The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Illogicon 2018

So y'all know we love Illogicon, right? Well, we were back there again this year for another round of awesomeness! And this year, I didn't have a stomach virus right before (hallelujah!!), so I could enjoy it that much more! :)

Here's a pictorial review of the wonderment!

Set up and ready to rumble!

This is our candy box for our trivia game, but the sentiment holds true! <3

Husband and wife Boba Fetts! 
We can so get behind spouses who love the same things!

Nick Fury in da house!
AND he knows my future cousin-in-law, so WOOT!
We love the cosplayers!

Aaron bought all five of our books!
THANK YOU, Aaron! You rock!

And now his watch begins...
Games of Thrones up in here!

An adorbs lady let me try on her Luna Lovegood sunglasses!

Sam and Dean! Sam and Dean! Sam and Dean! And Castiel! SQUEE!!!!
Ignore my was *freezing* in the vendor hall!

My man looks good wielding a sword!

Post-con dinner cray!

Getting kissed on by this sexy man!
And trying orange bangs...

Our groovy booth neighbors--The Burkheads--doing a Birth selfie!
They're another husband and wife writing pair!
Their book, The Black Lily, is in the foreground!

Alice in Wonderland!

BB8 is checking out The Coven by our friend Chrissy Lessey!

Tots love all the Star Wars wonderfulness!

Caffeine bump for Day 3

This amazing lady bid on Birth (and won!) for an auction to help children of domestic violence.
We are strong supporters of this cause, so we appreciated her bid so much!

This lovely bought Birth and plans to recommend it to her bookclub! 
They want Deek to Skype with them during their meeting to discuss the book!

We love the spirit and atmosphere at Illogicon! If you haven't gotten a chance to check it out, definitely come next year! We hope to see you there!

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