The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday's Song

Hello friends!! Happy Thursday! A quick recap in case you missed it...Deek and I are getting married this month! WOOT!

We announced our impeding nuptials here (Deek's) and here (mine). Each day this week, we're sharing songs that mean something to us. Here are the ones we've posted so far.

Monday (Deek)
Monday (Me)
Tuesday (Deek)
Tuesday (Me)
Wednesday (Deek)
Wednesday (Me)

Today is throwback Thursday, so I really had to think long and hard about which "early relationship" song to pick. I wanted to pick something from the beginning, when we started to realize our feelings had grown from friendship into something more. We have quite a few songs from this time, but the one I finally settled on is "Simple Man" by Shinedown. Wut, I revealed the song at the top of the post instead of the bottom? LOL! I had to in order to explain the meaning behind it.

I mentioned in my last post that we tried to reveal every facet of our personalities to the other so we there would be no bad-surprises. Deek kept describing himself as a simple man, meaning he takes joy in the simple things in life. He doesn't value money, stuff, or prestige; instead, he values family, laughter, and love. To better explain, he sent me the song "Simple Man" by Shinedown. I remember listening to it the first time and thinking it really did describe this amazing man I'd come to know.

The first time we met in person (Deek explained in one of his posts how we had a long distance relationship initially), we danced to the song "Simple Man," in addition to a bunch of other songs. But I so vividly remember dancing with him to that particular song. I remember how he sang along softly in my ear, how he squeezed me just a little tighter when he sang the words "You''ll find a woman and you'll find love." I remember how I fit all snuggly inside his arms (he's 6ft, and I'm 5'2") as we swayed. But most of all, I remember the look in his eyes--how they shined with love.

Since we had a long distance relationship at the time, Deek had to board a plane and fly back to the West Coast. From that moment on, I could not hear the song "Simple Man" without breaking down into tears. I missed my kind, loving best friend, who knew how to find joy in the things that matter most in this life.

I told Deek how I couldn't even listen to "Simple Man" anymore because it made me miss him. So, when I moved to the West Coast, he played the song one evening. He drew me in his arms and started to sway, just like he had the first time we danced to it, and he said I didn't have to cry anymore when I heard that song. We were finally together and always would be.

So, just because I want to (heehee), I'm including some photos of my "simple" man. <insert heart-eyed emoticon>

Our first in-person meeting! 

We are such sci-fi nerds! #TheMatrixWannabes
We enjoy the simple things in life--working on our books together while drinking coffee and eating popcorn (with a tubby cat as our supervisor)! ;) 
We enjoy goofing off! Haha!

He supports my dreams! 

I tell him all my secrets.


And here is the song "Simple Man" by Shinedown

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