?

Deek and his dad. Love these two awesome guys!

Waiting for the parade!

Holy crow! Our little town has grown a lot!
We could hardly walk through the festival because the streets were *so* crowded!

This is how I always look at this man--with complete adoration!
I am the luckiest woman in the world! <3

And...there's a theme.

I so love Dutch Bros!


The next day, Deek's parents took us on the OMSI jet boat ride in downtown Portland. They wanted to take us to the touristy places we never got around to going to when we lived in the PNW. OMG, we had such a good time!!

Ready to ride!

Got a little wet.

I'm glad I brought a sweater because even though it was mid-summer, it was cold on the water!
I'll be honest, it's something I've never been able to get used to about the PNW. I'm a Southern girl, and it's always hot in the summer. I mean, you might as well walk around on the face of the sun. If you take a boat ride, even the wind it generates is hot. So, this coolness at the beaches and on the water in the PNW throws my mind for a loop. I can't quite wrap my brain around it or get used to it. Who brings a coat to the beach in the summer? Even in a swimsuit, you're likely to burn the blazes up on a Southern beach in the summer. ;) 

Someone's engine caught on fire, so our jet boat became a rescue ship! 
Our captain paused the tour/adventure to tow the man and his family back to shore. 
We were glad to be of assistance!

Now we're getting soaked!
My favorite part of this picture is Deek's mom's smile. Makes my heart so happy! <3

Why did I bother to fix my hair?? Haha!

Speaking of hair, after the jet boat ride, we headed on over to get my hair dyed. We had a blast chatting it up with "Hair Chick," as we call her, and I walked away with awesome purpliness!

Sporting the purple look again!

Stay tuned! We had plenty more adventures in the PNW before we headed back to the East Coast via the southern route!