The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Monday, August 27, 2018

Rhew The Nation -- The Pacific Northwest -- Part 2

So, quick recap, Deek and I traveled clear across the country, nearly from sea to shining sea. We stopped for a week in the gorgeous PNW to visit with family and friends. Deek's thoughtful parents decided to take us to several touristy places we missed while we lived in the PNW.

We made it to Mt. St. Helen when we lived there,
 but Deek had never gone until he took me!

It's funny. When you live somewhere, you think you have all this time to do and see all your local stuff. But then you move, and you realize there's *so* much you didn't do. It's interesting for me to return back to my home in the South and realize there's tons of things I haven't done here. Deek and I are slowly working down that list so we don't get to the vagabond stage of our lives and realize we missed a bunch of stuff right in this general area. ;)

And we've been to DC, which is a short train ride up the East Coast.
We want to take Deek's parents here though 
because they've never been (and his dad is retired military!)

So, even though Deek's parents were on a quest to take us to visit the new and unseen, we did spend a day in touring our old haunts in Portland. You can't go to the PNW without visiting Portland. <3

First, they took us the Pittock Mansion, which I had never been to.

Um, wow.
Although, I do prefer our small townhome...just sayin'. 

Dude! This view!! <3

The regular folk have ceilings... ;) 

The view from the kitchen! Whoa!

Then, we drove down the mountain into the heart of the city.

A must-see in Portland, always.
Especially for two authors!

No trip is complete without Voodoo Donuts!

Coffin of donuts, anyone?

And we took in the sights at Pioneer Place.
This shirt is everything.


I loved it when Deek did it, but I SO loved when his mom did!
Such fun! <3

Sellwood Bridge
Deek and I went to the grand opening of the new one several years ago.

And, as with most new bridge openings, someone drove into the bike lane...

Me and Deek watching the Willamette. 
That's Will-am-it, not Willa-met-tee, for those who "ain't from around here."

The next day, his parents took us to the Japanese Gardens, a place I've never been to and where Deek hasn't been since the remodel. Parking is a nightmare up there, and some jerk weasel tried to park in a non-space behind us. In his haste, he bumped into our car. I leapt out and gave him the what-for because my *family* was in there!! He stupidly said, "Did I hit your car?" DUH! If you can't tell that, you shouldn't be operating a vehicle. Anyhoo, no damage to our car, but he got back in his and stayed there until we'd walked far, far away. Don't mess with Southern girls and their people. We are very family-centric and fiercely protective of our own! ;) 

And, did I mention he parked in a pedestrian crosswalk (a HUGE no-no in pedestrian loving Portland) and got towed off? Yeah and yeah. Boom-shaka-laka. 

After a stressful start, we throughly needed and 
enjoyed the zen-like nature of the Japanese Gardens.
With more gorgeous views!

Up next, join Deek, his parents, and me as we take a ride down the Columbia on a riverboat brunch cruise!

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