The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Monday, June 13, 2016

Adventuring With The Rhews Part 3

So, Deek and I are in the throes (this word makes me smile because it looks like thrones--as in Game of Thrones--but I digress) of getting ready for our move across the country. It's a complicated endeavor, supremely complicated. But, as we do all things, we're kicking bootae together, hand-in-hand. Some days, we're Daffy Duck basketcases, but we have each other to lean on. And that makes all the difference in the world. I love my man! <3

Deek and I made a "must see before we leave" list, and we've been to nearly all the place. But one kept lingering out there...Mount St. Helens. We wanted to go on a nice day, so we could clearly see the mountain in all its glory. And I kid you not, every single weekend we had rained. Until this past weekend. Hallelujah, thank goodness, bright sunshine. Oh, and 100 degrees!


Side note: Deek thinks it's completely hilarious that I'm a Southern girl who complains on really hot days. Well, I like being warm (I abhor being cold), but I don't like being hot and sweaty. As I explained to him, we Southerners go from our air-conditioned homes to our air-conditioned cars to our air-conditions stores and restaurants. We don't linger in the blazing heat if we can help it. 

Despite the 100 degree weather, we called up Deek's parents, who've also NEVER been to Mount St. Helens, and decided to do the trip! And I've got one word to describe it...WOW! Holy moly, folks, it's majestic and terrifying all at the same time. The power of nature commands respect, I'll tell you that for sure!

The mountain in the distance

There are multiple lookouts on the way up to St. Helens, and I recommend stopping at them all! This place was gorgeous on the inside and had a great view outside. We ate lunch while looking at the mountain.

We stopped at this learning center, which had lots of interesting information about the eruption and the replanting efforts post disaster.

Yep, still wearing a hat. Only one more week of hair healing before I can emerge like a butterfly! ;) 

Getting closer...another viewpoint.

Hubba hubba!

I love this man and our adventures!

Ready to learn! We watched an AMAZING video. I totally recommend that to everyone because there is an uber cool surprise at the end!

View from the main learning center and observatory. You can see right into the crater. Amazing!

Resting after a big climb in 100 degree weather. This Southern girl is glistening (since we Southern Belles don't sweat)! ;) 

It's been 36 years, but the landscape still bears the scars of the eruption.

I liked this perspective with the sundial thing.

These trees are twisted like Twizzlers!

This little guy was super friendly and adorable!

I love this shot. It shows all the trees that fell in the blast zone, the mountain, gorgeous flowers, and my little chipmunk buddy! :)

Since both bridges had wrecks, we were stuck. But we made the best of it by eating at The Rock. I love the movie The Rock, so I did a little squee to see a "Welcome To The Rock" sign in the restaurant.

Even amidst the craziness of preparing a cross-country move, Deek and I manage to find time to have fun and connect every day. I love those moments when we lie in our bed face-to-face--talking and laughing--while the world and all the busyness of it fades away. In good times and in bad, in stressful times and in calm ones, I'm beyond thankful to have my best friend, partner, and soulmate by my side. 

Up next...Crater Lake. Stay tuned! Until then, live life out loud, my friends! We only have one life, so live it Mach 5 with your hair on fire! ((HUGS)

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