The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Rhew The Nation -- The Trip Home

Welcome to the final post on the Rhew The Nation trip. We went on our adventure nearly 5 months ago, but it has provided great material for blog posts all this time! I hope you enjoyed traveling with me and Deek across the country and back again! We visited some *amazing* places, and I'm so grateful we got the opportunity to do it!

When we left off, Deek and I were headed to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Now, we'd intended to go to Oklahoma all along, but all the way back in Missouri (at the start of the trip), we changed the town we'd stop in Oklahoma. Why? Well, we have fallen in love with the Stoney Creek Hotel chain, and we discovered they'd opened a brand new one in Broken Arrow!

From the Stoney Creek in Missouri

We discovered Stoney Creek by accident when we were moving across the country. I always book through the Expedia app, and this place popped up as inexpensive and pet-friendly. Now we've stayed in some pretty yucky pet-friendly places, but this one smelled good and was *super* clean. They'd just opened when we stayed there last time, but even after being open for a while, it was still super clean and smelled good. So, we redirected our trip a little to end up at the brand spankin' new one in Broken Arrow. It did not disappoint!

The Stoney Creek in Broken Arrow.
Clearly, they have a theme.
Deek and I couldn't stop whispering, "Great white buffalo." LOL!

When we went to check-in, we informed the front desk that we'd stayed at the one in Missouri and rerouted our trip just to come to the one in Broken Arrow. And you know what they did? They comped us a suite to say "thank you!" A suite! And the suite was AMAZING!! 

The giant bell at check-in.

Amazing statues!

The jet tub in the suite's bathroom! Wowsa!!
The shower is behind that door, and it was massive!

Deek in the giant, super cozy bed.
This is one of my most favorite pictures from the trip!

Now, I'm a born and bred Southern girl, but there are a lot of places in the South I haven't been. In fact, despite our numerous cross-country trips, I still haven't been to states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Now that I think about it, other than a few New England states, these are some of the only ones I've not yet been to. But on this trip, we crossed another state off our list--Arkansas.

Um... I'm afraid for what this sign implies about other bathrooms.

The *whole* time we were in the Southwest, it didn't get above 90.
Leave it to the South to show how heat is really done. LOL!
Oh, and it's humid...

On to Tennessee

As a good little Southern girl, of course I've been to Tennessee--many times, in fact. Deek and I have driven through Nashville on cross-country trips but never actually stopped to look around (Deek and I are planning on taking an official trip there soon though). So when we drove through Nashville this time, we decided to stop at one cool thing and eat a one locally recommended restaurant. 

Now, I *love* Percy Jackson. Truth be told, I loathed the movies, but I love the books. And I am fascinated by all things Greek Mythology related. So...Deek took me to the Nashville Parthenon as our one cool place to go!

I love Percy Jackson so much, I brought one of his books as a read aloud on our trip!


Smooching in front of the Parthenon!

Look at that detail!

After Nashville, we drove through the same other states we always drive through to get back home. And then, we were home! <3 

The trip was amazing! I love traveling with Deek, and I love exploring the many facets of this country. If you haven't had a chance to drive across the country, I encourage you to do it. You'll be amazed by the stuff you see! 

For instance, I had no idea so much of our country is unpopulated. I mean like completely without a soul for miles and miles and miles (particularly on the eastern side of the western states and in the southwest). I never would have known that if we hadn't made these trips. There are just some things you can't see from an airplane or train window. Sometimes you have to get out there and experience it firsthand.

No one and nothing for fifty plus miles!

Thanks so much for accompanying me and Deek on this grand adventure! Now it's time for anniversaries, birthdays, and the holidays! WOOT! 

Daydreaming about more adventures with my best friend! :)

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