The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Crazy Good Times in Rhewville!

Hello, friends! I've been a bit MIA lately, mostly for good reason! I was sick for 10 days, so that's the not-so-good part. But the good reasons are: The Rhew 2 Rhew Tour and Deek's book release!

So, here's the rundown: Deek's publisher set his release date for April 5, 2016, and my publisher decided to spotlight feature my trilogy for the month of April! Wut? Yep! So, Deek and I decided to make a thing of it and do a tour together. We love doing all things together, so this situation was perfect.

We love to be together!

Deek and I love Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. In fact, one of their songs is "our song," so we decided to pay homage to their Soul 2 Soul tour by doing a Rhew 2 Rhew tour. Our friend, Heather, set us up with her friend, Nancy, and Nancy made beautiful tour banners for us!

I love how she blended our two very different stories together with this graphic!

Of course, I love this one because it has our wedding photo on it. This picture is so "us." We're always goofing off and having fun with one another.

Deek and I have set up an amazing blog tour! SO many wonderful bloggers have open their blog homes to us. You can expect fun interviews, guest posts on a wide variety of topics, and Top 10s. We can't wait to share this epic event with you!

While we were preparing for everything, I got sick with a terrible cough. I didn't sleep for 8 days!! OMG, talk about exhausting. But Deek--being the loving, handy MacGuyver that he is--built an incline for me, and I finally slept. I'm on the the mend now, thankfully, but I had a rough go of it there for a while. Still, even as sick as I was, I worked on the blog tour. So, if some of the posts are a little loopy, you'll know why! Haha! 

I was too sick to celebrate our engagement day on the actual day, so we celebrated a few days later. Deek took me to a restaurant he's always wanted to take me to. The food was amazing, but the company was even more amazing. Later, we grabbed some coffee and headed to the local bike/walking trail where we walked hand-in-hand, drank our coffee, and talked. Such a lovely time!

This is the actual day we got engaged.

 Here we are celebrating a little late at the restaurant he wanted to show me.
Here we are on our lovely walk. Our picture software makes collages, so that's totally fun!!

Finally, April 5 rolled around. After years and years of working and waiting, Deek's book 122 Rules released!!! It's a monumental moment to because we began talking in the margins of that book. So, it's a full circle moment for us relationally too. Critique partners, friends, dating, and now married. Kinda crazy how time flies when you're having the time of your life!

I'm SO proud of Deek. He definitely embodies the word "tenacious." He put his nose to the grindstone and spend years working on this book. When the time came to receive edits, he did so with an open mind and learned many tools of the trade. And during his edits with Anya, his content editor, he learned even more. PS. Anya is a genius, so if you're looking for edits, go to her. In addition to working for publishers, she has a freelance business, so contact her if you're looking for a top-notch editor! Through it all, Deek worked hard and believed in his work. And today, it's published!!! I must tell you, friends, my husband is a BRILLIANT writer. His slew of 5 star reviews attest to the natural genius and storytelling ability he possesses. He's always willing to give credit to me and Anya, but you should know he's the real deal all by himself--a rare, raw talent.

The box-o-books we got in the mail! If you're impressed by the amazing cover (as we all are), props for that go to the supremely talented Anita at Race-point!

Happy Deek!

So cool!

Our book babies all in a row!

And, of course, we celebrated!!

I hung up Deek's reviews all over the house (with pictures of people he'd selected as cast members for his dream cast)

And he got coffee with balloons attached! CONGRATS, DEEK!

If you want to pick up your copy of 122 Rules (and I highly recommend you do!), you can get it here: 122 RULES by Deek Rhew!

In the meantime, I'd been working with Ellie Siplia at my publishing house to get the insides of my books revamped. She did an AMAZING job! I got the proofs of my books in the mail, and I may have petted them all "my precious" style. In addition to working for a publishing house, Ellie has a freelance business where she can make you incredible book layouts. Totally check her out! Ellie at Move To The Write! Also, if you're a writer of quirky books and are looking for a different kind of publisher, Ellie's started a house called Common Deer Press

They're so beautiful! I can hardly handle it!

Meanwhile, I got my purple re-purpled in preparation for our upcoming book signing. My stylist usually flat irons it, but this time, she decided to curl it. I'm all up for different! 

Deek and I can't help but sing "Purple Hair" to the tune of "Purple Rain" every time we talk about my purple hair! 

We hope you'll join us for the Rhew 2 Rhew tour starting on Monday (April 11)! Deek's up first, so I can guarantee humorous posts! I mean, he made this picture for his launch day, so you know his posts will be good...

See you around the internet! ((HUGS))

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