The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Rhew The Nation -- The Southwest -- Roswell, NM

Obviously, our southwestern portion of the trip had a theme--cowboys and aliens. LOL! So, naturally after we left Tombstone, we headed to Roswell, New Mexico. We spent so much time in Tombstone that we didn't roll into Roswell until pretty late that night, so we saved our exploring for the next day.

Join us as we visit with aliens!!

Yep, Gus was back in the stroller. 
But he could come into the museum in it, so winning!

Gus doesn't know what to think of his new babysitter! LOL!

Weekend at Bernie's, alien edition.

This is one of my most favorite pics. LOL!

Honestly y'all, I expected a *lot* more out of Roswell. I've heard about Roswell my whole life, and I was so stoked to go. If you're known for aliens, I feel like you should embrace that mess and go all out alien. But Roswell didn't really. There were a few museums and shops, but overall, it looked like most other towns. As we alway do, we made it fun, but we were disappointed in Roswell.

Then we headed to Texas. Wow, Texas freakin' rocks! We drove through lots of scrubby brush nothingness in New Mexico, and then all of a sudden--I'm talking as soon as we crossed the state lines--we saw green, lush farmlands in Texas. The difference was like night and day. We are absolutely planning another trip to Texas because we only grazed the tip this time. We want to see all the awesomeness Texas has to offer. Of course, we jammed out to the obligatory "God Blessed Texas" by Little Texas once we entered the state. 

Lawd have mercy.

They sure did have a purty rest stop!

And soon after that, we were in Oklahoma, our destination for that evening.

Next time, I'll tell you about the awesome surprise that is Broken Arrow, Oklahoma! Until next time, adventure on!

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