The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Great Move and A Simple Life

So, Deek and I are up to our elbows in boxes and cleaning supplies as we prepare to move across the country. It's been a little hectic, but we're working on it like a boss. I'm beyond grateful to have such an amazing, involved partner.

Since we've moved 3 times (this will be our 4th) in 2 years, we've learned two important things:

1) Purge. Get rid of the junk. Stuff is not important; it's just stuff. Pare down until you're at the necessities and give away the rest. You'll feel better for having done it, and your house will look better. Also, it's easier to clean without the clutter.

I'm in a bandana with paint-spattered pants and a beat-up shirt. It's technically my cleaning outfit, but I'm calling it a "Bohemian" look. ;) 

2) Prepare in advance. We've been in a 2am-still-throwing-mess-in-boxes situation, and we don't want that drama this time. So, we started prepping for this move about six months ago. And we started with pictures, of which we had boxes and boxes. We sorted them by year and person and scanned them all into the computer. Ah-mazing!

I recommend this little scanner; it's so easy to use.

And we totally recommend Google Photos. We tried to use Amazon Photos, but the organizing in that thing was a total nightmare (and it took forever to open when you tried to access the pics). Google Photos has it down. Everything is well organized and easy to find. Plus, you can make collages, animations, and movies right from the program. It's really genius. And you can share the folders out with other people. When we went to Mt. St. Helen's with Deek's parents, I uploaded all the pics to Google Photo (simple to do with an app--just open the app when you're on wifi, and Google Photos takes care of the rest), made a folder, and shared the photos with them. Easy peasy.

Mt. St. Helen's

Here's an example of the animations it does.

Now, instead of carrying boxes and boxes of photos with us, we have them all safely stored in the cloud. It eliminates my answer to the hypothetical: what would you grab if there were a fire (assuming all people and pets get out safely). I always said my photos, but now I don't have to! WOOT!

Blast from the past-- Little Erin

Graduate Jay back in the day 
(I'm a poet...)

I will miss the Pacific Northwest. It has a lot of things going for it: the beautiful scenery, interesting people, mild temperatures, and no biting snakes. But I won't miss the cold beaches (they're pretty to look at but not very functional to enjoy) or the crazy traffic. 

I'm really ready to see my family and friends. I haven't seen them in a year, and that's the longest I've ever gone without seeing them in my whole life. In fact, before I moved, I don't think I ever went a month without seeing them! But I will definitely miss the wonderful friends and family we have here. So, it's a bittersweet journey we're on. 

Me and my soul sista!

Can't wait to get back to these ladies and all my other friends!
You up for another movie night?? 

But we'll miss our friends here.

And this amazing city!

And all the weird contained within

Deek is leaving everything he's ever known and heading to a totally new place. Aside from some moving around when he was too little to remember, he's mostly lived in this same area of the Pacific Northwest. But he'll be coming down South to be enveloped by my big ole loving family and my slew of amazing friends. He's definitely sad to leave, but he's also excited to experience something new! 

Goodbye lush, green, beautiful PNW

Hello the hospitable, fun-loving, gorgeous South

In truth, I would follow Deek to the ends of the earth, through the Mists of Avalon. Wherever he is, that's my home. HE'S my home. I'm ready to start this new adventure with the love of my life. No matter what, it will be fun because I'm holding hands with my best friend for the journey!


Peace out, my friends! The next time you hear from me, I'll likely be blogging in another time zone, clear across the country. Until then, take care of yourselves and each other. Live out loud!


  1. Best of luck in your move! I would hate living away from my family, so glad you'll be back w/yours. And the South! Sweet tea and ah-mazing food. ;)

  2. I hope your move went well! There's just so much to do when life takes you across the country. Good luck!