The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Friday, September 11, 2015

PitMad, The Fulfillment Cover, and Updates

Deek and I have been busy working, writing, and having adventures! He finished his second round of edits with Pandamoon, and he's waiting on the next round. I've been working with the cover artist to create the cover for the final book in The Fulfillment Series, aptly called The Fulfillment. I just got the final version, and my publisher has signed off on it. I should be getting my print proof in the mail next week. It's getting real, folks! 

I'll be doing an official cover reveal next week, but here's a sneak peak for those that can't wait. ;) 

Yesterday was PitMad on Twitter, and I participated as a representative of BookFish Books. I really enjoyed reading all the pitches, and there are several in BookFish's inbox that thrill me! Can't wait to dive in and read them all.

I've been working on my fourth book, a totally different story in a totally different genre--an adult historical fiction piece. Since my publisher only publishes young adult, new adult, and middle grade, I may be participating in the next PitMad! It's so interesting to be able to see both sides of that coin.

So, what have Deek and I been up to since I last blogged? A lot! It's fair season here in the Pacific Northwest, and I do love a fair. I think it's the lights and the pulse, rivaled only by New York City. Fairs and NYC are so ALIVE, and my ADD gets all excited by it. 

Speaking of NYC, it's been 14 years since the terrorist attacks there, in DC, and in that field in Pennsylvania. Deek and I went to the 9/11 museum in New York, and I simply have no words.

Since I last blogged, Deek and I participated in a local street dance. We, of course, utilized the selfie booth, and we danced the night away. There was even a little rainstorm (common in the PNW), but that didn't slow down our groove one bit. I loved dancing with my love...such fun! 

Being rock stars at the selfie booth

Next, we attended the county fair and rodeo. It was my first time at rodeo, and I had a blast. When the rodeo clown came out in a blowup suit and danced to "Everybody Dance Now," I thought I would pee my pants from laughing so hard. I definitely got a good abs workout! 

At the rodeo

County Fair! We love blinky lights!!

The next weekend, we celebrated a very special birthday by going to a Weird Al concert. I told Deek if Weird Al sung "I'm Fat" in the suit, "Word Crimes," and "Amish Paradise," my night would be made. And guess what? He did!!

At the Weird Al concert

It's Weird Al!

"I'm Fat" in the suit!

We are happy with this show! 

Deek has lived in the same general area for all his life, and this area is famous for it's Dahlia Festival. But guess what?? Deek's never been! Since he has less than a year left here in the PNW, we're trying to fit in all the things he's never done but wanted to. So, we headed over to the Dahlia Festival. I had no idea one type of flower could be so diverse! 


This one was called "Shockwave," so I'm feeling the wave...

Of course Deek found one called "Rock Star."

"I Do," my Deek, now and #always

And then we went to the State Fair! Woot! I told you, I'm always down for some fair fun!

We're at the State Fair! WOOT!

Lovin' the atmosphere!

ADD and blinky lights...good combo!

There was a place there proclaiming to have genuine Southern pulled pork (their first mistake was calling it pulled pork. It's BBQ in the South), so I had to try it. Lo and behold, they used a vinegar base for the sauce!! I gave them the Southern stamp of approval. Good job!

The Sunday night before Labor Day rolled around, and Deek and I were so happy we had the next day off. Since it was a "cheat" day on our eating plan, we may have snuggled in bed, eaten McDonald's fries, and watched a movie. Maybe... ;) 

I am grateful for every moment I get to spend with my beloved husband! He makes my life bright and happy! 

Deek and Trinity selfie---just because I love it!

I talked to my publisher, and I *think* we will be revealing the cover for The Fulfillment on Tuesday, Sept 15 (one month from the book's release), so be sure to check back then for the FULL cover! :) 

Until then, live, laugh, and love! ((HUGS))

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  1. I am so proud of you releasing your third book, love. It will knock people's socks off. Thank you for traipsing around going on these wild adventures with me. I've never had so much fun! You even catered to my geekdom and sang along with Weird Al!

    As for the pulled pork, I know they *should* have called it BBQ, but it's a regional thang. The poor folks here would have expected something totally different, so they were kinda stuck. The good news is it was totally delish!