The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Our HeroesCon Experience

Deek and I love to go to ComicCons (this is how I punctuate this word because I have yet to find a consensus on it)! We dig the vibe, enjoy the cosplayers, and adore talking about our favorite nerdy stuff with likeminded individuals.

Little Pink Vadar from SueperCon (now GalaxyCon) 2017

So, imagine our disappointment when we got to Charlotte's HeroesCon and found very little of that. The energy at the event was super low. In fact, other vendors kept saying both the vibe and attendance were way off compared to other years. We also didn't see many cosplayers. There were some, don't get me wrong. But we're used to seeing lots of people decked out in the most awesome gear imaginable. And sadly, a lot of the attendees just didn't want to talk. They'd come with their stack of comics and list of names, and they just rushed from place to place.

HeroesCon was not what we'd hoped.

I'm SO thankful I had Deek there with me because no matter the circumstances, we always manage to have fun. We talked and laughed, met our booth neighbors, and greatly enjoyed exploring Charlotte when the con ended each night.

Goofing off after "work"

Funny story: One of my cousins has a booth every year at HeroesCon. His mom got my booth number for him and his booth number for me. We spent all of Friday looking for each other, to no avail. But that night, we ran into each other outside the 7-11. What are the odds of that? LOL!

We don't know how other years at HeroesCon played out--maybe they totally rocked--but we won't be repeating this event to find out. Deek and I concluded that, from here on out, we will only attend cons that have actors, a large cosplay group, or both. If it doesn't have those elements, it's probably not the crowd for us.

Little Pink Storm Trooper from a different ComicCon.

But despite the bummer nature of HeroesCon, we had a blast exploring the city of Charlotte. We found a coffee shop with the coolest atmosphere we've ever been in (and we've been in *a lot* of coffee shops across the county). We also ate at a restaurant called Valhalla because...Thor and Vikings. Y'all the food was so heavenly (see what I did there?) that we ended up eating there twice!

Eating at Valhalla

All in all, we turned a blah situation into a blast. I am so very thankful to have a husband who rolls with whatever and always keeps a positive attitude. Even if things around us suck, we can carve our our own little piece of paradise. Deek Rhew is a true gem, my friends! And I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

Here's our pictorial view of Charlotte and the con:

We were *required* to wear these non-removable bands the whole time. 
I *hated* it.
I don't wear bracelets or watches or anything because I don't like stuff on my wrists.
I was SO happy to cut that annoying thing off.

Skybridge like in Portland!

Gorgeous church!

Some people are riding in style!

The *coolest* coffee shop ever 
(and we've been to all sorts of coffee shops across the whole country)
But hands down, Coco and the Director has the best vibe!

View of the skyline

Our table setup rocked.
Just sayin'...

Sam and DEAN!

Sam and Dean's car!

The Mystery Machine!

Deek on the Millennium Falcon!

Sporting our Tenacious Books Publishing shirts!

View from the behind the table (Erin)

View from behind the table (Deek)

My favorite picture from the whole event!

We did find a few cosplayers!
I love it when whole families own it!

A wizardly bunch

Valhalla and Odin!

Finally back home and out to get more coffee--after a smooch, of course!

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