The Fulfillment Series

The Fulfillment Series

Monday, October 20, 2014

12 Random Fact--Judith Perez

Today, I have the lovely Judith Perez from The Cozi Corner Book Blog playing the 12 Random Facts game with me! Judith is a reader of all things, and I just love that about her. We can usually be found on Twitter talking books! ;) She's agreed to share some fun facts about herself with all of us today. I can totally relate to #11 (short girls unite), but Deek will be sad to hear about #4! ;) Take it away, Judith! 

12 Random Facts--Judith Perez

1) I love Dinosaurs! Always have, always will. I thought about becoming a paleontologist for a long time, and I even have a stegosaurus shaped birthmark on my right ankle!

2) I love learning new languages and scripts. I am fluent in Spanish and English, Intermediate in Japanese and French, and beginner in Korean and Arabic. I also am in the process of learning Braille and the Deafblind Manual Alphabet.

3) I am horrible at keeping fish alive. Every pet fish I have bought or won has died within a day. I once bought one at the pet shop all ready to go, got home, put it down and went to use the restroom and when I came back it was dead! Needless to say, I have given up on the idea of having fish as pets.

4) I watched the movie IT by Stephen King when I was very young and developed a strong phobia of clowns until the age of 17. My Psychology teacher helped me get over it. I am no longer afraid of clowns but I have been forever weary of picking up a King novel.

5) I love and appreciate all genres when it comes to reading. You will find everything from classics to erotica on my shelf. I am a firm believer that all books have something to offer and am proud to stand up for reading diversely and widely.

6) I have never been one to care much about grammar and spelling. Coming from a linguistic background, I look at language as a tool for communicating. If you get the message across, it doesn’t matter to me if you write "You’re" or "You Are."

7) For a long time, I was obsessed with nail polish and nail art and managed to accumulate about 150 different nail polishes. The cool thing is many of my friends picked me up nail polishes when they traveled, so I now have some from Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, Germany, and France.

8) I cry. A lot. Movies and books make me sob all the time. My friends and family poke fun at me all the time for getting so emotionally invested in “fictional” characters!

9) I am a terrible artist when it comes to drawing and painting, but I am fairly good at crafts. One of my favorites is making bookmarks. I own about 60+ bookmarks and only 15 are not handmade by me. It is a really relaxing and fun hobby.

10) My name was originally supposed to be Edith. But there was some sort of mix-up at the hospital, and I ended up with Judith instead. I am really glad because I love the name Judith so much more!

11) I am only 5’2 and, even though I normally don’t mind my height, it sometimes gets hard working at a hardware store. So many things are out of my reach, and I get comments all the time about how “cute” it is when I have to reach up on tip toes to grab stuff.

12) I have a strong dislike for both pickles and watermelons. I can smell them a mile away and always have to walk away. If one of those two have touched my food  I won’t be able to eat it! 

Be sure to check Judith out on her blog and on Twitter!!

The lovely Judith!

Judith Perez

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