The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Monday, October 13, 2014

12 Random Facts--Army Mom Maura!!

I met Maura on Twitter, and she's just the sweetest! So, I'm super stoked to have her on the blog today for my 12 Random Facts game! I love this game because you find out things you didn't know about your friends. Maura and I are SO on the same page about #10 for sure!! And until my great-grandmother passed a few years ago, our family had the same as Maura's #8!!

12 Random Facts about Army Mom Maura

1. I collect Harry Potter books. I own editions in 5 languages (US English, UK English, German, French, & Spanish). I hope to add Italian, Greek, & Turkish so I'll have a copy from every country I've been to plus Spanish cause my mom tried to convince me to take Spanish in high school by buying me my favourite book (Prisoner of Azkaban). It didn't work. (; I took French!

2. My husband & I got married 72 hours before he deployed to Iraq & we spent our first six months of marriage half a world apart.

3. I have a multiple draft, completed manuscript that I've worked on for over seven years, but I'm terrified to send it to an agent.

4. I love to cook/bake. So does my hubby. One of my favourite things is when we cook together!

5. I spell things in British English thanks to my quirky mama. It used to drive a few of my high school teachers batty!

6. I speak bad French. I mean BAD French. Especially after several years of being out of practice. I do plan on teaching my kiddos some French once they get a bit older!

7. My kiddos are 21 months apart. A thought that used to frighten me, but now I wouldn't change it for the world! (Their names really aren't Punk and Ladybug, but those ARE their nicknames!)

8. I have five generations of females living on my mom's side and we all have a form of Elizabeth in our names! We range in age from my great-grandmother at 93 to my daughter at 1 1/2 years old. (:

9. I'm a HUGE Disney fan. Hubby teased me when I was pregnant with Punk that now that we had a kid, I would have a legitimate reason to watch Disney movies.

10. I'm a HUGE history nerd. Especially 15th-16th century England. I love all things Elizabethan/Tudor England.

11. I majored in International Relations at Middle Tennessee State University. I wanted to work in the State Department or at an embassy. Now, when I get the chance to finish my degree, I want to major in English, maybe even double major with History.

12. I love to travel and hope that I can travel with my children as much as I traveled with my parents as a child. I've been to Europe three times & to 3/4 of the States!

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