The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Guardian's Touch Release, Guest Post, and Giveaway by LA Dragoni

I'm stoked to have LA Dragoni on the blog again. She's a Pacific Northwesterner, and though I'm only adopted by the side of the country, I still hold a special place in my heart for it and the people there.

Pacific Ocean

Guest Post by LA Dragoni

And they lived happily ever after.

Fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella lead you to believe that once the evil queen is banished the rest of life is a breeze.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you go out to your car on Monday morning only to find the battery dead, the washing machine breaks the night before a big presentation, you stop at Walmart to pick up insulin for your diabetic dog and when you come back out to the car you have a flat tire…

You get my point. Hard to be happy during a week like that.

Perhaps you’ve read of those couples that die natural deaths within 24 hours of each other after 60 years of marriage. Or the couple that renews their wedding vows on their 50th wedding anniversary. Or maybe you follow Erin and Deek!

Happily ever after is real, but with unexpected medical bills, or late nights at the office, or a failed business that sucks your savings dry…is it possible? How do you last that fifty plus years when life keeps throwing challenges at you?

Try adding cruel ghosts to the agenda. Ghosts who want freedom from the void they’re bound to. And the only way they can gain that freedom is through the one you love. Could you, your partner, and your happily ever after withstand that?

But this is a celebration! A celebration of a book release. Yay! So let’s talk about happier things. In Guardian’s Touch, Tamara surprises Dex with a weekend getaway to show him how much he means to her. 

In your comment, share a getaway you’ve particularly loved – or one that’s on your bucket list. Then be sure to claim all the entries you qualify for in the rafflecopter for your chance to win swag. 


Life has returned to normal for Tamara and Dex after helping a horde of ghosts cross over. Their brush with the afterlife affirmed one thing: happily ever after is real.

When odd pranks around the farm escalate to destruction, Tamara fears mischievous teenagers are vandalizing the neighborhood. Then Dex starts to act out of character. Meanness slips into his usually playful disposition. One day he even ridicules a co-worker publicly. Tamara watches helplessly as he seems to lose the ability to control his own actions. When Dex’s abnormal anger turns violent—toward Tamara—their happily ever after is threatened. Desperate to help Dex and herself, she sends out a silent prayer for help.

She didn’t expect Cal to come to her aid.

Available now on Amazon in print and for Kindle.

Final week!


LA Dragoni isn’t too particular about who falls in love or where they fall in love. Whether it’s paranormal, mythical, or time travel, LA simply considers it her job to divine their story and share it with you. She lives in Central Oregon with her husband and children, but haunts ghost towns and cemeteries throughout the west, in search of the next adventure to sift through her storytelling brain. Learn more about LA and her work at


  1. Thanks for hosting Erin! Readers, visit my facebook to find pictures of the lovely giveaway items (and to claim your extra entry!) Good luck and enjoy Guardian's Touch!

  2. Erin, you and Deek set a great example of happily ever after. Thanks for hosting me this week.

    1. Awwww, thank you! We are truly living our happily ever after, and I'm so thankful for it!

      It was a blast to host you this week! Congrats on the new book and all the best going forward! ((HUGS))