The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The New Normal

Wow. So, we moved across the country, found a place, found a job, and now we're settling into life. It's kind of amazing how you get into a routine, but when you move, it's all upended. Now, Deek and I have to establish the "new normal."

Queen Trinity was ready for everything to be put away. ;)

Dinner of champions
Otherwise known as "moving in survial 101"

Examples of our "new normal," Deek used to work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but now he's in the office all week. I miss him terribly when he's away. But we've worked out a plan where I meet him for lunch every Tuesday and Thursday. It's not the same as having him here all day, but at least I get to see his handsome face in the middle of the day. :)

Here we are taking a walk during lunch. Deek works near a gorgeous lake, so we take a nice stroll around it sometimes.

Also, necessity requires that I wake up much earlier than I used to. It's a blessing and curse. It's a blessing because I'm like a super productive little tornado but a curse because I'm sleepy as I don't know what all the time. In fact, last night, Deek and I planned a nap date for today. LOL!

Sleepy all the time...

But I've FINALLY found time to read for pleasure instead of work (notice the coffee cup because...sleepy).

Since we traveled across the country and lived in a hotel for weeks, we haven't been as keen on doing adventures. We're enjoying the comforts of having our own place (in a complex that has a saltwater pool, state-of-the-art gym, 24/7 FREE Starbucks, and more--who would even WANT to leave??). But we have managed to visit a few local goodies.

We went to see Star Trek Beyond with my soul sister and her hubby. They even sprung for us to go to a recliners-and-food movie theater. It was my first time in a joint like that, and wowsa! 

Free posters!

Ginormous "Tower of Fries." Oh, so good!

Deek and I had a mini-date at the local stores.


Doesn't this hat look like the lady in 101 Dalmatians?

World Market's version of the Iron Throne!

We attended the local Harry Potter event when the Cursed Child released. 
These are our "nice wizard" pictures. We have some "crazy wizard" ones too, but we look a bit deranged in them. LOL!

And, of course, we worked on decorating our room some more. My soul sister took the photos above our headboard, and she and Deek conspired to frame them and create an amazing Christmas gift for me. But we needed a little something below them to fill the space. When we saw the Mr. and Mrs. stickers, we knew we'd found just the thing!

In other news, we live next to a used bookstore. I *may* be in trouble...

And Deek's work bought him a pair of headphones for the office. I think he likes them. LOL!

I adore this man!

Now that we're starting to settle in, we're thinking of adventures we can go on, but for now, we're enjoying the calm of home and our new normal.

In our years together, Deek and I have been through a lot of wild rides--some good, some bad, some just plain crazy--and we've not only survived but grown stronger and flourished. I am beyond fortunate to take this life journey with a man as wonderful as Deek. There aren't adequate words (and I'm an author!!) to describe just how great his is and how incredibly much I love him!

I wish this kind of mind-blowing love and happiness for all of you! 

Until next time, catch some extra zzzzzz's for me. ;)

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