The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Birthday Continues and 2nd Wedding Updates

Today's blog is brought to you by my ADD:

Southern Wedding: So, I found my wedding dress for our Southern wedding! <happy dance> I'd hoped to use the same dress from our PNW wedding, but the sash on it picked several parts of the dress. I had the bridal place look at it, but they couldn't fix it. At first, I was really bummed. BUT then I found this other dress, and now I'm stoked. I like it as much, if not a little better, than the last one! Woot!! PS. I am BEYOND thrilled to be marrying the love of my life AGAIN! He's the most amazing man, y'all. I can't even tell you how much I love and adore him!!

It's so fun to get married, we're doing it twice!! That's not my veil, by the way. LOL! 

Birthday Par-tay Continues: Deek took me to the beach to celebrate my birthday and then pampered me with movies and my favorite food on my actual birthday. And the celebration just kept going, continuing into the next weekend. His parents threw me a big birthday bash! SO SWEET!! They served amazing food and even include biscuits for their Southern daughter-in-law. Biscuits, people. I do love a biscuit. Then, they presented me with a beautiful gift they had specially commissioned just for me. Is that super sweet and thoughtful or what? I am so blessed to have married into an amazing family! I have my own huge Southern family, and now I am fortunate enough to have a loving PNW family too! Who could ask for anything more? #LuckyGirl

Deek and I decided to take some "you're a year older" pictures, which of course devolved into silliness.

Starbucks now serves coffee with coconut milk (for those of us who can't do dairy OR soy), so here I am enjoying a caramel macchiato,

You're HOW old now??

Smooches from my favorite guy!

I am a year a boss.

My mom and grandmother sent me some birthday money to pamper myself. So, I got another caramel macchiato (do we see a theme here) and had a pedicure. Sooooooo relaxing! They rubbed hot rocks over my legs, and it felt amazing!!

And then, my soul sister, Dawn, sent me an amazing birthday packet in the mail. She knows me well!!

Work: I've been line editing The Boatman by Kat Hawthorne for BookFish Books. I can't do my work without proper supervision from our little fluff ball, Trinity.

Here, she's being quite the task master. 

Trin is going over my work with a fine-toothed comb. 

Random: While Deek and I were at the pet store getting food for Trinity, we saw this adorable little cross-eyed cat. I kinda want him.

Is he adorbs or what?

And just because...Percy...yesterday was a Camp Half-Blood kinda day...

Camp Half-Blood Foreva! 

Until next time, my friends!!

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  1. Oh, my Erin! I am SO excited to get to marry you...again! You are my best friend and the most amazeballs person EVER!!! I love you beyond beyond!!