The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

YouTube, Readings, Family, and More...

I have a feeling this post will be filled with a little bit of randomness because that's what I'm good at. In my last post, I talked about Illogicon and some upcoming cons and author events we have scheduled, and I mentioned a YouTube video of Deek and me reading our first chapters. Well, it's live!! You can check it out on our Rhewination site here!

Illogicon 2017

Speaking of readings, Deek recorded a the first chapter of 122 Rules, and you can listen to that here! Let me just warn you...strap in! Prepare for a sexy voice AND a total thrill ride of a story!! PS. If you're interested in learning how to do this type of recording yourself, he'll be writing a how-to post soon, so keep an eye out for that!

So, you may (or may not--LOL) have noticed I've been a little MIA on the blog lately. I usually try to do one post a week, but something has happened that made me miss a few deadlines. On MLK Day, my dad went in to have a stint put into his heart. When they got in there, they saw a lot of blockage (up to 90%) in some arteries, so they elected to do a quadruple bypass right then and there.

That's my Dad, former Marine, and my lovely Mom!

I called Deek, and I'm not even sure what I said. I just know I was a blubbering mess of random words and tears. Now, here's where my husband shows me he's the best guy ever and loves me beyond beyond. Since we only have one car, which I had at the time, he asked a coworker to drive him home. About fifteen minutes after I called him, he walked through the door and wrapped me up in his arms. And then he made sure I got to the hospital to sit with my mom ASAP. He spent the day comforting me and my mom and making sure we had anything we might need or want while we waited. He did exactly what I needed without me even having to ask. I can't even begin to tell you how much that meant to me! And a big shoutout to his teammate Jen for racing him home to be with me! <3

I am SOOOOO thankful for this man. He is incredibly, mind-blowingly giving and loving.
I can't get over how lucky I am to be his wife!!

My father came through the surgery with flying colors, but he had a lot of trouble waking up afterward. We hung in limbo for three days waiting for him to wake. And thank goodness, he did. So, nearly every day since MLK Day, Deek and I have been at the hospital supporting my mom and encouraging my dad. He's moved out of cardiac ICU and into cardiac rehab, and he's doing exceptionally well. I am BEYOND relieved he pulled through and is on the path to recovery! 

When you're at the hospital daily, you have to find things to entertain you...

My brother drove down to visit my dad again on Sunday.
Jay and I had the best time talking and laughing with my parents and brother.
I can't tell you how grateful I am to still be able to talk and laugh with my dad!

Between PaPa (my grandpa) and my dad's illnesses, it's been quite a time since this summer. I think I have the layouts of two separate hospitals memorized. And I tell you, if I never see the inside of the hospital again, it will be too soon. 

Here's an interesting fact we learned though: weight training is super important. My dad lifted and boxed when he was a Marine, and because of that, his bones resemble that of someone twenty years younger. The doctors could not believe how "young" his bones were when they went in to cut the sternum for surgery, and the youthfulness of his bones wills aid dramatically in his healing. Deek has always been a big lifter, but he said he's going to redouble his efforts after that tidbit of info from the cardiologist. And don't think lifting is just for the boys. Get into that gym and lift heavy things, ladies! Research shows lifting is very beneficial for staving off osteoporosis! 

Girl power. Get lifting, ladies!

Well, hello there hawt man! <3

Until next time, wishing health and happiness for you and yours!!

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