The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Greenville ComicCon 2019

So, apparently Deek and I do our main comiccon circuit during the summer and fall. LOL!

Remember how I said GalaxyCon was so crowded that it almost wasn't fun? And HereosCon wasn't what we'd hoped either? Well, we'd started to wonder if maybe we shouldn't be doing ComicCons anymore.

Enter GreenvilleCon.

This little beauty was *everything* we love about cons--personable and nerdy with good traffic but not enough that people were stepping on each other.

GreenvilleCon, you restored our faith in ComicCons! We love you!!

All set up!

Pre-ComicCon smooches!

We saw cool stuff like this headband that sits 
on your eyebrows but looks like glowing eyes!

We saw AWESOME nerdom shirts!

And of course, the cosplayers...
Deek's favorite!

Such a super cute dad and daughter.
We loved talking to them!

Hunger Games, anyone?

And this lovely lady reads aloud to her husband every night.
She was kind enough to read a few pages from The Prophecy for us!

We did not head into Greenville ComicCon with a great attitude because of the disappointments from earlier in the season, but I'm so very glad we went. We met some amazing people, sold and signed a bunch of books, and had the best time.

Thank you, Greenville ComicCon! We'll see you again! 

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