The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome To The Rhewination!

So, Deek and I have thrown around the idea of starting a street team or group of followers for a while now, and he's always joked that it should be called Rhewination. LOL! Well, in a recent interview I did with Meg Bonney, she asked me what fans of my books should be called, and after that interview, Deek and I started talking about Rhewination again. And after some input from the Dream Team, we decided to go for it!

We contacted the lovely Anita at Race-Point, and she agreed to make us a logo and banner. Since she's amazing AND amazingly fast, we've already got a mock-up in hand. WOOT! And we got the domain name: It's still under construction, but you can already head over there and sign up to be a part of Rhewination! Become a Rhewvian!

You know you want to. You're getting very sleepy...

So, what does it mean to Join The Rhewination? Well, you'll become a Rhewvian and part of our inner-circle. You'll have access to all the latest, greatest info, and you'll be eligible for special prizes, giveaways, and promotions. It's your all-access pass to all things Rhew!

Are you ready to get Rhewined?

While we were throwing around all these ideas, we got the opportunity to have a joint podcast interview with Jon Filitti! He's super fun and is helping us launch the Rhewination. Our first giveaway is open to the public. It's your chance to get to know us and to "Join the Rhewination!" 

Meet Jon of MindSoak!

First, get to know us by listening to the podcast. Jon asked all kinds of amazing questions like: How'd you meet? What's your writing schedule like? How do you handle failure? 

In case you missed the link: Podcast Link Here

And here. Just coverin' the bases. ;)
This is the pic Jon used for our podcast

Then, enter for your chance to win one of three amazing prizes: A signed copy of The Prophecy by Erin Rhew, a signed copy of Birth of an American Gigolo by Deek Rhew, and a sneak at the Rhewination logo AND a Rhewination T-shirt! 

Rafflecopter Giveaway

Join the Rhewination!

And if none of that convinces you...listen to our fearless leader,


  1. I wish to become a Rhewvian. Oh, and I nominate Trinity for President of the US!! She has more sense than all the candidates put together!!