The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Crystal Coast Con 2017

This year, we headed down to the Crystal Coast to participate in our second year of Crystal Coast Con!! We love everything about this con--the people who run it, the people who attend it, the unique venue, and the beach! Over the last year, we've been to a lot of cons, and we always compare them to Crystal Coast Con! ;)

Come see what we love so much...

On the way there, we stopped for a little beach time.
Hubba hubba...that driver! ;) 

Deek and I were thrilled to put our toes in the sand!

Gorgeous sunset!

This is the face you make when you're supposed to be eating paleo, but the Dunkin Donuts next door touts Maple Bacon Sandwiches...

Deek got to set up his new banner! WOOT! Awesome job, Anita!

Let's talk about fantasy!!

Team Tenacious right here! 
Two Tenacious Books Publishing authors together again!
Deek Rhew and Chrissy Lessey

Y'all, we met Denise Crosby. For those of you who are Trekkies, you'll recognize this beauty as Tasha Yar!! Let me tell you, she's classy, kind, and very personable. I'm so thankful to have met her!

I love how much Deek loves comic cons. He's like a kid in a candy store! LOL!

This guy's ready for a fight!

The force is strong in this one.

Babylon 5!

Storm Troopers in da house!

Can you get over this costume!??!

I have always loved trolls...

A female Maui workin' it! 

Aren't our book bundles purty?

Cons are FUN but tiring, so Deek and I were so grateful that MacDaddy's provided us with our very own carafe of coffee!! I think that's my third cup...

Getting close to the end of the day. We're tired, but we're having a blast!

The lady who keeps our pup while we're at cons texted a picture of him on his walk.
<squeezey heart>

End of con Snapchat shenanigans...

Since the con is only one day, we got to enjoy the beach again before we headed home!

This is THE beach where Deek proposed, so we reenacted the "after proposal" kiss.
Hey, I'll take any reason to smooch with my handsome hubby!!

A hurricane was a long way off shore, but it made the water do crazy things!

I love the beach! One day, Deek and I *will* live there...

This man, y'all. This man.
I am stoked and blessed beyond belief to get to do life with this wonderful, funny, talented, loving, amazing man! 

We hope to see you at Crystal Coast Con 2018 next year!! Cool guests, the beach, and a fun venue...what more could you ask for?

Until then, geek on!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Time For Some R&R

Lately, Deek and I have been going pretty hard with writing and regular life stuff. So, my amazing parents decided to give us a much needed break. They got tickets for all of us to see one of my most favorite country singers ever--Travis Tritt. It's so funny they'd pick Travis because Deek and I have often talked about how much we like his music and how much we'd love to do a little songwriting with him. And to put the icing right on that awesome cake, the concert was in my most favorite beach town! WINNING all around!

BUT before we went and had all that excitement, Deek and I checked out a local arts festival and had a lovely date night! Could this weekend have gotten *any* better?!?

Ready to celebrate art!

We got free Kind bars. #GiveKindATry

Lately I'm obsessed with skulls, particularly of the Dia de los Muertos variety.

Deek's favorite author was represented!

Could this dog be any cuter??

Then, Deek and I had a lovely date evening. Dinner, coffee, and a long walk. Sigh...he knows the way to this simple girl's heart! 

He *always* makes me laugh!

He paparazzied me!

So I paparrazied him right back!

The sky gave us a beautiful show for our walk!

The next day, we headed out for the beach and the concert. We met my parents early and did some adventuring before the main event!

I so love Jon Snow, but...KHAL DROGO!


I'm secretly a mermaid.

I can't adult today...

Almost time for the show! Here's Travis' equipment trailer!

Travis doing a Birth selfie!

Me and my Daddy! <3

Me and bee-utiful Mama!

At the gift store. Isn't she adorbs!?!?

We Tweeted, and Travis responded. SUCH a class act!

We love you, Travis Tritt!!

His gorgeous daughter, Tyler Reese Tritt, opened for him and sang a duet with him later. She's a natural talent and adorable to boot! Loved this sweet daddy/daughter moment!

Give us some ballads, Travis!

So excited my camera is shaking!

We had SUCH a blast!

Before we headed back home, Deek and I spent a little time on the beach. Even when it's cloudy and gray (which is normal for Pacific Northwest beaches, so Deek felt right at home), the beach is my favorite, favorite, favorite place to be. Deek proposed to me on a beach, and one day, we hope to live at the beach permanently (after our vagabond years, of course). 

There's nothing like the beach!

This man makes me RIDONK happy!

This is the face of joy--the pure, unadulterated joy of being with the one who makes your soul sing.
No matter where we go, Deek is my home.

It's good to work hard and be focused. When you're an adult, you have to adult whether you want to or not. But it's always good to take breaks and carve out a little time for R&R. It's refreshing and rejuvenating, and it resets your mind so you can focus better when you get back to work and adulting. Never underestimate the power of R&R!

Until next time, grab some popcorn, your favorite soda, and lie in bed watching Netflix. Or catch a Travis Tritt concert when he heads your way!