The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Outlander Crest and a Secret Reveal!

Today is Danielle's last day on the blog, and she's talking about the Outlanders. BUT in addition to that, she reveals big, never-discussed-before information about the First Ones and THEIR origins in my creative process. 

Think about what you know about  Zed, Poden, and Haddey for a bit, and see if you can guess the secret before she reveals it!!

Outlander Crest

Last but not least...... the Outlanders! Any Outlander fans out there???? Anyone? Anyone?? Yeah, thought not!

Honestly, this one was the toughest of all for me to create. I had found the perfect symbol I so desperately wanted to use but no matter how hard I tried to work it, it never came together. So, with much dismay, I went back to the drawing board and started over. Just to share, I really wanted to use a caltrop, meaning one who demonstrates ingenuity and resourcefulness when faced with a stronger foe. I mean, come on, is there a better way to describe that crazy Queen Cataleen??? I even found an unbelievably awesome bracelet made from caltrops that I shared with Erin. We both decided that it would be something that Queen Cataleen would wear and adore it! Maybe if they make a movie?

What do we know about those elusive Outlanders anyway? Not a whole lot....yet! Yes, you will find out loads more on these mysterious people in Book 3 TheFulfillment out on October 15th. But, what do we already know.... I believe Erin has revealed that they are the descendants of Haddey, daughter of the First Ones. We also know they have managed to stay out of a lengthy war, their power (if they have one) is still unknown. Their queen is a nasty piece of work, and she is holding one of our favorite guys prisoner! We are all on the edge of our seats for poor Nash! Please Erin, rescue him already!!!!!

Not knowing much about our secretive Outlanders also made the crest more challenging. I am telling you, this one was tough! The end result was a crest containing 3 main parts which are the elemental symbol for fire, three entangled crescent moons, and an eye. 

The symbol for fire was used because...! Sorry, had to do it. This will be revealed at the end of this post. The rest I can tell you now! The three entangled crescents are a symbol for goddess, which makes sense because they are Haddey's descendants, and they always have a reigning queen. The symbol is typically arranged with one crescent on the top and two on the sides, but I tweaked it a bit for effect. I know it may look a lot like a hazard chemical leak symbol, but it's not.

    Symbol for goddess

Hazard Symbol

The eye was added because it seems like Queen Cataleen has a strange way of knowing what is going on, like she has an eye on everyone. She also can share visions of what is happening, as we saw with poor Nash during the infamous “tent scene.” Also, when I added the eye to the crest, it just really creeped me out which is fitting because honestly, the queen creeps me out.

The color orange was used for the Outlander crest. I once read that orange can symbolize worthwhile ambition. Orange is often considered a happy color, which may be what the Outlanders want you to think. They are happy and content to be uninvolved with the other kingdoms and out of the war. While researching I also found that too much orange causes self-centered and self-serving qualities, including pride, arrogance, and lack of care for others. Now that sounds a little more like our Outlanders.


Now, on to why I used the elemental symbols that I used for the Ethereals, Vanguards, and the Outlanders. I was given permission to reveal this tidbit as it had a big impact on the crests. As you may remember Ethereals are air, Vanguards are water, and Outlanders are fire. Have you had any guesses yet?

We need to start with a brief history. In “The Outlanders,” Volton Holt tells the story of the First Ones to Layla and Wil while Wil is recovering in Volton (after Holt catches Layla snooping in his office). The Volton shares that the First Ones (Crus and Ree) had three children- Zed, Poden and Haddey. Crus and Ree were both born in a time where no one had special powers, until them. The villagers were fearful and sent them away. They grew up in the Borderlands and had children, each with their own special power. Their children were close, and the boys looked after their little sister. But they eventually became jealous of each other's powers. Mama Ree had a vision that her two eldest (Zed and Poden) would die at the hands of Haddey, so she sent them away to different places- Zed to Etherea, Poden to Vanguard, and Haddey to the Outlands. As it usually turns out, the predicted future happens, even when you try to change it. The kingdoms began a war, and Haddey did as expected: she killed her brothers. Once that was complete, the Outlanders backed out of the war, but it raged on between Vanguard and Etherea.

When we put the names together along with the elements, do they sound familiar? Like maybe Greek mythology? The element of air was chosen because of the Ethereal ancestor Zed- which may sound a lot like the Greek god Zeus. This is also why we incorporated the lightning bolt into their crest. The Vanguards have been given the water symbol because of their First Ones ancestor Poden, whose name may remind you of one of the Big 3 Greek gods- Poseidon. And of course fire was chosen for the Outlander ancestor Haddey, which will remind you of Hades. Even the First Ones themselves- Crus and Ree are none other than the Titan parents of these gods- Cronus and Rhea.

Those of you who have read Erin's blogs know of her love of all things Percy Jackson, so this correlation should not be a surprise. She has even created a character in the series as her homage to Percy—Layla's brother Samson. You already know my thoughts on my favorite character Samson (see the first post!)

This ends my crest mania! I hope you enjoyed learning more about the crests and their origins. Thank you for letting me reminisce about creating the crests and the fun Erin and I had surrounding them. Remember, The Fulfillment release date is October 15th. The installment beautifully wraps up this crafted tale that Erin has carefully woven for all of us. You learn the fate of your favorite characters and their kingdoms, unravel all of the mysteries, unearth some wild surprises, discover if peace is truly possible, and perhaps witness the beginning of ….something. You won't want to miss it!

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