The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Rhews live it up in The Emerald City!

Hello everyone! Remember how I talked about my hatred of flying in my post about our trip back to my homeland--the South? Well, Deek and I have been exploring alternative modes of travel, and we came up with the train as an option. We decided to give it a test run (or ride--haha) with a trip to Seattle! Loved the train and loved Seattle!! Success!! Here is a pictorial review of our trip.

Here we are at our departing train station. I'm completely relaxed, unlike when I board a plane!

On the train! Somehow we ended up in plush seats, even though we had coach tickets. Go us! ;) 

Deek finally got a chance to read some of the Stephen King novel I bought him for Christmas. LOL!

CenturyLink Field--For all you peeps rooting for the Seahawks in this year's SuperBowl! ;) 

Seattle's train station is so beautiful! I certainly didn't expect that! 

On the way to the hotel. Heehee!

The next morning, we set out to explore the city. You can rent bicycles! For the record, we do not have this sort of option where I'm from in the South. ;)

The Space Needle!! Yes, we totally went up to the top!

View from the top!

A business painted HUGE spiders on the roof. So, from the top of the Needle, it looked like giant spiders attacked the people below.

Weight lifting the Space Needle piggy banks! He always makes me laugh!

I'm practicing for a role as A Price Is Right chick. "You could win beautiful green and blue piggy banks, straight from the top of the Seattle Space Needle!"

Supposedly, this hat looks like the Space Needle, but I fail to see it...


We couldn't resist!

This beauty is the new EMP building--it's suppose to be a museum for rock 'n roll AND sci-fi. I didn't realize the two went together, but I'm a fan!

EMP building and Space Needle together!

Inside the EMP building, my former bass player loved all the rock 'n roll stuff!

 Guess what?? We found Romulan Ale!! (Excuse the hair--I flat-ironed it, yet the wind at the Space Needle and light rain outside just did it in--eep!)

Trekkies unite! I really hope this drink is blue, or the whole effect will be lost! 

Live Long...

And Prosper

I opted for the Science Officer badge, while Deek...

went for Engineering!

After the Space Needle and EMP building, we headed to Pike's Place Market. Along the way, Deek found his "brother" Zeek's pizza place. Hahaha! 

If you peek past the people and stuff, you can catch a glimpse of the original Starbucks!

I saw Pike's Place Fish Market on TV once, and now I've seen it in person!!


Making a fish face.

From Pike's Place, we hunted for the bubblegum wall. Man, that's a LOT of gum!

We made our way down for a nice stroll and snack stop along the waterfront. It was captivating! 

He makes my heart beat faster. Whoa, what a hawt man I married!

Two authors can't visit a city with an 11 story (YES, 11 STORY) library without stopping in! The library is that funky shaped building in the middle on the left side.

Totally cool architecture in the reading room of the library (on the 10th floor)!

Two authors, lovin' this spectacular library!

And we wrapped up a wonderful day with dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe!

After a totally fun time in Seattle, we boarded the train to go home and took this silly selfie. This time, we got regular coach seats but a super cool table that provided both a working surface and tons of leg room. I'm surprised by how many variations there are between the trains.

 OMG! Is this gorgeous or what?

 I highly recommend the train! DO IT! 

What an awesome trip! I got to try the train, which I loved. I got to see Seattle, which was totally fun! But best of all, I got to do all of it with my best friend and soul mate, Deek! Happy trails, y'all!!


  1. Erin I had such an amazing time with you. I've lived in the PNW for...well, a very long time, and had never been to the top of the Space Needle. #LocalGetsSchooled Thank you for indulging my wild side and going on this adventure with me! I love you!!

  2. I would follow you into the Mists of Avalon. ;) I had an awesome time with you, and I'm stoked I got to witness your first ride into the Space Needle! Thank you for going on this life adventure with me! I love you!! #Always