The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

IllogiCon 2017

Before I begin, don't forget to head over to Deek's blog and enter for your chance to win a SIGNED copy of his book Birth!!

And now for our regularly schedule blog...

Deek and I knew we wanted to get more involved on the ComicCon scene when we moved back to the East Coast. Thankfully, our friend Chrissy Lessey hooked us up with our first one, Crystal Coast Con, back in October. From there, we met Josh Leone, and he told us about IllogiCon. We applied and were accepted to sell our books, speak on panels, and do a reading!! WOOT! Talk about the mother load of wonderfulness!!

Well, fast forward to a week before the Con. Our area is braced for a massive storm, which ended up mostly being ice. Now, I hate to be snowed in. I hate to be "stuck" at my house. Not that I have anywhere to go per se, but I'd like to have the option should I decide to. Well, I thought being stuck would be the worst thing to happen. But no...I contracted the Martian death flu. While the timing sucked, I thought I'd surely be better by the time the Con came around. And the illness lingered and lingered until we ended up missing the first day and my first panel. <sad face>

An aside: Just a little side note to say, Deek took the BEST care of me while I was sick. You know how people say "in sickness and in health" when you get married? Well, he meant it. Thank you, baby!! <3

Gus had no idea what to make of the "snice" (ice with a little snow on top)

Martian Death Flu

By Saturday, I'd healed enough to engage with the public, but I still had no energy and no appetite. As a participant in a Con, you have to be "on"--fun, engaging, and chatty. Somehow, I managed to find the energy, but I totally crashed at night once we got home.

Time to lie in bed with my Cindy Lou Who hair and recover

Despite the initial health setbacks, we had a TOTAL blast at the Con. We got to meet some amazing people, speak on panels, do a reading, and selling a bunch of books! Woot! Every time we go to a Con or author event, we're always fascinated by what people pick up. At Crystal Coast Con, Deek's 122 Rules ended up being the bestseller of all of our books. But this time, people went right to The Prophecy and Birth of an American Gigolo

Deek on his panel. They LOVED him--as all people who have good taste do! ;)

I had a total blast on my panels, but I particularly loved talking historical fiction! 

At our booth.
 I got my very own special card with my name on it and a list of all my panels on the back!

He's ready to talk books!
He got a special card too, but it's not pictured.

There were amazing costumes and cosplay!
Meet "Dr. Stranger Things"

Mon Mothma
She was not only on it cosplay wise but also a super lovely person!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Deek and I at our booth

We don't have any photos our reading because we read together, but we will have a YouTube video of it soon (thanks the awesome folks at IllogiCon)! 

If you've never been to a Con, I highly encourage you to go. The atmosphere is great, the people are great, and you'll have a ball! Deek and I got great leads on upcoming Cons, so you can expect to see us do several more of these throughout the year. Also, we'll be at the Roanoke Author Invasion in April, so check us out there if you're in the area!!

And can I just say...I'm the luckiest girl in the world to get to live my author dream with my best friend by my side. I'm so thankful Deek and I share the same passion and enjoy the same things. Having him with me at these Cons makes them a thousand times more fun. I get to see him interact with fans and other authors, and I get this swell of pride in my chest because I'm so darn proud of him and to be with him. He's everything I could have ever wanted and more!

I love you, Deek!!

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