The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday's Rhewsings

Yesterday I revealed that Deek and I are getting married this month. SQUEE!! In case you missed it, here is the link to that post. To celebrate, I'm sharing some songs that have special meaning for us. In addition, I thought I'd hop in the time machine and share even more! ;)

If you know our story, you know Deek and I met on Twitter. It's a modern day romance story--haha!! We followed one another on Twitter, and then one of my critique partners asked him to join our critique partner group. He needed help on his short story, and he was particularly concerned with the grammar in it. So naturally, I got assigned his piece, being the resident grammar nerd that I am. We worked well together and became friends. He then asked me if I would do a complete edit, content and line, on his full-length novel, 122 Rules. I agreed. The more we worked on the project, the more we realized something more than friendship existed between us. We began a conversation in the margins, and we still haven't stopped talking. ;) 

Anyhoo, I went back into my blog archives and pulled out an interview I did with Deek not long after he joined my critique partner group. One thing I've always appreciated about him is his sense of humor and his tenacity (remember this word because you'll see it again soon). So, I pulled this little answer from his interview:

Nothing I have done, save for having an active imagination, has helped me become an author. Not a single thing. I love to read, but except for a little Don Quixote and Moby Dick—the latter a girlfriend convinced me was “a little like Pinoccho”…don’t ask--I haven’t read any of “the classics.” What I do have is tenacity, an unbreakable spirit, and a love for the craft.

I had to break my first manuscript into two since it was too long for a debut novel. This is partly because of my tendency to get a good case of diarrhea of the keyboard whenever I sit down to write, and partly because I didn’t know about the debut-novel-max-length rule. I am currently editing the first of the two books and am largely happy with the result. I have fallen in love with my deeply flawed characters and there is just enough action to keep someone with ADD, such as myself, interested. 

Guess what? His hard work paid off because he got a contract on 122 Rules. More details of that coming soon...shhhhhhh! ;) 

Oh, I gotta post the picture he used for that interview...hubba hubba! ;) <swoon>

Ok, now for my song of the day!! I'm selecting this one because Deek is my very best friend. I want to do everything with him, share everything with him, and laugh with him for the rest of our days. We have the BEST time together. Before you get the wrong impression, life has not been all roses and daisies for us. We've faced some serious trials and tribulations, but we remain side-by-side, hand-in-hand. And no matter what, we always find a way to laugh together. There is a "rightness" about being with Deek that I can't quite put into words (the awesomeness of it amazes this author into speechlessness--wut?). ;) 

To my best friend, Deek Rhew...


  1. Oh, my Erin!! I can't believe you did all of this. Even after all this time you still surprise me. You are my best friend. I love that you chose this song it is exactly right. I want to do everything with you, share everything with you. We have had challenges thrown at us, but I can NOT imagine facing them with anyone else. Never. As the song says, "You stand by me, And you believe in me. Like nobody ever has. When my world goes crazy, You're right there to save me. You make me see how much I have." I love you, Erin.

  2. Hello gorgeous! Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and love you like cray-cray!