The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Anniversary Time -- 4 Years

Today, I'm hijacking the Rhew The Nation posts for a very special announcement...It's anniversary time!! Let me just start by saying Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful husband in all the world, Deek Rhew! <3 <3

You may remember we got married twice--once in the Pacific Northwest and once in the South. Well, today, we celebrate 4 years since we got married in the Pacific Northwest (the one that made it legal and all)!

PNW wedding

Southern wedding, six months later.

My Deek and blog friends, let's take a little stroll down memory lane...

Going to the chapel (or Victorian historical home),
 and we're gonna get married!

We seriously laugh all the time...then and now!

I look at my hunk like this then and now.

Deliriously happy...still am!

He's like a fine wine, better with age! 
(at least that's what they say. I don't know 'cause I don't drink)

Looking toward a bright, happy future!
Spoiler: It's brighter and happier than I could have ever dreamed!

Da bride and da groom!
Four years in, and Deek still calls me his bride. 
<happy sigh>

First anniversary

Second anniversary

Third anniversary 
Yep, that's happy weight, but spoiler...keto cures all. ;)
We're back to our regular weights again, thank goodness!

We haven't done fourth anniversary pics yet, 
but here's one from this weekend.

Let me tell you, these past four years have truly been the most glorious of my life. I loved Deek like crazy when we got married, but I love him even more now. We have fought battles side-by-side, gone on some serious adventures, laughed until our stomachs hurt (which is often), sung at the top of our lungs, danced under the stars, and a million other precious moments that make this bond between us even deeper.

When Deek and I first decided to consider dating, I was a romance cynic. Events in my life had led me to conclude that neither selfless, unconditional love nor soulmates existed. In fact, I told Deek not to bother falling in love with me (isn't that charming?) because I'd been through enough in my life to *know* that good men existed only in books and movies, not in reality. 

Yeah, imagine trying to woo that. But Deek was up for the challenge.

He showed me that good men--wonderful men--exist here in the real world. He melted my frozen heart and turned me into a sappy pile of blubbering romantic goo. I believe, y'all. In love. In soulmates. In forever. In good men. In happy marriages. All of it. He made me a believer!

He's my best friend, my true partner, my rock, my love, and soulmate. When we started talking about dating, we both sat down and went over our lists of things we could and could not accept in a relationship, and they matched. Perfectly. Like we were made for each other, and I truly believe we were.

I am happier than I had any idea a person could be. Every day, I wake up to Deek's smile, and every night, I go to sleep in his arms. He's my everything; my dream come true. 

It just keeps getting better!

My love, here's to four more, and four more, and four more, and four more... How about forever and always and then some?

Happy Anniversary to my amazing, loving, funny, kind, giving, over-the-top in the best possible way husband! I adore you more than words could ever say, and I'm honored to get to spend my life with you!


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