The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rhews on Tour--Birth of an American Gigolo

Hello, friends! If you're part of the Rhewination, you got the newsletter telling you that Deek and I are going to be on tour several times in the upcoming months--for Birth, The Fulfillment Series, and 122 Rules. You can "Join the Rhewination" for inside information and special prizes. You can also follow along on our blog tours for other prizes and detail about us and our books that we hope you'll enjoy!

Join the Rhewination! 
Become a Rhewvian in the Rhewvolution. 

So, first up is Deek's book Birth of an American Gigolo! He's on tour for it from February 29-March 7. We've lined up kick butt bloggers (thank you to all who've participated) with the amazing, Jess Calla.

You can follow him to the different blog sites to read about the birth of Birth and enter the rafflecopter drawing for awesome prizes! But...since you're so sweet to be here reading my blog, I'll post the drawing here too!

We have a semi-official release date for Deek's 122 Rules, so we can't promote it just yet. BUT I can tell you 122 Rules has a cover! We're hoping to reveal it to our Rhewvian before the rest of the world, so yet another reason to join the Rhewination! ;) 

122 Rules, coming soon!

There are also ARCs if you're a blogger or thriller author and want to give it a read. Just contact us for more info! 

An aside: I am SO incredibly proud of Deek. He's been working his behind off getting ready for two blog tours at once while holding down a full time job. In the midst of it all, he always, always makes time just for me. He sets everything aside and comes into the "bubble" with me--where the whole world fades, and it's just the two of us. I love this man in a way that defies the constructs of this world, this universe even. He's the hardest work person I know, and he's got the biggest heart and brightest soul. I'm honored to even know him, and blessed beyond measure to be his wife! 

And in April, The Fulfillment Series will be BookFish Book's featured work, so I'll be on blog tour too. It's my birthday month, so we're planning to have a big hub-bub my tour. Stay tuned! 

Me and Deek at a book signing this summer

So, what else is new in Rhewville? Well, last Wednesday, I texted Deek and said I felt like going to Portland that weekend. He texted back and said, "Let's do it." I love how my man is up for all adventures. So, we went. And I didn't want to do anything special or expensive, just walk around the city we both love and will miss when we move. 

First, we went to the Sellwood celebration. The original Sellwood Bridge was constructed in 1925, and it was one of the first bridges for cars in the city. However, over time, it's gotten older and more unsafe, so they decided to build a new bridge. We walked along the new one and said goodbye to the old one. 

Sellwood selfie booth

Views from the new bridge

Random aside: The Sellwood Bridge opened ahead of schedule yesterday...but not without some hiccups. See how a truck mistook the pedestrian/bike sidewalk for the road here

Then, we took a walk in the John's Landing area. It's one of my most favorite areas in Portland. There are lush green walkways, chairs made from unusual materials, driftwood arts, and a walkway down to the river. Deek tried to show me how to skip rocks down by the river, and though I succeeded three times, there were many more flops than successes. But no matter...I got to spend time with the love of my life in our city. 

 Our smack down faces. LOL!

Sneaking a kiss. 
Dude, I love this man and my purple hair!!

Usually, our antics end up with us laughing like crazy! LOL! 

I hope you'll Join the Rhewination and follow along with our blog tour. Thanks for your constant support! It means more to us than we can ever express!

Until next time! Life, laugh, and learn...always! <3

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  1. All the Rhews down in Rhewville, the tall and the small...okay, our fearless leader, Trinna, isn't small. Maybe: All the Rhews down in Rhewville, even the cat who is fat.

    Look out, Dr. Seuss!

    My Erin, first: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You and Jess put this rockin' blog tour together. It was a ton of work and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

    Second, you are the most super sweet woman in the world. I am the lucky one. You make me unbelievably happy. Going on random adventures with you is the absolute best! And our "bubble" is my sanctum sanctorum. Thank YOU for always making time to spend with ME!

    I love you beyond beyond, my Erin!

    #Always your d