The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday's Final Song

Y'all, it's FRIDAY! <happy dance--raise da roof, running man, stir the pot> Before I get to the song of the day, there are FREE eBooks available today from Pandmoon Publishing! You can get the names of the free titles here, but it's for today only. So hurry! ;)

If you are just tuning in to the Deek and Erin song-a-day week-long marathon, here are the links from the past days. If you ARE just tuning in, where have you been all week? ;) Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy these amazing tunes!

Monday: Deek, Erin
Tuesday: Deek, Erin
Wednesday: Deek, Erin
Thursday: Deek, Erin 

Today's song is extra special. Each couple has "their" song. It usually evolves organically--something you hear that speaks to the individuals in a special way. Deek, a former musician, listens to a lot of music and is quite inspired by it. When we heard today's song, we both knew it was "our" song.

Here's a fun little tidbit... Deek and I love to dance together. Sometimes, we'll be in the middle of grocery shopping, and he'll draw me into his arms because he likes the song playing through the speakers. When we have music blaring as we make dinner, we just start busting moves. Once Deek started slow dancing with me in the grocery store, and by the time the song ended, we were surrounded by a smiling crowd. Haha!! We have danced to every song we've listed in our weekly song-of-the-day EXCEPT for today's. When we realized it was "our" song, we vowed to wait to dance to it until our wedding day. It seemed like a long way off then, but now...Squee!

My song of the day for Deek is "It's Your Love" by Tim McGraw/Faith Hill. I have always liked Tim and Faith. My parents took me to see them in concert at least 3 times. I went to the one where everyone knew she was pregnant, but they haven't officially announced it yet. And I've also been to see their Soul 2 Soul tour.

This song has so many elements that match us:

Dancin' in the dark
Middle of the night
Takin' your heart
And holdin' it tight

Better than I was
More than I am
And all of this happened
By takin' your hand

And who I am now
Is who I wanted to be
And now that we're together
I'm stronger than ever
I'm happy and free

So,  my beloved Deek...if you wonder about the spell I'm under, it's your love.

There are no words...

 This is one of my most favorite pics. Haha!

 I love the light over our heads.

He IS my main squeeze!! 

Now for the song:

Thanks for joining us this week!! We hope you enjoyed listening to our special tunes! Thank you for  helping us celebrate this amazing time in our lives! 

Deek, I love you! #Always 

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