The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A #Free Book #Giveaway!

Okay, friends...Deek's book 122 Rules is FREE on Kindle for today only! So, to sweeten the deal just a bit, we'll do a giveaway. If you download a free copy of Deek's 122 Rules and send us the proof of "purchase," I'll gift you a copy of the first book in my series, The Prophecy. Two free books! WUT? Email us here to claim your prize!

Download this book for free:

122 Rules download for FREE link

And get this one free too:

Today (5/3/16) ONLY!

Stay tuned later this week, I'll be blogging about our couples' vacation at the beach! Neither one of us had ever gone on vacation with friends before, and we had a TOTAL blast! 


  1. Oh, Erin! Words can NOT express how much I appreciate you!!! Thank you, love!

  2. Hi Erin (& Deek),

    I don't know if your offer from 5/3/16 is still open - the free copy of Prophecy with proof of purchase of Deek's book 122 Rules, but I thought I would ask.

    I just came across Deek's books today. It was listed in a post "e-book daily" sent out this morning. I came across your books via Deek's author info on Amazon and then followed the crumbs. . . . .

    If your offer is still good, I would love to read the first book in your series. I would be more than happy to give an honest review of both books.

    Also, thanks for giving a good word for your body artist. I was really happy to find out about a great tattoo artist who is so close(she is within 40 miles)! My son has a couple of tattoos needing touch ups and I am thinking about something small and special! Thanks for the heads up.

    Below is the screen print showing the purchase of Deek's book. We (my son and I) are looking forward to reading and reviewing it in the next few weeks (even if you say "no" on the offer).


    6395 orders placed in
    past 6 months
    Order placed
    May 12, 2016
    Brett Wilson/Janyne Wilson
    Order # D01-5322762-7583538

    Order Details Invoice

    122 Rules (122 Rules Series)
    Deek Rhew
    Kindle Edition

    Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

    1. Jan,

      Send me an email at erin (at) erinrhewbooks (dot) com, and we'll talk! Thanks!