The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Special Christmas Offer

So, y'all, I'm under some SERIOUS deadlines here, so I haven't been doing my normal blogging thang. However, I wanted to pop in and remind you of an awesome holiday deal Deek and I have going on.

Here's the rundown:

Happy Holidays, dear friends and readers!! Deek and I put our heads (and books) together and came up with a great holiday deal!! These books would make AMAZING presents for family and friends!

​ From today until 
December 12, you can get our special pricing for signed books!
Here's the breakdown (remember--they're ALL signed):

The Prophecy: $15
The Prophecy and The Outlanders: $25
The Prophecy, The Outlanders, and The Fulfillment: $30
122 Rules: $15
Birth: $5
122 Rules and Birth: $19
ALL FIVE BOOKS (The Prophecy, The Outlanders, The Fulfillment, 122 Rules, and Birth
): $50

How do you take advantage of this amazing deal? Just click here, send us an email and Paypal payment, and we'll mail it out to you in time for the holidays!

**Open to US residents only**

Yes, I copied and pasted from my website. I told you...deadlines. LOL!

If you're interested, give me or Deek a holler! Erin or Deek

HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all! I'll see you when I'm out of deadline h-e-double hockey sticks.

Until then, live and love out loud (and here's a pic of Gus and Trinna to tide you over)!!

What Trinna thinks of Gus.

Gus waiting for Daddy to get off work.

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