The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Monday, September 4, 2017

Uncommon Writing Tips

A while back, I wrote about the common writing mistakes we see at BookFish Books and Tenacious Books Publishing. Today, I'm going to offer some uncommon writing tips that apply to your craft and regular life in general. 

I've heard many times how important it is for authors to have experiences in life to make their writing richer. That's not to say that people without experience or certain experiences can't write quality novels, not at all. But I think the point is to get out there and live life. Find things that interest you and do them. Don't stay locked behind your computer. Go out, observe people, and experience the world. Your writing might thank you. ;) 
Shakespeare was one of the best people watchers around. 
He observed and understood human nature on a deep level.

Before you get all discouraged because you don't have a lot of money or a lot of places to go, you can explore right where you are, often times for free. There are many resources for finding out about local events--friends, FaceBook, local advertisements.

Recently, Deek and I had the rare opportunity for a middle-of-the-week date. I picked him up at lunch time (one car life), and we tried a new place. Then, I picked him up a little early from work that evening, and we went to a free, local concert.

A little lunch date smooching

Kissing continued at the free concert. Do you see a theme? LOL!

There was a huge crowd at the concert, so there were plenty of people to observe. The interplay between young lovers. The behavior of a group a friends. The uninhibited dancing their hearts out. Those who scowled despite the laughter and joy going on around them. Each person becomes a potential character, or traits of characters, for future books.

This past weekend, we went to an art museum and walked their art trails (a free activity). We had a total blast, got some artistic inspiration, observed a lot of people, and got a little exercise to go with it. Winning all around!

Talking heads. 
It's a no-no in the writing world but a yes-yes in the art world!

I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Very cool perspective!

Pause for a little reflective time.

Find your inner peace.

I adore this man SO much!!

Where fairground gates go to die...

It's a flesh wound...

I love weeping willows. They're so romantic!
Just being near this tree stirred up some creative ideas!

Remember, in writing and in life, coffee is a must! 

A writer's elixir.
This special bean helps turn sleepy gibberish into magical words.

The Deek and Erin summer special

Word. An oldie but goodie!

Don't forget a special treat for your pals as well.
Here's Gus enjoying a puppyaccino!

Remember to exercise! It's just as important to keep the body as fit as the mind! Deek and I lift, run, hike, box, and walk a lot. Walking is a great way to work in fitness and creative musing. We often hash out a lot of our plots this way.

An evening walk with my love


Ropes are a tough one!

Excuse my cheesy grin--I'd just completed a half marathon in the pouring rain!

Even better, coffee AND fitness combined! ;) 

Find people who share your creative passions and will exchange ideas with you. Friends are a must--they encourage and support. Other authors provide crucial insight into the industry. Beta readers and critique partners help sharpen and shape your work. 

My Dream Team (plus two amazing bloggers)

Hanging out with some author pals

And some of my critique partners over the years....

Deek Rhew! Yep, my husband!
He started out as my critique partner, and we fell in love!!

Have pets. I'm not kidding. If you have the financial ability and the heart capacity, they're wonderful little writing assistants! 

Bring me Solo...
Our snuggly, gorgeous Trinity!

He trips me out. 
He looks like a meerkat here, but he knows I caught him doing something he shouldn't.
Gus could not be a better dog!! 
He's quiet, loving, cuddly, and he has the best possible personality.

Wondering how Mommy got puppy ears too. Thanks for the laugh, Snapchat!

Remember to have fun. Life is short, and writing is hard. So, take a break, laugh, and enjoy time with those you love. I lost my beloved PaPa unexpectedly in July, so I'm acutely aware of just how finite our time here really is.

Until next time...create wonderful things, love hard, and...


  1. I LOVE this post, Erin! You have enriched my life in ways I couldn't even begin to explain. Thank you for the awesome adventures, the grand times, the great companionship, and the wonderful romance. I adore you beyond beyond!

    Peeps, life is a grand adventure. Go out, find amusement where others see annoyance. Find introspection where others see boredom. Find inspiration where others see blah. Observe the good, the bad, the wonderful, the terrible, the interesting, the amusing. It's all out there and you can weave every bit of it into your writing and your daily conversations. You'll never be bored. I promise!

    I love you, my Erin!

  2. All sorts of great tips! And you two are decidedly too sweet ;)