The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Fulfillment Cover

Folks, it's with a mixture of elation and sadness that I present The Fulfillment cover today. I'm elated because Anita created another outstanding cover, but I'm sad because I'm saying goodbye to Wil, Layla, and Nash. They've been constantly in my life for the past several years, so it's a bittersweet goodbye for me.

Oh, and for those who guessed Anita would use the Ethereal crest on the last book, you're right!! ;)

 Book 1-- The Prophecy

Book 2--The Outlanders

One month from today, their story will be available to all of you, and my time in their world will officially end. I've already gotten requests for a prequel or sequel, but I'm currently working on another, totally different project.

I am so blessed to have amazing friends and bloggers who are helping reveal the cover today. You can click on any of these links and feast your eyes upon Anita's brilliance once more.

My hubby: Deek's Rhewminations

Reads All The Books

Strands of Thought

Unorthodox Mama (this sweet lady read the entire ARC in one sitting last night!)

Leandra Wallace

Wendi Nunnery (BookFish people, represent!)

Kevin A Springer (More BFB representing)

Trisha Leaver

You can also add The Fulfillment to your TBR list on Goodreads and preorder the ebook (the print version will be available on 10/15/15) on Amazon!

Thank you for taking this ride with me, Deek, Layla, Wil, and Nash! Hugs all around!

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