The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Thursday, April 12, 2018

It's a Sci-Fi Life For Us

Greetings, Earthlings. Yeah, I think I've had my head in sci-fi for way too long. LOL! I've got my sci-fi, The Transhuman Project, out in on submission to agents, and I just finished edits on Deek's sci-fi, The Extractor. Y'all, my man is brilliant. This book is so interesting and complex that it left me thinking and pondering for days and days. Heck, I'm STILL thinking about it.

The Extractor, virtual reality gone amuck...

My next editing project, with a brand new client, is fantasy, so I'll be taking a little break from sci-fi, but I love both genres SO much!

We are so nerdy, and we love it!

In other news and randomness:

Y'all, it's April. And this girl is Southern. So this still cold, still snowing business in April "ain't going to work for me," as my Mema would say. No, sir. No way. No how. Bring me 80 degree weather and the sun so bright and intense you feel like it'll eat your skin off. That's what I'm talking about. Not this crazy, cold mess. Boo, winter. You've WAY overstayed your welcome (and for me, you're not even welcome, really). 

Gus is all of us on a cold spring morning.

The winter/spring hybrid

But sometimes Snapchat makes you look like a 40s starlet, so you forget about this weird winter/spring hybrid for a minute. ;) 

And sometimes you find a "Peach Pit" shirt at the thrift store, in the $1 section, and you wonder how anyone can give up such a treasure. Their loss is my gain...after I washed it, of course! ;) 

Despite the cool weather, Deek and I still love to go for a long stroll, and sometimes we allow coffee to come along for the ride.

I adore this man more than words can express!

<3 <3

This past weekend, we had an afternoon date, and Deek surprised me by taking me somewhere completely new and exotic. I love how he's so adventurous and willing to try new things!


Wow, fruit can be gorgeous and slightly terrifying.

Look how huge this jackfruit is!

And Deek's contribution to the picture. ROFL!

And we celebrated our engagement-iversary. 
Deek and I love to celebrate every moment we can! <3
Here's our first kiss as an engaged couple! 

Until next time, explore, adventure, and have a blast doing it!

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