The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Editing Cave and PNW Adventures

I have emerged from the editing cave victorious! <happy dance> Our line editor, Ellie, is spending the summer at a Canadian publishing house, so I have taken over the line and copy editing in her absence. Are you ready to come back yet, Ellie? ;)

Because of that, I had two deadlines that bumped right up against one another. I worked on line and copy edits for Travelers by Meradeth Houston (due out August 4), and I had content edits sent me to by my content editor, Jen, for my own book The Fulfillment (due out in October). And, as if our house weren't crazy enough with that, Deek had HIS content edits due for 122 Rules. So, our literary assistant, Trinity the cat, had her little paws full wrangling all those edits.

Even though we were pressed for deadlines and generally in a state of spaz, Deek and I managed to get away for some fun adventures. We went to a pool party, balloon festival, 4th of July celebration, blackberry picking, street festival, and most recently, a family reunion.

Here we are headed to the pool party with some friends. Way fun!

We're at the balloon festival following the pool party--long but fun day!

Such a cool thing to see these all lit up like that! Wowsa! 

4th of July. They had a selfie booth--genius!

Deek after he finished his content edits! WOOT! WOOT! So proud of you, my love!

Street festival! Party on!

Trying on hats at the street festival. Have I mentioned I have a "thing" for hats lately?

After the street festival, we visited the Beverley Cleary monument. Here is Ramona!! She was one of my most favorite literary characters growing up. Ramona Forever, y'all.

Very hawt man picking blackberries! Those little suckers are hard to pick. No wonder they're so expensive at the grocery story! It's treacherous to get 'em!

I told Deek I thought we needed a little more cardio in our weight lifting sessions. He took me seriously... holy cow!

Family reunion at the beach. The PNW has some of the most gorgeous sunsets. BUT I don't think I'll ever get used to packing a coat to go the July. Wut the wut?

Hawt man, cold beach.

We don't have driftwood on the beaches in the South, so I'm fascinated by that and the structures people build with them.

Exploring the town---dinner with the whole family!

Beautiful gazebo overlooking the bay.

Back to the beach--freezing our buns off!

We took a moment to write in the sand. Awwww! 

I do love me some Deek!

Here are some breathtaking shots when we traveled along the coastline to see a lighthouse! Deek's mom loves lighthouses, so it was a "must see."

OMG! Just breathtaking!

She must not like what she sees on the computer. Such a task master...

Ninja kitty protecting her Daddy while he works!

So, even though we've been swamped with edits, we've managed to get away for a few fun adventures. We had a total blast with Deek's family, many of whom came from quite a distance away to visit. I've never been camping (indoor girl), so I got to experience the chill-zen thing that goes on when people get away from the world, sit around a campfire, and hang out with family. Good times, great memories.

And best of all, I did everything with my bestest friend--Deek. I want him by my side for any adventures I take because he makes everything a thousand times more fun! 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to crawl in my bed and chillax since my work is complete. My eyes are tired from all the reading, so I think I'll catch an episode or two of The 100. ;) 

Until next time...

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  1. To you, my best friend, I say thank you! Thank you for loving me and going on all these wild adventures. YOU are the one that makes everything a thousand times more fun. Take my hand, my love. Let's go exploring!