The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Transhuman Project Is Here!

Wow, after many years in the making, The Transhuman Project (called the Molly and Ryder book for forever) is available to the world. Wut?


My friends and family keep asking me if I'm excited about the release, but I think I'm honestly just in a state of shock. It felt like this day would never come, and now that it's here, I can hardly process it. 

So, here's the skinny:

Back Cover Blurb:

When a video of Molly Richards is taken out of context and goes viral, she’s thrust into the upper echelons of social media stardom and becomes an overnight success in a country where Life Channel ratings reign supreme. As Kadar’s fastest-rising celebrity, her life becomes a media circus, a show put on for the shallow national audience salivating for the next new thing.

But in a world where image is king, danger and death hide among the shadows. In the nearby country of Pacifica, the brutal Caezar turns his citizens into robotic weapons who infiltrate Kadar as sleeper transhumans. They walk among the populace, unaware they are pawns in the madman’s personal arsenal.

Only Molly, her friends, and an elite group of Kadarian fighters known as the Cyber Knights fully understand the transhuman threat, and only they can break the Caezar's terrorist grip on both Pacifica and Kadar. Battling Fire Bots and humanoid agents, they seek to put a stop to the Caezar's tyranny by unraveling the secrets buried between layers of deception.

And they have to do it all while smiling and waving for the cameras.

As Molly and her friends peer behind the glitz and glamour, they discover something more frightening and more sinister than anything they’ve encountered yet...the truth.

Thank Yous:

I'd like to thank: 

--Anita Carroll from Race-Point, who put together this amazing cover from my incoherent babble and sample photos.

--The Dream Team because they always step in to save the day when I need them!

--My new honorary Dream Team members--Jennica, Nicole, Becky, Parker, and Jess, who stepped in to read and re-read my book until we got the kinks worked out. And who weren't afraid to tell me, "This has gotta go."

--My publisher, Tenacious Books Publishing (which is now open to submissions, BTW), and the publishing team for taking on this project and helping it grow to fruition!

--My friends and family who supported and encouraged me to keep at this dream, and who promote me more than I do.

--My PaPa. Losing you has been one of the hardest things that's ever happened to me. I miss you every single day, and I still can't think about you without choking up. You always loved, encouraged, and supported me. You don't even like to read--and you surely aren't the YA reader type--but you proudly read my other books. The way you loved me and the rest of our big ole Southern family is something I'll cherish always. But now there is, and always will be, a PaPa shaped hole in my heart.

Ya know, Mac reminds me of you a little. He's always after a laugh, and he loves his family like crazy.

--Deek, my Deek. Where do I even start? I think you're even more excited about this book release than I am. LOL! You are my rock. My companion, my partner, my best friend, my true love. When you came into my life, you filled with sunshine what was once dark. The brilliance of your soul is blinding, and I am thankful to bathe in the light of it. I could not adore you more, and yet, every day, I do. I'll always love writing because it led me to you. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me on this long and sometimes painful ride through Molly's life. I had several false starts on the offense, but you always had faith I'd get it right. Without you, there would be no book. I love you beyond beyond! 

So, if you made it to the end of this blog post, thank you for reading. If you're so inclined to give Molly, Ryder, Jason, MacCoy, and Tasha a read, I'd be very grateful! 

Until next time...

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