The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Place, New Adventures!

So, I think I mentioned how Deek and I had been spending a lot of time chillaxing after our move across the country. When you travel across the nation at break-neck speed, live in a hotel for a month, interview like crazy, and search for a place to live, you get a bit worn out. And that's the state we've been in for about two months. But we're finally starting to get that familiar "let's adventure" itch. Naturally, it started with ziplining!

Did you say ziplining? Why, yes, I did. When we decided to get back into the adventuring saddle, we didn't start off small. LOL! In fact, we chose to go ziplining over a waterfall!

Here's a pictorial view of our amazing weekend!

Friday, I picked Deek up from work for a dinner date.

And we immediately started laughing. We LOVE our time together and cherish each precious second.

The next day, we lounged in bed talking, laughing, and writing until it was time to go ziplining. Rules: Close-toes shoes, comfy clothes, all long hair pulled back

 I don't know why we decided to do this pose, but it's adorbs. LOL! 

Deek is ready to rumble.

Half excited, half scared.

On the practice line

Me on the practice line with a photobomber...

We're ready to go. Geared up, we know how to zip, and now it's time to do this thing!

Deek was brave enough to let go.

I wasn't. LOL! 
But I did make sure to hold a tight plank while going through the air to get an additional ab workout. That counts, right? Haha!

And we climbed bridges. This ziplining wasn't just fun in the trees; it required a quite a bit of strength and cardio too!

Case in point--look at how steep that bridge is!

High up in the sky and about to climb higher!

Our guides were awesome! They took good care of us, made sure we were safe at all times, told us interesting stories, and made us laugh!

The waterfall. It was so gorgeous! First, we walked on a suspended bridge to get a good view, and then we ziplined back across that baby!

Stopping for a moment to enjoy the view!

And to sneak a kiss!

We had a total blast with our awesome guides and with each other!

A little celebration and mediation on the way back to our car. LOL!

And now that we're back in my home state, we have opportunities to meet up with old and new friends as well as participate in more author events. Recently, we traveled a little farther east and attended a Q&A session and book signing with our buddy, Chrissy Lessey! Deek will be writing a blog on that, so stay tuned for more Deek and Erin Adventures!

I am beyond thankful to have a partner who chooses to be involved in all aspects of my life. We chill out, adventure, write, attend writing events, and just "do" life...together. Together. That's the key word. I've lived a life of loneliness before, where I did all things by myself, and I'm just tickled pink to have a partner to do them with now. And more over, I'm blessed that partner is Deek. :)

Be sure to check out Deek's upcoming post about Chrissy and our book adventures!

Until next time, live out loud!

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