The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beach Bums--In February??

Apparently, the South is all snowed in, but we are having lovely weather her in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, it's so nice that Deek and I headed out to the beach this past weekend.

So, I've mentioned before that I'm a budgeting kinda girl. If you haven't looked into Dave Ramsey, you really should. Great information there! Well, Deek and I sold several items over the last few weeks. We put some money toward bills and some in savings, but we still had a bit leftover. We were sitting in bed last Wednesday, and Deek said, "Let's use that money for a trip to the beach." Since we had the cash in hand (no trips using credit cards--no way, no how), I said, "Let's do this thang!"

That Friday night, Deek took me to Portland for a date. He's always wanted to walk the boardwalk there, so we made that happen. While walking, I asked him what's the one thing he's always wanted to do at the beach but has never done. He said, without hesitation, "Ripley's Believe It Or Not." He's been going to this beach since he was a child but has NEVER been. I told him we should do that first, the instant we rolled into town, before we did anything else. And we did.

We had a total blast on our date and at the beach. I FINALLY got to see a famed Pacific Coast sunset, and it was breathtaking.

Here is a pictorial view of our fun! Maybe it will give those of you who are snowed in some hope for the coming spring and summer!

Walking The Boardwalk, Boardwalk (you're singing it now, aren't you?)

Deek and I decided to go for a "Portland" look on our date, so we wore our glasses. So fun!

The beautiful cityscape! 

I can't show you my full shirt yet because I bought it for promotion during Deek's 122 Rules tour! Squee!!

We ate at the same restaurant where we got the fabulous nachos on our honeymoon. Establishin' traditions... :)

The Beach

At the entrance to Ripley's. It's so PNW to have BigFoot! 

Giving BigFoot a little snuggle. 

He's contemplating eating us...

The fun room with lights (aka: ADD dream room--ooooh, the lights)

We like the lights. #ADDPeopleInLove

Captured by a mad scientist. Not sure who's weirder--the head or the scientist

He was quite frightened when he lost his head!

Then we went to the Ripley's wax museum and saw STAR TREK! #GeekHappiness

Deek's in charge of the Enterprise!

Erin's in charge of the Enterprise!

American Idol, baby!!

I'm a rock star in my dreams at least! ;) 

Come to the dark side...we have dark chocolate. ;)

We saw tons of sea lions! I've never seen them in real before, so I was super excited! They are NOISY! smexy hubby!

Isn't that bridge pretty?


We're the Gumby people in the middle!



A hawt man contemplating life in the amazing sunset

Moved on to Karate Kid... LOL!

Me, enjoying the majesty of the sunset

Fun in the sun

Sometimes, our life feels like a dream--the best dream I've ever had!

Watching the sunset while sitting on a piece of volcanic rock. WUT? Ah-mazing! 

Eating at the same restaurant where Deek ate as a kid.

The beach the next day! Gorgeous! It was a little strange though because I'm used to the sun rising over the ocean.

We love the beach!

There is a bunch of driftwood on the PNW shores (very unlike the East Coast shores), and people build cool structures with it!

Getting out of the wind in the little hut

Loving the sun

Deek and I sat against a piece of driftwood and chatted for hours. I love this man! 

For those of you who are snowed in, I'm changing my one of my favorite TV show's lines to say, "Spring is coming." Hang in there! It's almost March. Hold on to visions of the warm sunshine, flip flops, and sandy beaches!

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