The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Updates, News, and Randomness

Hello, friends. In case you're wondering where I've been, I'm frantically getting ready for the release of The Fulfillment on October 15. I'm writing guest blog posts, Top 10 lists, and character blogs. AND I'm still trying to meet my self-imposed (with the help of Deek) writing deadlines for my latest historical fiction novel Restore to Me.

I have an amazing treat coming for you October 9-15. My friend and Dream Team member Danielle has written up a blog post explaining the meanings behind all the crests! WUT? Yes, people, the mystery will finally be reveal. Danielle is incredibly brilliant and a stellar researcher, so you're in for a total treat!!

The stunning Danielle

Now, on to some thrilling news on the Deek front. He finished his FINAL round of edits with his editors at Pandamoon Publishing! That means 122 Rules is one major step closer to being in your hands! YAY! I can't wait for you to read my husband's brilliance! He has a captivating set of a characters in a story told with both literary and commercial elements with a BIG dose of humor. I am so proud of this man!!

Deek submitting his final edits to his editor! 

Our celebratory meal! 

Even with our regular day jobs AND all these writing deadlines, we've still managed to go out and have a little fun! 

Here's a trip down  memory lane. We moved into our Victorian a year ago. Sadly, the owners decided to move back into it about 6 months later, but we loved our time there. 

Deek and I went to the circus!! Neither of us had been since childhood, and we had a total blast! I'm still wowed by the tricks those people could do!

I found my Halloween costume! Since Deek's book involves FBI agents, Witness Protection participants, and mobsters, we decided to be mobsters!! 

Deek and I attended to local Oktoberfest with his childhood friends. He's known one of the people since the 2nd grade. How amazing is that? Hooray for lifelong friendships!

My publisher sent me the print proof for The Fulfillment! My precious...

The Smithsonian offers museum day where you can gain admission to local museums for FREE! Deek and I elected to go to the Evergreen Air and Space Museum. It houses the Spruce Goose, and that may just be the biggest plane I've ever seen!

They *may* have had tanks there that you could play on...

We finally found Trinity a Halloween costume. She's always giving us the disapproving Eeyore look, so we got her an Eeyore costume. Isn't she completely adorable??

So, be sure to tune in next week to get all your crest questions answer by the lovely Danielle! If you're interested in preordering The Fulfillment, the ebook is available for preorder now (the print book will be available 10/15). Also, you can add it to your TBR list on Goodreads!

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